Our Elk Woods ranch is located 3 miles North of Alva, in northwest Oklahoma, known as the Red Carpet Country. The South Fork river runs through the south part of the ranch. We have 100 acres under fence at the present time, with 30 acres nearly ready for fence.

We originally started with bulls, but after the first year without proper facilities to handle the bulls we traded for bred cows and started a breeding herd. Now, after 5 years of building and changing, we are equipped to handle bulls, and as this is what I had wanted from the beginning, we are presently changing back over to an all bull operation, with the intentions of being able to use the velevet antler we harvest in the making of Elk Woods Velvet elk velvet capsules. Elk Woods Velvet capsules are freeze dried, 250 mg., pure elk velvet.

I began my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic 40 years ago here in Alva. Being raised by one of the original "health nuts", my Mother. She must have read every book printed on vitamins and minerals, up to about 1965. So, needless to say I was interested in learning all I could about nutrition to be used in my practice. In 1960, Chiropractic and nutrition were neither one to be considered main stream. So, when I began raising elk, I also started recommending velvet antler to some of my patients. We began to notice some dramatic results, especially in patients with swollen and inflammed joints. Also, recovery time from injury was less and some patients noticed an increase in their energy levels.

We have been receiving data on the latest research programs, listing the many beneficial results, from double blind studies. Many researchers believe that this will be the next great stride in healthcare support.

We will help with any questions about our ranch or the Elk Woods Velvet, please call us anytime. We will also continue to raise and sell trophy bulls.

580-327-2922 (office/residence telephone)
580-327-5354 (FAX)
Elk Woods Velvet



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