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Winning places have been expanded to the first 5 places for both the preliminary (regional) and international events.
    Sponsor Opportunities:
    These sponsors have already stepped forward:
  • Lorin Heins Memorial Fund, 1st place trophies in velvet classes
  • Bud & Marilyn Wessel, Greenbriar Farms, 1st place trophies for typical hard antler classes
  • Randy & Joni Hamson, Hamson Elk Farm, 1st place trophies for non-typical hard antler classes
  • Mike & Jackie Froseth, Tower Hill Ranch, 2nd through 5th place awards for the mature velvet class
  • Jim & Mary Kay Kotschevar, Elkhorn Ranch II, 1st through 5th place awards for Breeder's Three, 2-year-olds
  • Moore's International Elk Sire Sales, purple jackets for hard antler, typical, all age classes
  • Tracker Publications Inc., purple jackets for hard antler, non-typical, all age classes
  • White Lightning Group, purple jackets for velvet antler classes, age 2 to mature
  • Diversified Livestock Genetics Ltd., purple jackets for two Breeder's Three classes
    The following sponsorships are available (Please call before July 1 so that awards can be ordered with inscriptions.):
  • 2nd through 5th place awards for 2-year-old through 6-year-old velvet classes ($200 per class)
  • 2nd through 5th place awards for hard antler classes; specify typical or non-typical and age ($200 per class)
  • 1st through 5th place awards for Breeder's Three, 3-year-olds ($250)
    Sponsors will be recognized:
  • By the announcer at the international awards ceremony.
  • In the on-site schedule program.
  • With an inscription of company or ranch name on the award (except for purple jackets).
  • With a photo opportunity when the winner's picture is taken.
  • In the October/November issue of North American Elk.
If you are interested in a sponsorship, call Elizabeth at the NAEBA office: (888) 431-3605.

    Breeder's Three Award (velvet only):
  • The Get-of-Sire Award-the Breeder's Three-will be awarded in a class composed of three bulls of the same age, sired by the same sire, and born on the same farm.
  • All three bulls need not by owned by the same owner, but they must have been born on the same farm.
  • Prior to preliminary competitions, all three bulls must be DNA matched to the same sire and be NAEBA registered (at Bronze, Silver, or Gold level), or provincial/state registered or entered in the NAEBA inventory system for an age verification record. (Send DNA envelopes and registration information to the NAEBA office, attention to Jonnie, by June 23.)
  • Prior to the international competition, all three bulls must be NAEBA registered (at Bronze, Silver, or Gold level).
  • The antlers of a bull may be entered either in the Breeder's Three class OR as an individual in his respective age category-but not in both.
  • Each of the three bulls will be given an individual CWI, and then the three CWIs will be averaged (added up and divided by 3). The average and the individual CWIs will be published.
  • The Breeder's Three groups with the highest average CWIs will be awarded first place through fifth place.
  • The top five Breeder's Three groups in each age category shall progress to the International Antler Competition.
  • Any disputes or "red flags" will be handled according to currently accepted procedure.
  • This class will be implemented for the 2-year-old and 3-year-old bulls for the 2000 NAEBA-sanctioned antler competitions.
  • It is suggested that hosts may want to award certificates only on the day of the competition. Plaques or trophies can be ordered after the competition and mailed, when needed awards are known.
    Rush Johnson Award:
  • This award is designed to give recognition to new, up-and-coming breeders who have not placed in an antler competition after 1995.
  • Only velvet antlers will be eligible this year.
  • The top five sets in each class will be recognized at each preliminary competition.
  • The scores from the top set in each class-not the antlers themselves-will go to the international competition to be recognized there.
  • Certificates are an appropriate award in this class.
    Certified Weight Index (CWI) for Velvet Antler
  • See page 76 in April/May 2000 North American Elk for more information about judging velvet antler.
  • Each animal entered in a preliminary competition or the international competition will receive a Certified Weight Index (CWI).
  • A CWI earned at a preliminary regional competition will appear with an R after the number.
  • A CWI earned at the international competition will appear with an I after the number.
  • Both preliminary and international CWIs will be published by NAEBA after the international competition. The results published will include bull name, ranch or owner name, age class, place, velvet weight, quality and style scores, and CWI.
    Modified SCI Scoring System for Hard Antler
  • See "SCI Measuring System for NAEBA Antler Competitions" in June/July 2000 North American Elk for more information on the measuring system.
  • Photo verification is required. A photo which clearly shows the bull in antler with his visible ear tag and number will be required.
