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Tom and Jo MayTom & Jo May live in the beautiful rolling countryside of the South Island of New Zealand near Winton on land that was first farmed by Tom's grandfather. I visited Mayfield Elk Farm in spring (New Zealand spring) when the bulls were in velvet and calving was ready to start. The vegetation was so lush it almost hurt your eyes to look at it. Jo's garden was a riot of color and aroma. Their home was as warm and inviting as the host and hostess that welcomed me. They shared their afternoon with me - we drank beer and toured the various pastures. They answered my questions about the thriving deer industry in New Zealand, and asked me questions about US prices for a new refrigerator with an icemaker.

               Feeding Time

Tom has been involved in the deer industry for 20 years. Early on, he recognized the importance of genetics and the superior velvet performance of elk. He invested heavily in genetics from North America. His management skills speak for themselves. He has produced champion bulls and has been winning awards and competitions year after year. He now sells semen from his herd worldwide.

CondomnThis year, Tom's bull, Silverado, earned the title Champion of Champions in the 2001 Velvet and Trophy Antler Competition sponsored by the Elk and Wapiti Society, held at Te Anau, New Zealand. In addition, Tom's bull, Condomn, earned the Sire of Three title. This competition matches sons of the same bull against other threesomes. Scoring reflects heritability of a sire to leave excellent velvet producing progeny. This competition is similar to the Breeders Three award in North American competition. Condomn has been a regular award-winner in New Zealand competitions.

Tom has other winners in his herd. You may recognize the names Kiwi Renegade and Stevie Wonder. To learn more about Mayfield Elk Farm, visit their web site.



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