Iowa's 5th Select Elk Auction - Des Moines, IA
Mar 10, 2000


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 58 $3,551 $1,200 $9,400 $206,000
Bred Cow 35 $3,607 $1,400 $9,400 $126,250
Bull 3 $3,433 $1,500 $5,100 $10,300
Bull Calf 9 $4,244 $1,200 $8,800 $38,200
Heifer Calf 11 $2,840 $1,200 $5,000 $31,250
Semen 43 $503 $140 $1,250 $21,625

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bred Cow Scratch $0
02 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 52G    DOB: Jun 01, 1997 Service Sire: King Sire: Manitoba Ranger Dam: TXCAP 28E
TXCAP 52G is sired by a direct son of the renowned Reed. Manitoba Ranger cut 21.6 lb. at 3; 26.08 lb. at 4; 28.08 lb. at 5; and 33 lb. at 6. He passes dark velvet and contrasting body markings to  his offspring. Her dam weighs 575 lb. and has consistently produced quality animals for us. She is confirmed pregnant, by ultrasound to the four-time International Champion, King. This year, King  cut 50.98 lb., a new record for North America 
03 Bred Cow Name: Abby    DOB: May 17, 1994 Service Sire: Oak Point Jesse Sire: Seven-Eleven, E000616357 Dam: #314 Yellow, E006380319
Abby is a 650 lb. cow sired by IKR 711. Her grandsire is IKR 410 Wolfgang. Abby has raised a calf every year and we have had excellent success breeding her A-I. Abby is confirmed bred by ultrasound  to Oak Point Jesse. Jesse is the International Velvet Competition 2-year-old Champion cutting 19.5 lb. and his CWI was the highest ever for a 2-year-old. Wait until you see Abby in the auction ring,  you'll be amazed at the size and beauty of this outstanding cow bred to the 1999, 2-year-old international velvet champion. 
04 Bred Cow Name: Breezy    DOB: Jun 01, 1994 Service Sire: Korean Gold
417 is a dark, large framed cow. She was successfully A-I'ed to Korean Gold last year and is raising a nice bull calf. 417 is A-I'ed this year to Oak Point Eli from Oak Point Elk Farm. Eli placed  3rd in the 1999 International Competition at 35.67 lb. six years old. If 417's calf does not DNA test positive to Eli, we will give one free straw of Eli. 417 was purchased from Cecil Baldwin's herd  with Dakota Pride bloodlines 
05 Bred Cow Name: HB21    DOB: Jul 01, 1996 Service Sire: Apex Sire: King John-Henry, E001854052 Dam: E000773267
This young cow was sired by a Reed grandson and out of the Hanke-Matejcek lineage on the dam side. She has consistently given birth to and raised excellent calves. She is A-I'ed to the national  Champion Apex. Apex cut an impressive 41+ lbs. to win the 6-year-old class in 1999. With a Reed background on the sire side and Apex for an A-I sire, she should produce a very interesting calf.  She was exposed to Yukon Lightning as a back-up sire. Yukon Lightning is a direct White Lightning son. Wildlife Lakes 358 will be preg. checked within 30 days of the auction. Buyer will receive one  straw of Apex if calf does not DNA to Apex 
06 Bull Calf Name: Starbuck's Image    DOB: May 26, 1999 Sire: Legacy Starbuck, C27 Dam: Emerald, E010355537
Starbuck's Image was sired by the well known Legacy Starbuck bull. Starbuck has won a number of International Championships and has cut 47+ lbs. of velvet the last two years. This calf's dam is a  pure Canadian cow originating from Riverside Elk in Hastings, Ontario. The dam is a cow with a lot of size and good temperment. Emerald is a half-sister of the bull "Wide Antler" of Jerry Moon's in  southern Illinois. Starbuck's Image has a full sister that is the most impressive heifer ever raised at the Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm 
07 Heifer Calf Name: JT78    DOB: May 27, 1999 Sire: Dakota Pride, E034035
Dakota Pride, the 1996 1st place, Gold Category at the International Velvet Competition, is the sire of JT78. JT78 was born on May 27. You can take this heifer and cross her with any of the  international class winners and have your own winner! 
