Wisconsin Production Sale - River Falls, WI
Jan 15, 2000


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 24 $1,925 $600 $4,400 $46,200
Bred Cow 18 $2,188 $1,100 $4,400 $39,400
Bull 3 $1,466 $1,400 $1,600 $4,400
Bull Calf 1 $600 $600 $600 $600
Heifer Calf 2 $900 $900 $900 $1,800

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
P01 Bred Cow Name: Missy    Service Sire: Geronimo Sire: Hank $1,900
P02 Bred Cow Scratch $0
P03 Bred Cow Scratch $0
P04 Bred Cow Name: BVL Canus    Service Sire: 107 YW Sire: Rex $1,200
P05 Bull Scratch $0
P06 Bull Name: R18    Sire: Duncan $1,400
P07 Bred Cow Name: EHA Shirley    Service Sire: Jethro $1,600
P08 Heifer Calf Name: Katie    Sire: Abba $900
P09 Bred Cow Name: Kristy    Service Sire: White Lightning Sire: Elkhorn Acres $2,000
P10 Bull Calf Name: Rattler    $600
P11 Bred Cow Name: EHA Serena    Service Sire: Apex $2,600
P12 Bred Cow Scratch $0
P13 Bred Cow Name: B-509    Service Sire: O-730 Sire: Magregor $2,300
P14 Bull Name: EHA Victor    Sire: Heavy V $1,400
P15 Bred Cow Name: 5 White    Service Sire: Jethro $2,200
P16 Bred Cow Name: 55    Service Sire: Rudison Sire: Spartakus $1,900
P17 Bred Cow Scratch $0
P18 Bred Cow Name: EHA Lori    Service Sire: Apex $2,100
P19 Bred Cow Scratch $0
P20 Bred Cow Name: EHA Sharon    Service Sire: Jethro $1,500
P21 Bred Cow Name: A22H    Service Sire: Royal Pride $2,000
P22 Heifer Calf Name: 905W WIFOX    Sire: Mr Bigley $900
P23 Bred Cow Name: REI W4    Service Sire: Golden Karat $2,600
P24 Bred Cow Name: Quantum Nellie    Service Sire: King Sire: Barber Sire $4,400
P25 Bull Name: 710    Sire: Chippewa $1,600
P26 Bred Cow Name: Rose Lake Janet    Service Sire: Northern Navigator $2,000
P27 Bred Cow Name: REI W5    Service Sire: Golden Karat $2,200
P28 Bred Cow Name: Shelby    Service Sire: Black Velvet Sire: Willy $1,900
P29 Bred Cow Name: BVL Reha    Service Sire: 107 YW Sire: Rex $1,100
P30 Bred Cow Name: Harmony    Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Golden Ruler $3,900


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