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Benefit Auction Results

We would like to recognize those that participated, donated, and won in the Montana Auction lots. Thanks to all of you for your support in these efforts to help our elk industry.

Lot # Lot Name Donor Winner Price Paid
1 Bull Calf Oberlin Kansas
Elk Ranch
Dane Shultz $3750.00
2 3 Rolls Fence Frost Fence Dane Shultz $ 600.00
3 Website Todd Franks $ 250.00
4 Apex Semen Wild-N-Wooly Acres Brian Sylvain $ 750.00
5 King Semen Groen Elk Farm &
Non-Typical Elk Ranch
Phil Serrain $1300.00
6 Detail Page Howard's 30 Todd Franks $ 175.00
7 C.I.D.R.'s Sharon Irvine Dean Jensen $ 170.00
8 Candle Wrap & Snuffer Patsy Davis Dyar Brenda Hartkopf $ 90.00
9 Natraflex Velvet Antler Natraflex Brands Dan Newcomer $ 230.00
10 Antler Cigar Pen John & Robin Mullins Barry McGrew $ 105.00

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Montana Benefit Auction. We had a total of 35 participants in the auction; Lynn Steinbrink, Joshua K. Bartel, Brian Sylvain, Gayle Bartel, Rachel Rinck, Adam Tveten, Barry McGrew, Barry Dyar, Lin Ford, Lloyd Riddle, Franz H. Metz, Todd Franks, Mark M. Strahm, Don Bartel, Dean Jensen, Dane Shultz, Phil Serrin, Eric Myers, Sharon Irvine, Brenda Hartkopf, Kevin Winkelman, Don Booher, Marty Corsberg, O. K. Ebendorf, Sue Groen, Dennis Watson, Randy Robertson, Lloyd Cancade, Frank Ferdon, David S. Mcclain, Ed Bliss, Mike Morgan, Dan Newcomer, Bruce Cook and Joe Herr. The auction raised $7,420.00 for the cause of supporting the elk industry. For the winners and donors you will be contacted with instruction on how to proceed. Great job everyone.



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