08 Bred Cow Name: June 24E    DOB: Jun 16, 1997 Service Sire: King Sire: Oak Point "Doc", E0437 Dam: Jessy, E15071070
A-I bred to King. One straw of King semen guaranteed by DNA. Back up bull, Yukon Keno, a direct son of Yukon Elmer and a Sherman dam. Yudon Keno sold at the Edmonton Elk Expo in Aug 1999. Herd  status is completely GOLD registered. Minnesota TB accredited, MN 018. June 24E has Zebarth breeding on top and Okaman on the bottom. 
09 Bred Cow Name: FCR 818    DOB: Jun 04, 1998 Service Sire: Reece's Gold Sire: Minn-Kota Pride, E02A Dam: E033931
FCR 818 is a Minn-Kota Pride daughter. Minn-Kota is a direct son of Dakota Pride and placed 3rd in the 1997 and 1998 North Central velvet competition cutting 31.45 lb as a 6-year-old, CWI 113.37. In  1999, his hard horn score was 416 SCI. Three of his sons placed 2nd in the North Central and the International Breeders Three 2-year-old class. FCR 818 is bred to Reece's Gold, a direct son of  Korean Gold. Reece's Gold cut 13.40 lb. as a 2-year-old. He is a very larg bull. Guarenteed live calf or choice of semen from Minn-Kota or Reece's Gold. Single sire breeding. Boarding available. 
10 Bred Cow Name: Blue 127    DOB: Jul 01, 1995 Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Montana Power, E485Z Dam: Montana Darling, E474B
Blue 127 is a large framed cow, producing three exceptional heifer calves. She was A-I'ed on September 19, 1999, to Cassius, who had an outstanding score of 495 3/8 SCI in 1999. Cassius is DNA  matched to Reed. Blue 127 is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. Closed herd for 2 1/2 years. 
11 Heifer Calf Name: Crystal    DOB: Jun 12, 1999 Sire: Red Horizon, EA0000001472 Dam: Red 11, E01613
Crystal has genetics, body size, and color going for her. Her sire, Red Horizon, a very dark colored bull was the result of Clearston Breeding Farms 648 Brutus, a 1,100 lb bull cutting 38 lb. of  velvet. Red Horizon's dam has IKR on both sides. Crystal's dam, Red 11, a 630 lb cow, is out of the Michel's Elk Farm breeding program. We are a closed herd for 2 1/2 years. 
12 Bull Calf Name: Bonita's Golden Force    DOB: Jun 10, 1999 Sire: Korean Gold, EOSRJF093Y Dam: Maggie, E047
Bonita Farms is proud to offer this outstanding bull calf. He is a son of Korean Gold, 3 time International Champion and over 50 lb. of velvet. His dam's sire cut over 29 lb. as a 6-year-old. The  dam was born at Jim Pankow's Hillcrest Farm. Here is your chance to improve your breeding program with genetics on the top and bottom side. 
13 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 74H    DOB: May 24, 1998 Service Sire: Starbuck Sire: Caesar II Dam: TXCAP 584B
TXCAP 74H is sired by Clearstone's Ceasar II, a well established 30+ lb. bull who has performed well for Clearstone. Her dam is directly from Clearstone and consistently weighs over 600 lb. This  animal weighted 550 lb. at breeding. She is confirmed pregnant, by ultrasound, to the legendary Starbuck. Take this rare opportunity to purchase a combination of genetics from the most proven herd  in North American and one of the best bulls in the industry. 
