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There are several ways to invest in the elk industry.

Ranching. This is the most popular way to profit from elk and there are many pages on this site devoted to the details of that enterprise. To begin your education on raising elk, first visit Getting Started.

Hunting Ranches. The presence in the wild of high-quality trophy animals is diminishing as the human population increases. Cities and fences, agriculture and highways, all bring fierce competition for the mature bull elk. Hunting reserves with large acreages or rough terrain can provide a challenging hunt and time-strapped urban dwellers are willing to pay a significant sum for the opportunity to bag this regal animal. Visit the hunting pages to find out more about hunting ranches.

Animal Boarding. This is a popular way for the non-farmer or the not-yet-farmer to get a foot in the door of this profitable industry. Because the capital outlay for fence, facilities and breeding stock can be significant, many are choosing to purchase animals now and board them with an established ranch while they learn all about the industry and build their own fence, etc. There are 2 standard ways to make a deal. Learn more about these options by visiting the boarding pages.

  • Fee per day. The rancher provides the land, fence, facilities, feed, and daily care for a cash fee (typically $1.75 to $2.50 per day per animal). Usually, breeding and vet fees are extra.
  • Percent of calf crop. Instead of receiving a daily fee for boarding, some ranchers will take a percentage of the calf crop each year instead (typically half).

Velvet Distribution. Velvet is the term used to describe the antler before it calcifies. Since elk regrow their antlers every year, it is a classic renewable resource. Velvet has been used in the Orient for over 2,000 years as a medicine and as a prevention for arthritis, impotence, immune system problems, and many other complaints. Heavy demand from Korea for the premier velvet produced by North American elk has kept the price high in the past. Consumer awareness of velvet on this continent has only just begun. As education and marketing efforts bear fruit, these new demands could very well exceed production causing the price to sky rocket. To learn more about velvet and about distribution opportunities, visit the velvet pages.

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