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Montana Elk Ranching Threatened

   The elk ranching industry in Montana is under serious threat from several activist groups including Montanans Against the Commercialization of Wildlife, the Montana Wildlife Federation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

   These groups have organized their forces and their funds with the goal of eliminating all elk ranches from the state. They are doing their best to convince everyone that both private hunting ranches and elk livestock operations are somehow immoral or evil. To further bolster their case, they are using CWD as a scare tactic.

   For the record, Montana has a long and proud history of ranching and of opposition to government regulation. Elk ranching does not threaten the wild population. The vast majority of hunting ranches provide fair chase and opportunity for hunters that exist nowhere else. CWD is a very rare disease that, by all indications, originated in the wild. There is no evidence that it threatens humans or any other species. The elk industry has been very proactive in the fight against this disease and will continue to do so until it is eradicated.

   Despite the fact that these activist groups are using misleading and inaccurate information, they are well organized and well funded. In addition, the press seems always eager for sensational stories.

   The North American Elk Breeders Association has vowed to fight this problem. They are sending publications to key people, hiring public relations firms, sending representatives to meet with officials.

   YOUR help is needed. If you want to join the effort to protect our industry, please donate whatever money you can. To donate:

  • call the NAEBA office at (888) 431-3605
  • OR send a check and specify "Montana Issue" to NAEBA at P.O. Box 1640, Platte City, MO 64079,
  • OR push the button below to make a pledge.



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