14 Bred Cow Name: Anastasia    DOB: Jun 19, 1997 Service Sire: White Lightning Sire: Augustus #175, E067806 Dam: Emma, Tag Y-9, E024335351
Anastasia, an extremely large, dark elk, is A-I'd to White Lightning, 43.43 lb. velvet. White Lightning has proven to throw his genetics to his offspring. His sons include: Jackpot, 40 lb. at 5  years; Maverick, 34 lb.; and Bullet, 36.15 lb. Anastasia's sire, Augustus, 27.70 at 6 years, won 1st place in the 1997 Central Region Competition. Anastasia was A-I'd Sept 20 by Northern Genetics,  then ultra sounded Nov 17, 1999--which confirmed conception by A-I. In the event calf does not DNA to White Lightning (Proud Ruler was backup bull, 36.21 lb.), you keep the calf and we will provide  one free straw of White Lightning semen. 
15 Bred Cow Name: Minnetonka    DOB: May 30, 1996 Service Sire: Proud Ruler Sire: Sequoia, E002222620 Dam: Mindy, E006342888
Minnetonka is a large, dark elk pasture bred to Proud Ruler (36.21 lb. velvet and 398 1/8 hard antler) 1st place Central Region 1997 for both velvet and hard antler and 2nd place International Velvet  Competition 1997. Minnetonka's sire, Sequoia, cut 24 lb. at 6 years and is the son of Mr. Bud, 349 B&C at 4 years. Minnetonka's dam, Mindy, is one of Quarry Creeks top foundation cows (body weight  626 lb.). Mindy's sire is Rudy 27.25 at 5 years. Great genetics all the way around. 
16 Bred Cow Name: Midnight    DOB: May 01, 1994 Service Sire: Santee
Midnight comes from the Hanke-Matejcek bloodlines. She is a quiet, dark colored cow that will eat out of your hand. She is a good mother and has had a calf every year. She is guaranteed bred to  Santee, son of Dakota Pride. Santee is a two-time regional velvet competition, mature class winner. Santee cuts 30 lb. of velvet and is very quiet and will eat out of your hand. 
17 Bull Calf Name: LOV Jack    DOB: May 20, 1999 Sire: Jackpot, C28 Dam: Yellow 39, A2899
Do you want a bull that will add size and horn to your herd? Here he is! Father is Jackpot. Grandfather is White Lightning. Mother weights 556 lb. as a 2 year old. Grandmother weighed 732 lb.  last fall. Their bloodlines go back to Matejcek stock and are closely related to Charlie who won the International typical hard horn competition, scoring 441. 
18 Heifer Calf Name: Hanke's Yellow 87    DOB: May 15, 1999 Sire: Golden Opportunity, EA0000003222 Dam: Yellow 64, A2902
Father is Golden Opportunity. Grandfather is Korean Gold. Mother is a tall cow who is sired by Matejcek Blue 15, a brother to Charlie. Charlie cut over 40 lb. two years in a row. He won the  typical hard horn competition last year scoring 441. Great genetic package here! 
19 Heifer Calf Name: W901    DOB: May 25, 1999 Sire: Atlas, EA0000002819 Dam: O-20, EA0000002011
This heifer has great genetics on both sire and dam side. Her sire, Atlas, cut 30lbs. at 4 years; 32 lb. at 5 years and won 6th place 5-year-old International Champ; and scored 410 B&C at 7 years.  The dam is a granddaughter of the great Diamond bull. W 901 will put some great genetics into your herd. 
20 Bull Scratch $0
21 Heifer Calf Name: CFE Sylvester's Casee    DOB: May 27, 1999 Sire: Manitoba Sylvester, A859 Dam: Becky 16, A4467
This gal is a very nice calf who came from a large cow with plenty of milk. Manitoba Sylvester was a beautiful 6X6 this year as a 2 year old. His sire, Manitoba Weapon, and grandsire, Reed, are  well known in the elk circle. You will be pleased to add Casee to your herd. 
22 Bred Cow Name: Carla 95    DOB: Jun 01, 1996 Service Sire: Manitoba Sylvester
Carla 95 is a large stocky gal. This year (1999), she produced a large male calf from Manitoba Sylvester. She is bred back to Manitoba Sylvester was a large 6X6 as a 2 year old and is a direct son  of Manitoba Weapon who consistently cuts over 40lb. of dark velvet. Carla will be DNA'ed by auction date. 
