Elk Echo Ranch 1st Annual Elk Calf Sale
Nov 6, 1999
All Accredited Elk
47 Lots
Item Count Average Low High
Bulls Calves 25 $1,234 $900 $2,000
Heifers Calves 22 $1,910 $1,100 $4,400

This is a Production Sale, so we take in consignments from whatever people want to sell. We are keeping separate accounts of the accredited animals, as well as the non-accredited animals, as we feel this is a very important factor. The people who purchase the non-accredited calves either are not accredited themselves or they have to quarantine them for 90 days and test again.

Non-Accredited Elk
15 Lots
Item Count Average Low High
Bulls Calves 4 $775 $700 $1,000
Heifers Calves 11 $1,035 $800 $1,150

This was Elk Echo Ranch, LLC's 6th Elk Sale, but our First Annual Calf Sale with 21 consignors from 3 states. The buyers came from 5 states with 6 new people getting into the elk business as a result of the sale!

Elk Echo Ranch plans on having their 3rd Annual Top Production Elk Sale on January 22, 2000. We are accepting consignments now!



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