  • All pertinent procedures for velvet entries apply to hard antler entries.
  • The antlers can be cut off-they don't have to be shed naturally.
  • Antlers must not be modified or repaired in any way. It will be permitted to attach the shed buttons to the cut-off antlers as long as parting line is clearly visible.
  • Antlers must be clean, or they may be refused entry.
  • All NAEBA measurers must be members of the North American Elk Breeders Association.
  • The hard-antler judges must have completed the NAEBA Hard Antler Measuring School.
  • The Hard Antler Committee reserves the right to review any entry and re-measure any antlers at any time.
  • SCI has announced two changes this year:
    1. A valid tine must be at least 1 inch long.
    2. Antlers that have 5% or more of their total score from non-typical tines are measured as non-typical. (Owners can no longer request that antlers be measured as typical or non-typical; the 5% rule will determine the class.)
  • Classes for hard antler judging will be: 2-year-old class, Typical; 3-year-old class, Typical; 4-year-old class, Typical; 5-year-old class, Typical; 6-year-old class, Typical; Mature, Typical; 2-year-old class, Non-Typical; 3-year-old class, Non-Typical; 4-year-old class, Non-Typical; 5-year-old class, Non-Typical; 6-year-old class, Non-Typical; Mature, Non-Typical. It is suggested that hosts may want to award certificates only on the day of the competition. Plaques or trophies can be ordered after the competition and mailed, when needed classes are known.
  • Both preliminary and international hard antler results will be published by NAEBA after the international competition. The results published will include bull name, ranch or owner name, age class, place, total main beam, total tine length, C-2, and SCI

A breeder can enter any regional competition and can enter more than one. However, any one bull can be entered in only one regional competition.
    Entrants must sign a declaration which states:
  • No chemical substances banned for use in livestock held for the production of dairy and meat products have been administered to the bull(s) identified in this application.
  • I certify that the antlers entered into this competition were produced by the bull identified in this application and that the bull has been correctly represented as to age, tag number, and NAEBA registration number. I certify that antlers have not been modified or repaired.
  • I agree to allow NAEBA to test for banned substances. Any positive findings will be addressed by NAEBA's board as they deem necessary.
  • All information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
    Entrants must present:
  • A photo of the bull with antlers (prior to cutting) which clearly shows the ear tag number
  • NAEBA registration certificate or copy of same
  • Copy of the bull's record in any state/provincial government, age-verified, inventory system or in NAEBA's inventory system
  • Ownership of animal as it appears on the registration certificate (person, partnership, etc.) Do not list the boarding locations as owner.
    Special Notes:
  • Age of bull is determined by calving season year. For example, a bull born in the 1997 calving season is a 3-year-old for the 2000 competitions, regardless of month of birth.
  • Weigh-in for the antlers is one-time only; weight at the preliminary event is the international weight, as well.
  • Beginning with the 1999 calf crop, as requirements for the 2001 competitions, all bull calves must have visible, tamperproof, dangle ear tags, and they must be entered in an official inventory or registry system in the year of birth.
  • If a farm is officially restricted from moving antlers because of CWD or TB, it may not enter antlers in a competition.
  • Samples of antlers for drug and DNA testing will be collected at the preliminaries.
    Antler Judging Appeals Process
  • Should there be any unique situation that causes a perceived loss of points to any entry, the entrant will be allowed to appeal to the judges present. The appeal and antlers will be forwarded to the international, along with the $200 fee.
  • A decision by the senior judges, either velvet or hard antler, and the executive committee will determine whether the antlers will be allowed to compete at the international competition.
  • The NAEBA senior judge, velvet or hard antler, will be the decision-maker regarding any questionable situations related to the competition.
  • Pay for expenses of velvet and hard antler judges and statisticians, including hotel and travel.
  • Provide a location with adequate facilities to keep velvet frozen, or provide adequate space in 24-foot freezer trucks.
  • If refrigerator or freezer units which allow walk-through viewing are not available, the frozen antler must be displayed in plastic or rubber tubs, on top of a two-inch layer of dry ice pellets which has been covered with bubble wrap.
  • Provide people to assist in the antler registration and log-in process according to "Antler Registration and Log-In Process" chart provided. Make sure process is set up correctly.
  • Provide people to assist in antler movement according to "Antler Movement/Responsibilities" chart provided. Make sure process is followed.
  • Provide a computer, printer, and data entry person for the hard antler judges. The senior hard antler judge will work with the data entry person and assist in setting up the computer.
  • Provide an assistant for the hard antler measurer. The assistant will write down numbers and get score sheets to the data entry person.