23 Bred Cow Name: 1093    DOB: May 13, 1994 Service Sire: Cassius
1093 originated from Jay Brasher's Heartland Wildlife Ranch. 1093 was A-I'ed on Sept 18 to Cassius. Cassius scored 495 3/8 SCI in 1999. Cassius is a grandson of the famous bull, Reed. 1093 is tall  and dark and passes this on to her calves. If her calf does not DNA (at buyer's expense) to Cassius, we will provide a free straw of semen. 
24 Bred Cow Name: Daisy 2    DOB: May 15, 1997 Service Sire: RJ700 Sire: Majestic, E00023 Dam: Ruby, E0017
Daisy 2 is a very nice, calm heifer. She was A-I'ed Sept 18 to RJ700. He is the son of RJ117 and half-brother to the well known Dakota Pride. RJ700 is now deceased. If Daisy 2's calf does not DNA  to RJ700 (at buyer's expense), we will provide a straw of semen. 
25 Bred Cow Name: Sweetpea    DOB: Sep 06, 1996 Service Sire: Bullseye Sire: Tag-Blue 15, E046020 Dam: E046046
Sweetpea's sire is the son of Matejcek's Charlie, the 1st place typical hard antler winner in the 1999 International Competition scoring 4416/8. Sweetpea's dam is from the Bob and Rita Hanke Elk Farm  , Cedar, Iowa. Sweetpea is A-I bred (Sep 19, 1999) to Bullseye, a 2nd place winner in the 1999 International typical hard antler competition scoring 428 3/8 in the mature class. Bullseye is one of  the top bulls on the Dale Michel's Elk Farm in Minnesota. Sweetpea was blood tested pregnant by Bio Tracking at 43 days. 
26 Bred Cow Name: Ulfers Elvira    DOB: May 29, 1998 Service Sire: Ulfers Weapon Sire: Elvis, EOM006 Dam: Tory, EO0388
Elvis, a very big bull from Dale Michel's herd, weighed 1,100 lb. and cut 27 lb. as a 6 year old. Tory, a very dark cow purchased from Tom Brakke in 1995, is an excellent mother. This heifer, bred  to Ulfers Weapon, should be a nice addition to someone's herd. Ulfers Weapon weighed 850 lb and hard antlers scored 330 as a 3 year old. 
27 Heifer Calf Name: Ulfers 208J    DOB: May 30, 1999 Sire: Ulfers Columbo, E023119333 Dam: Ulfers Lucy, E010516844
Ulfers Columbo is a large dark 4-year-old bull from Mike Bringans' herd in Canada. Ulfers Lucy is an above average size cow with dark color from the Black River Game Farm in New York. This heifer  will get to be above average in size and has a good disposition. She sells with one straw of Ulfers Weapon semen (850 lb. bull with hard antler score of 330). 
28 Bull Calf Name: N/A    DOB: May 28, 1999 Sire: Eli Dam: Revolution daughter
Offering a top Manitoba Weapon son. The dam is a Clearston cow sired by Rex. This young dark bull will make an excellent herd sire. Add some power to your breeding programs. 
29 Heifer Calf Name: Jepeto Jade Jo    DOB: Jun 10, 1999 Sire: Jepeto Top Gun, EA0000002725 Dam: Jill's Mykala, E019616895
Jade is a granddaughter of Claude who won 2nd, silver category, International Velvet Competition in 1996 with 40+ lb. and 2nd. non-typical hard antler, International in 1999, 466 3/8 SCI. In 1999,  Jade's sire, Jepeto Top Gun, won 1st, 4 year old, Iowa Velvet and 3rd, Central Region. Top Gun is a DNA'd son of Claude. Top Gun consistently throws growthy, well marked calves. All these genetics  just on the sire's side. On the dam's side, Mykala is a daughter of Prince, owned by Lany Dearking, originating from Cal Farms. In 1999 Prince scored 430 B&C. This heifer mated to the bull of your  choice has the genetics to be the next trend setter! 
