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In Praise of Hunting Ranches

The elk is one of the most highly prized trophies on the North American continent


The elk is one of the most highly prized trophies on the North American continent. Each year, hunters spend lots of time and money in search of trophy elk. As the human population increases and the trophy quality of the wild elk decreases, hunting ranches are flourishing.

Most hunting ranches cover large acreages of rough terrain and contain lots of natural cover.  The hunt they provide is very similar to what might be experienced in the "wild".  But the chance that the hunter will come home with a quality trophy for his wall is much greater.

There are many more hunters than there are available licenses in the public hunt areas.  Many hunters do not live in a state that has public hunting available for elk.  Many hunters spend their vacation traveling long distances and spending lots of money to hunt in public areas, but they come home without a trophy.  These factors make hunting ranches a popular alternative.

Hunting ranches also provide more opportunities for disabled people and those with special needs.  Hunting ranches are willing to tailor the hunt experience for the individual.  They can also be a much safer place to hunt.

Of course, there are less than ethical people in this business as there are in all others.  But, that is not a reason for throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  Simply check out the reputation of the hunting ranch ahead of time.  Most hunting ranches provide an ethical and safe hunt, a quality experiences.

Most of the elk on private hunting ranches have been specifically bred for trophies and there are some really spectacular ones.  The size of the trophy will usually determine the cost of the hunt, which starts at about $4,000 and goes up from there.




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