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North American Elk Breeders Association Drug Policy

by Mike Kilpatrick, President
reprinted with permission

Since the 1998 competitions, NAEBA has shown its concern for the possibility of drugs in competition entries by publishing policy and procedures and by taking samples. The 1998 Velvet Competition Policy, for example, printed in the May/June 1998 "Wapiti Review," states: "Each entry will be required to provide antler samples for a random drug testing.…Drugs to be tested will not be antibiotics, worming medication, Lydocaine, Rompum, socustrin, selenium, or Stressnil."

However, recent response indicates that NAEBA's Drug Policy should be more formal and that it should be better communicated to members. The policy follows. However, the comments and input of NAEBA members would be very much appreciated and would be considered by the board when it meets in August. Please send all responses to the NAEBA office in care of Paula Southman, who will see that the board receives them.

The North American Elk Breeders Association promotes elk and elk products. The antler competitions provide an opportunity for producers and members to select the best animal and genetics. Animal husbandry and animal care are also important. No substance should be used to cause antler production to exceed the animals' genetic potential. No substance should be used that may cause any problems or complications when antler is consumed. To show support of the policy, board members and antler judges will sign the following declaration if they are entering antlers.

At the preliminary competitions, random samples will be collected, which may be tested both for the purposes of determining the extent of the problem and for evidence in the event there is a valid dispute, in which case, appropriate actions will be taken by the NAEBA board. For the year 2000, random tests will be conducted from samples collected at preliminaries; and the top three places at the international may also be tested. In accordance with the NAEBA Drug Policy, all antlers entered into competition in the year 2000 in any NAEBA sanctioned event shall have the following declaration signed by the owner of the animal and antler.

Required Declaration for Entry

These antlers do not contain, and the animal from which these antlers were harvested or shed was not administered (through injection, feed, or any other method), any substance designed or intended to enhance or cause an unnatural increase in antler production. Specifically, this elk was not given BST (Bovine Somatotropin) or growth hormones. Specific substances that are allowed, and therefore excluded from this policy, are feed and trace minerals and those substances good husbandry requires to prevent or treat disease, parasites, or injury, or those required to humanely harvest antlers.

I give my permission and consent to NAEBA to collect samples to test for drugs or other substances or to process a DNA test to insure that the DNA from this antler matches the DNA from semen marketed with this bull's name.

I further attest that the DNA from the entered antlers matches the DNA of the semen marketed with this bull's name and that the antlers entered into this competition were produced by the bull identified in this application and pictured in the photo attached to this application. I further certify that this animal is correctly and accurately represented as to age, ear tag number, and NAEBA registration number. The antlers have not been modified or repaired, and nothing has been done to increase the weight of the antlers since their removal from the animal.

I make the statements and enter these antlers in this competition, believing all statements and representations to be true. I understand I am responsible for any false statements. The North American Elk Breeders Association and any other group holding a NAEBA sanctioned competition shall be held harmless from any claim against them as a result of information reported by me which is false or incomplete.

The following substances have been administered to this animal, not for the purpose of enhancing antler growth and not in violation of the above NAEBA Drug Policy:


Dated this _______ day of ________, 2000.

Signature of owner of animal and antler



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