30 Bull Calf Name: Jepeto Jordan Gun    DOB: Jun 07, 1999 Sire: Jepeto Top Gun, EA0000002725 Dam: Lady Faith, E002353114
Jordan is the son of Jepeto Top Gun 1st, 4 year old, Iowa Velvet and 3rd, Central Region and grandson of Claude who won 2nd, silver category, International Velvet Competition in 1996 with 40+ lb. and  2nd, non-typical hard antler, International in 1999, 466 3/8 SCI. This is the first son of Jepeto Top Gun offered for sale. Top Gun is a DNA'd son of Claude. The dam is from Pat Cooper's  Wild-N-Wooly Acres. She consistently throws calves in the top 10 percent of our herd. She is 650 lb. cow with large fram and good color. Jordan has a calm disposition and will make someone an  excellent herd bull. 
31 Bull Calf Name: 5K 10J    DOB: May 18, 1999 Sire: Golden Opportunity, EA0000003222 Dam: Cheyanne, A87
This bull calf is out of Golden Opportunity. He was a magnificent 2 year old. Randy and Mary Hanke only collected semen from Opportunity one time, so the number of offspring is very limited. The  dam is a pure Manitoban cow with Reed Bloodlines. She is a very beautiful dark large framed cow with good composition. This Opportunity bull will be the last sold from the 5K Elk Ranch. The  combination of genetics should make you a great herd sire and velvet competitor. 
32 Bred Cow Name: Wildlife Lakes 35    DOB: May 20, 1995 Service Sire: Apex Sire: Azar, E001022780
Wildlife Lakes 35 is sired by Azar. Azar was a top selling bull at a previous Iowa auction and a consistent producer of 7X7 hard antler. With this sire background, plus having been A-I'd on Sep 19,  1999, to Apex, a 1999 40+ lb. International winner, she should produce an outstanding calf. The back-up bull from Sep 29 to Nov 15, 1999 was Yukon Lightning. Yukon Lighning is a White Lightning son  and a Yukon Elmer grandson. Wildlife Lakes 35 will be preg checked within 30 days of the auction. Buyer will receive one straw of Apex if calf does not DNA to Apex. 
33 Bred Cow Name: Shawny Y45    DOB: May 27, 1998 Service Sire: Gold's Image Sire: King Louie, E000295346 Dam: EA0000004927
Shawny is a beautiful heifer with looks second to none. Her size and color along with her genetic package make her very outstanding! Shawny's dam was purchased from the Lynn Wallace herd in Montana.  She is a very large, dark cow with exceptional mothering ability. She has produced calves like Shawny year after year. King Louis is Shawny's sire, he has been competing in the Central Region hard  antler competitions placing 2nd as a 6 year old with a 354 6/8 SCI score and 385 SCI this year. Shawny was exposed single sire to Gold's Image (reg #A5438) from Aug 15 to Nov 25. Gold's Image is a  son of the world famous Korean Gold, with Reed bloodlines on his dam's side. 
34 Bred Cow Name: Manitoban 23Y    DOB: Jun 02, 1997 Service Sire: Manitoban 6Y Sire: E005834269 Dam: EO0-005
Manitoban 23Y is pure Manitoban from the great Reed line. She is a large cow that has had a large, dark calf. She is sired to Manitoban 6Y. He is a grandson of the bull Reed. This cow would be a  good addision to any herd. 
35 Bred Cow Name: Manitoban 24Y    DOB: Jun 03, 1997 Service Sire: Manitoban 6Y Sire: E005834269 Dam: E006629879
Manitoban 24Y has full Reed lines on her sire and dam sides. She has good size and conformation to make a good addition to your herd. She is bred to Manitoban 6Y, a grandson of the bull Reed. 
36 Bull Calf Name: RK Extreme    DOB: May 22, 1999 Sire: Colorado Extreme, EOCIO170001 Dam: Wendy, EA0000001591
RK Ranch and Iowa have brought yet another very high quality calf. The dam, Wendy, is a big, gentle cow out of Quarry Creek Farms "Augustus." Augustus is out of "King Edward." Augustus cut 27.70 lb  and won 1st place in the 1997 Central Region Competition. Colorado Extreme cut 36.50 lb. at 6 years and scored 410 SCI at 7 years. 
