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Natraflex Premium Velvet Antler has achieved a major distribution milestone. A recent 4,300-store agreement with General Nutrition Centers (GNC) means Natraflex products are now sold in more than 5,000 retail stores nationwide. The accomplishment clearly positions Natraflex as the leading brand of velvet antler in North America and a significant force in the dietary supplement industry, notes the company’s president and founder, Lloyd Riddle.

Natraflex Brand’s has been carried in hundreds of retailers throughout the United States, including national chains such as Max Muscle and Vitamin Cottage, for more than a year. However, the GNC deal clinches Natraflex’s dominance of the North American velvet antler market. "As the North American Elk Breeders Association celebrates its tenth year, our industry’s most significant product, velvet antler, is now being embraced by the country’s premier supplement retailer," says Riddle. "Even more important, thanks to the education efforts of NAEBA and Natraflex, the American public now recognizes the value of velvet antler."

The Natraflex Brands’ president attributes the company’s rapid success to a number of factors. "We’ve assembled an experienced management team with extensive background in launching and growing mass-market products," says Riddle. "We’ve also invested heavily in a professional marketing campaign that has established the credibility of Natraflex Premium Velvet Antler as high-quality product and the global industry standard." Riddle adds that Natraflex leaders have implemented an extremely aggressive distribution plan and have invested significant levels of capital to ensure the company is sufficiently positioned for rapid growth. "But the most important factor," says Riddle, "is that we have an effective product that meets a variety of consumer needs — a product supported by the efforts of NAEBA and produced by its membership." "We would also like to thank a group of progressive velvet producers, including Jerry Perkins, Glen Zebarth, Ron Holman, Jim Carver, and many others too numerous to name who continue to help us achieve our goals on behalf on the entire elk industry.

Company officials are now in discussions with other national retailers such as Wild Oats, Alfalfas and Whole Foods Market to carry Natraflex products. In addition to being carried by a broad network of traditional retailers, Natraflex is available online at and at other online supplement retailer sites such as

"Natraflex is proud to be the leading velvet antler distributor in North America, and we’re now taking aim at the global market," says Riddle. "Our success reflects the growing strength of the elk industry, and we will continue our efforts to help build this industry into a true national presence." Riddle adds that his company’s success is really the industry’s success. "We now anticipate dramatically ramping up U.S. consumer consumption of North American velvet antler, thereby materially reducing the traditional reliance on the highly volatile Asian market," he explains.

Natraflex Brands, based in the Castle Rock, Colo., is owned by Riddle, former chief operating officer for Primestar, and three other principals. Clint Balok, D.V.M., owns and operates Cedar Animal Medical Center in Gallup, N.M. Darrell DeGrofft, D.V.M., is a partner and president of Colorado Genetics, Inc., which specializes in bovine and cervidae artificial insemination, and Deborah Rest, a veterinary technician, is a partner in Colorado Genetics. Riddle also owns and operates Riddle Elk Enterprises LLC, an elk breeding stock concern consisting of 100 head of premium bulls, heifers and calves.

For more information contact Ken Mitchell or Lloyd Riddle at Natraflex Brands, toll-free: (888) 283-3539, or visit the Natraflex website at



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