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Message Title: Bob Ramsey
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 07\01\2001 11:35
Location: New York State

Beer Cans is doing well. He should be ready to cut this coming week, if I velvet him. I am considering letting him grow into hard-horn.

Also, his pedicles don't look as large now, as they did when he was a spiker. Look in the picture in the Photo Gallery. They were quite large.

Now, as a two year old bull, they seem to be spaced farther apart. I can only assume that as his head grew, the orientation of the pedicles changed somewhat. Not really sure though.

Got a new rising star, I hope. Named him Charles. He is out of Northern Star / Stalwart on the sire side, and the dam is a Charley daughter. I sent his picture in to for the Photo Gallery. Let me know what you think.