37 Heifer Calf Name: Maybee    DOB: Jun 05, 1999 Sire: ColumbusIA, E024112513 Dam: Miss Geri, E0816D
This is a highly pedigreed heifer calf--gentle disposition and fast growing. The dam is a large cow and this lady should be ready for breeding in the 2000 season. This animal is a daughter of  ColumbusIA; a direct granddaughter of Columbus; and carries the genetics of both large and well antlered elk. Her mother is a fantastic dark color, calves easily, and takes excellent care of her  calves. She will make a great addition to your herd. 
38 Bull Calf Name: Shoquoquon    DOB: Jun 19, 1999 Sire: Secret Weapon, EA5247 Dam: Sam, E002022088
Shoquoquon has a great genetic background. DNA tests show the sire Secret Weapon closely related to Manitoba Weapon. Both were sired by Reed, making this direct grandson of Reed doubly blessed with  great antler genetics. This is a stocky animal with great Manitoban coloration and a gentle personality. On the dam side, Sam has likewise produced a legacy of super animals. Shoquoquon should  become a great herd sire or velvet producer. 
39 Bred Cow Name: Misty 1    DOB: May 20, 1997 Service Sire: Smokin' Ash Sire: Leo, EO30802 Dam: Tag-Blue 206, E046040
Misty was A-I bred to Smokin' Ash on Sep 24, 1999. Smokin' Ash is the 1999 International 4 year old winner. He cut 33.48 lb at 74 days with an 8X8 potential. The combination of Matejcek genetics  and Smokin' Ash should produce a nice millennium calf. If the calf does not DNA test to Smokin' Ash, we will furnish on straw of Smokin' Ash semen to buyer. Boarding is available. 
40 Bred Cow Name: Candy 1    DOB: May 29, 1997 Service Sire: RJ700 Sire: Leo, EO30802 Dam: 41AZV3967, E012317517
Candy is a gentle, easy handling cow. On Sep 24, 1999, she was A-I bred to RJ700 who is the sire of Wooly, who cut over 36lb. and Chief Dakota, who cut over 45 lb. Natural cleanup bull was Hawkeye  from Clearstone bloodlines. Either bull is from a top bloodline in North America. Boarding is availiable. 
41 Bred Cow Name: Turkey Scratch Shania    DOB: Jul 05, 1997 Service Sire: Turkey Scratch Tommy Horn Sire: Turkey Scratch Hawkey Pride, EA0000003168 Dam: EOHC10
Shania is A-I bred to Turkey Scratch Tommy Horn, son of Harold Schmader's Tommy Horn. The back-up bull is Lolli Boy, a very big 6X6. Shania is a very nice, calm cow with dark color and a big frame.  She would make a great addition to any herd. 
42 Bred Cow Name: Turkey Scratch Shelby    DOB: Jul 19, 1997 Service Sire: Turkey Scratch Tommy Horn Sire: Manitoban 18Y, E000553832 Dam: Sierra, EA0000001486
Shelby is A-I bred to Turkey Scrathch Tommy Horn, son of Harold Schmader's Tommy Horn with back-up bull Lolli Boy, a 6X6. Shelby is a very nice, dark, and big framed cow. She would make a great  addition to any herd. 
43 Bred Cow Name: Lucky    DOB: Jun 07, 1995 Service Sire: Red Horizon
This cow is one of my foundation cows and has calved every year for the last three years. She is one of the most beautiful cows on the whole farm. She is bred to Red Horizon, our Clearstone bull who  is a son of #648 Brutis who cut 38+ lb. in 1998. She and her calf should be a welcome sight to any herd. She is confirmed pregnant by palpation. 
44 Bred Cow Name: Pretty Girl    DOB: Jun 02, 1995 Service Sire: Red Horizon
This cow in one of my foundatino cows and has calved every year for the last three years. She is one of my favorite animals. She is bred to Red Horizon, our Clearstone bull who is a son of #648  Brutis who cut 38+ lb. in 1998. She and her calf should be a fine signt to any herd. She is confirmed pregnant by palpation. 
