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These prices detail the services offered by WAPITI.NET, an intermediary on-line provider dedicated to offering economical Internet media access to Elk Enthusiasts for informational and advertising purposes. Please read the Service Agreement for terms of the service. Similar services are offered outside the elk industry. Contact us for info at or (316) 218-0198.

One time non-refundable setup fee will be due before website development begins. All accounts are billed in advance for 1 year. Services are not available until payment is received. Prices subject to change without notice.

The following service plans are offered by WAPITI.NET:

Standard Plan
A simple yet elegant introductory plan designed to provide you with quality advertising at and exposure to the world for a very affordable price. Includes up to 1000 words and 4 pictures or graphics (logo, map, etc) on a single page. Also included is a link to your new web site from the appropriate location at (Ranches, Hunting, etc). In addition, to introduce your ranch or business to the world, we will feature it on the front page of when it is complete.
Cost: $150 setup; $20 per month.

Online Store Plan
Ready to sell your products online? We have the online store you need! Your online store will provide you with the security online customers expect, but with out the enormous cost you will find other places. The setup includes site design and the first 20 items. You will also receive a link from's vendor & service page and a feature on's front page for two weeks. Don't miss this great opportunity to advertise and SELL your products!
Cost: $150 setup; $20 per month.

Standard + Online Store Plan
You guessed it, this Plan wraps up the Standard and Online Store plan all in one. You will have a professionally designed website that links to your professionally design Online Store. This plan gives you more flexibility, allowing you to introduce yourself to your customers. You will get links from's vendor & services and be introduced from's front page after site is complete.
Cost: $300 setup; $30 per month.

Deluxe Plan
Designed for marketing impact and efficiency. This provides you with a multi-page site, easy navigation between pages, a very professional look. You may include up to 20 pictures and there is no limit on the amount of text. Visible or hidden counters are also included in the plan so that you can monitor the traffic to your site. Links to your site from appropriate pages at will insure that you can be easily found. To introduce your ranch or business to the world, we will feature you on the front page of
Cost: $400 setup; $30 per month.

Deluxe Plan + Online Store
You will have plenty of web space to advertise your farm and tell about your animals plus the Online Store to sell your products. This plan has it all!!
Cost: $500 setup; $40 per month.

Ultimate Plan
We can design and implement a custom site with whatever you want: logo design and implementation, frames, animated graphics, music, electronic commerce, guestbooks, list processing, premium linking, monthly registration to popular search engines, and more. We even offer research and news article updates to keep your site exciting and dynamic.
Cost: setup and monthly fees vary depending upon complexity.

Association Plans
Available only to state and province elk associations, this plan offers a robust and dynamic site to attract ranchers and potential ranchers. Besides the front page, 3 other areas on the site provide a place for you to

  • list your members, Board of Directors, committees, etc
  • display your coming events
  • provide a library of information
FREE changes monthly to your member lists and calendar as well as the FREE addition of an article per month to your library make this a truly unbeatable plan.
Cost: $120 setup; $15 per month.

Personal Domain Name Option
Includes a registered Internic name like This allows you to name your "easy-to-find" website in your print advertising. Choose any of the plans listed above to complete your package.
Cost: $120 setup; $5 per month in addition to the cost of your site package.

With Personal Domain Name Option: up to 20 email accounts. Your email accounts would be
Cost: $20 setup plus $10 per month
WithOUT Personal Domain Name Option: Your email accounts would be
Cost: $5 setup plus $5 per month per email account

Additional Charges:

  • Web Site Changes
    By the hour.
  • Premium Linking
      Link from to your web site which was NOT created by - $120 per year per link
  • Additional Photos
    $10 per photo for setup
  • Additional pages
    $50 per page for setup; $2 per page per month.
  • Artistic Graphic Designs
      Prices available upon request.  Hourly charge usually applies. We do print quality logo and graphics design, contact for your custom quote today!
  • Guestbook
    $40 setup; $100 per year.
  • Counter
    $10 setup
  • Hidden Counter
    $25 setup
  • Email list processing
    Price available upon request
  • Ecommerce
    Prices available upon request
  • Banner Advertising
      $50 per month per section or $150 per month for all pages. Banner development is $25 per static image.




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