Elk Woods Velvet is made exclusively from farm raised North American elk velvet antler. The first documented evidence of velvet antler use as a health tonic was found on a silk scroll recovered from a Han tomb in Hunan Province, China, dating back 2000 years. Elk velvet antler has been used for centuries in Asia and Russia for medicinal uses. It is currently being accepted in North America as a natural supplement to promote wellness. Elk velvet's synergestic effects have been prized by healers in cultures around the world. This amazing natural resource has been found to help rebuild joint cartilage and increase strength and vitality.

Today, velvet antler is being used to encourage:

  • arthritis relief
  • muscle development
  • increased strength
  • increased endurance
  • enhanced immune activity

Elk velvet conatins nutrients such as: protein, amino acids, essential amino acids, lipids, collagen, fatty acids, phosphorus and magnesium. The cartilage componenents in elk velvet antler contain naturally occurring amounts of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, as well as anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

Increased IGF (insulin-like growth factor) studies in England, at Oxford University has linked this rapid growth to increased medicinal value in humans for promoting muscular development, preventing muscular atrophy and slowing the deterioting effects of aging.

Elk Woods Velvet is high in IGF

As we all are aware of our fast paced lifestyles, and our fast food diets, the average American diet contains percursors of the inflammatory type of prostaglandins; that is because of the high content of animal fats, peanuts and corn oils. Velvet antler contains the percursors for the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. The active ingredients in velvet antler are mainly precursors, which are raw materical required by your body to process substances to maintain good health. Velvet antler precursors action is not drug-like, but adaptogenic, which tends to correct whatever is out of balance in the body. This is more gentle than forcing a physiologic parameter in a particular direction. Elk Woods Velvet works by allowing your natural control systems to move in the direction of normalcy.

All of Elk Woods Velvet elk velvet antler is processed by freeze-drying. Using this safe method insures that all of the bio-chemistry and metabolit (bio-chemicals) remain intact as in the live materials. The medicinal principles and their properties are not lost, altered or reduced.

Elk Woods Velvet elk velvet capsules provide nutritional support for joint structure and function.

Distributed by Elk Woods Ranch.

To order capsules you can contact:

Lowell or Carolyn Demaree
619 Center Street
Alva, OK 73717
Phone: (580) 327-2922
Email: cdema@pldi.net



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