45 Bull Name: Impressive    DOB: May 23, 1998 Sire: Chief Dakota, EO008Z Dam: Miwatani (Mandan), E034045
Want a breeding bull with 40+ lb. pedigree that goes all the way back on all sides? Impressive is large, dark, easy to handle. He is DNA matched to sire Chief Dakota, who cut 45 lb. Chief Dakota is  sired by RJF700 who was sired by RJ117. Impressive is also DNA matched to dam, Miwatani, who is DNA matched to sire Dakota Pride who cut 40+ lb. and is sired by RJ117. Miwatani is out of a Lynn  Steven's cow. 
46 Heifer Calf Name: Peggy Sue    DOB: Jun 07, 1999 Sire: Claude EOH425 Dam: "D", EA0000002760
Peggy Sue is mild mannered and our biggest heifer calf this year. Peggy Sue's dam "D," raised our biggest heifer calf in '96 and '97. "D's" '97 calf sold for $10,500 at the Iowa Select Auction.  With dam "D's" proven productivity and Claude's credentials, Peggy Sue is sure to be a top producing cow. For more information on Peggy Sue's sire, see ad page 69 and Lot 64 (Claude semen). 
46B Bull Calf Name: N/A    Sire: Claude $6,100
47 Bred Cow Name: TVE Buffy    DOB: Jun 07, 1998 Service Sire: Breeder's Choice Sire: TVE Romeo, E000247120 Dam: Tag G0002, EPC7
O12 is a fine looking female, with large frame and good disposition. Her dam has been throwing female calves although being bred to different bulls. Her sire is TVE Romeo, a half brother to Umpah.  This female is bred to Breeder's Choice. He is our 6X6 2 year old. He is a Vittetoe heritage. His velvet is dark and his hard rack beam has good diameter with long tines. We will have this rack  scored by auction time. This female wants to go home with you. 
48 Bred Cow Name: TVE Blanca    DOB: Jun 09, 1998 Service Sire: Breeder's Choice Sire: Keosauqua, EOPC89 Dam: Tag Y629, 0000003403
O8 is a fine looking female, with large frame and good disposition. Her dam is from Alvin Johnson's herd with Matejcek bloodline. Her sire is Keosauqua, a son on Umpah. This female is bread to  Breeder's Choice. He is our 6X6 2 year old. His velvet is dark and his beams have good diameter with long tines. He is a Vittetoe heritage. We will have this rack scored by auction time. This wil  surely be a favorite cow. 
49 Bull Name: #28    DOB: Jun 12, 1998 Sire: Tommy Horn $3,700
50 Bred Cow Name: #2G    DOB: May 29, 1997 Service Sire: Reedson Sire: #410, E012877523 Dam: Elke#526, E020122066
A large cow out of our largest cow and a grandson of Michael-NZ, a wide 7X8 originally from Elk-NZ Farms. She was A-I'd to Reedson as a heifer, producing our earliest and largest 1999 calf. She's  again A-I'd to Reedson (unofficially 440 B&C), and backed up to Derringer, our Manitoba Weapon son. She's an easy breeder, an early calver, and a good mother. A solid cow and a great addition to  anyone's herd. 
51 Bred Cow Name: PC-169    DOB: Jun 01, 1997 Service Sire: Santee
Forty pound Dakota Pride bloodline cow bred to 400+SCI Santee. Backup bull is also 400 SCI bloodline. Large, gentle-tempered, dark-necked cow with top performance bloodlines. 
52 Bull Name: Red Cloud    DOB: Jun 01, 1997 Sire: Santee
Sire and grandsire both velvet competition champions. Even-tempered. He is tall and heavy boned with classy dark neck and legs. Ready to breed for you this fall. 