  • Provide a room for hard antler judging which is away from the noise and excitement of the competition. Arrange for setup in the room of a 6 ft. x 2 ½ ft. table for each measurer.
  • Provide a digital scale (1/100 increments) that has been certified within 30 days of the competition. See "Weighing Antler" in "Antler Registration and Log-In Process" chart.
  • Provide appropriate awards in each category (trophies, plaques, etc.), five places in each class.
  • Assure that winners who wish to enter the international competition understand the requirements for NAEBA membership and registration of their bulls.
  • Assure that payment of $200 for each international entry is sent to the NAEBA office.
  • Safely store the winning antlers that will be entered at the international competition, assuring that the antler retains its condition. See "Antler Movement/Responsibilities" chart provided.
  • Prepare winning antlers for shipping to the international competition. See chart provided and contact Mike Froseth for details of pick-up and shipment: (320) 352-5627.
  • See below for reporting requirements.
    Reporting Requirements for Publication in the North American Elk (Please plan to submit photos and reports to the NAEBA office no later than two weeks after your competition. Mail to P.O. Box 1640, 1708 N. Prairie View Rd., Platte City, MO 64079; e-mail to; or fax to (816) 431-2705.)
  • Take pictures of all of the winners and submit to NAEBA. Please indicate on the back of each photo: competition name, class, place, ranch or owner name, and bull name.
  • Submit written editorial comments on the event. This "story" will introduce your competition's scores in the magazine.
  • Submit a list of winners of special awards: Premier Breeder Awards, Breeder's Three Awards, Rush Johnson Awards, etc.
  • The statistician will be responsible for submitting the results on disk or by attachment in e-mail for all velvet entries.
  • The senior hard antler judge, with the assistance of the data entry person, will be responsible for submitting hard antler score sheets and results on disk or by attachment in e-mail for all hard antler entries.
  • It is very important that a copy of the "NAEBA Regional Antler Competition Entrance Application & Antler ID," which includes owner-supplied information, be sent with applications for entry. This form allows the NAEBA office to check for registration and other information. It also allows the editor to check the spelling of the bull's name and farm or owner name. (Sometimes the names are entered incorrectly on the computer score sheet.)
    Entry Requirements:
  • The bull must have qualified by placing first, second, third, fourth, or fifth in his class in a NAEBA sanctioned preliminary competition.
  • Entered antlers must be left at the preliminary competition to be transported to the international competition.
  • All bulls in the international competition must be registered at the Gold, Silver or Bronze level. In order to register animals, one must be a NAEBA member.
  • An entry fee of $200 per set of antlers must be prepaid.
  • Arrange and pay for insurance on the antlers which are to be shipped to the international competition.
  • Arrange and pay for shipping of antlers from the regional competitions to the international competition.
  • Pay expenses for judges and statisticians for the international competition unless they elect to donate this amount. Expenses will include round-trip airfare plus hotel expense while at the competition. If a judge elects to drive, he or she will be reimbursed up to the quoted cost of airfare for the same trip, at the rate of $.31 per mile.
  • Provide "NAEBA Regional Antler Competition Entrance Application & Antler ID" forms, antler identification tags and ties, and scoring software.
  • Provide awards for the international competition.
  • Provide $500 to each preliminary competition.
  • Publish all preliminary and international competition results.
  • Meet all requirements to enter competitions.
  • Pay designated preliminary competition entry fees.
  • Pay $200 (U.S.) per set of antlers for each qualified entry in the international competition.
  • Arrange for and pay for shipping of antlers from the international competition to the owner's designated site. See below for important note.
  • All international winners are encouraged to donate five straws of semen to elk association auctions.
Important Note
The International Application for Entry requests the owner's intentions for the final destination of the entered sets of antlers. NAEBA is responsible only for the cost of shipping the antlers to the international.
  • A buyer for velvet antler will be on site at the international to enable owners of velvet antler to sell rather than ship. (Payment may not be received at the event.)
  • Owners of antler can also take antler home in their own vehicles after the international.
  • Finally, owners can choose to have the antler sent back to their regions via the truck that brought the antlers to the competition. However, they will be responsible for the cost of shipping. If 100 sets of antlers are being returned, the cost would be divided 100 ways; but if only 5 sets of antlers are being returned, the cost would be divided only 5 ways.
The information on the entry forms will enable us to plan the trucking arrangements and to notify owners of the portion of expense for which they will be responsible. Owners may choose to make other plans after consideration of the projected expense of shipping.



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