53 Bred Cow Name: Martha    DOB: Jun 25, 1996 Service Sire: Jethro's Bodean Sire: Lolli Boy, EO43953 Dam: Three Creeks Nellie, E002064617
Martha is a nice cow. Her sire is Lolli Boy, who cut 27 lb. in 1999. She is bred to Jethro's Bo-Dean, son of Wild & Wooly Jethro. Bo-Dean cut 13.1 lb. as a 2 year old in 1999. He is a very gentle,  big bodied bull. This is the only cow bred to Jethro's Bo-Dean to be offered for sale this year. 
54 Bred Cow Scratch $0
55 Bred Cow Name: Jazz    DOB: Jun 09, 1995 Service Sire: CassiusP4
If you want genetics with SCI points and dark velvet, here it is! Jazz is our best foundation cow--purchased from Harold Schmader as a bred heifer. She has given us a healthy calf each year. She  works great in handling facilities. Jazz is A-I bred to CassiusP4, a New Zealand bull scoring 495 3/8 SCI. She was blood tested positive bred at 43 days and retested positive prior to the auction.  One straw free if DNA doesn't match. 
56 Bred Cow Name: Warrior's Ronnie    DOB: Jun 01, 1998 Service Sire: RJ Reece's Gold-Double 117 Sire: IKR 201 Canadian Warrior, E112913495A Dam: Running Bear, EODC06
Here's a great combination. An IKR 421 granddaughter bred to a son of Korean Gold, plus she's calm enough to eat out of your hand. Ronnie's sire, IKR 201 Canadian Warrior's hard horn score was 375.  His sire, IKR 421 scored 405 and won 1st place hard horn at the Elk Expo. Ronnie is natural bred to RJ Reece's Gold-Double 117, a Korean Gold-Reese cross for a double RJ117 bloodline. This dark,  fancy heifer and her calf have all the makings of a winner. 
57 Bred Cow Name: 42CRF 1374    DOB: Jul 01, 1998 Service Sire: No. 710 Sire: Scenic's Manitobian Quest, EA0000003980 Dam: Scenic Rozanne, #Y-95, EA0000003977
This cow is bred to No. 710, a 6X7 real wide and heavy, two year old bull. No. 710 is sired by Scenic Keystone, #110 who scored 450+ and is a son of the great Reed. 710's dam is Manitoba Dutches, a  cow we bought from Peter Falden, St. Martin, Manitoba, Canada. There are some great bloodlines with the great Diamond bull on the bottom side. This femal will make a great cow to put in your herd.  Notice the dark necks. Buyin the best bloodlines will always pay off--look at Keystone, 9X10, the first elk we purchased. Keep in touch with us on her offspring. 
58 Bred Cow Name: 42CRF 1003    DOB: Jun 01, 1996 Service Sire: Scenic Keystone Sire: Scenic's Manitobian Quest, EA0000003980 Dam: Scenics Sugar & Spice, #27, EA0000003965
This cow is bred to Scenic Keystone, who scored 450+ and is a son of the great Reed. We bought Manitobian Quest from Bill Hart, Manitoba Canada. Quest is a son of Peter. Quest cut 30 lb. velvet as  five year old. This should add some great bloodlines to your herd with the great bull Diamond on the bottom side. Notice the dark neck of this cow. Study what pedigrees do below on this 14 point  spiker. Keep in touch with us on her offspring. 
59 Semen Name: Legacy Jackpot    (5 straws)
Jackpot is the first 5 year old to join the 40 lb. club. Winning 1st place in the 4 and 5 year old class in both Alberta and the International the last two years. Jackpot is sired by White Lightning  and out of a Such cow. Jackpot cut 19.48 lb. in 1997, cut 34.07 lb. in 1998, and 40.25 in 1999. 
60 Semen Name: Oak Point Jesse    DOB: May 27, 1997 (2 straws)
Jesse is the highest scoring CWI(I) 2 year old ever with a score of 91.47. He is the first place winner of the North Central Velvet Competition and the first place winner of the 1999 International  Competition. Born and raised at Oak Point Elk Farm. Jesse weighted 10 lb. on August 15, 1999. Jesse is the son of Oak Point Eli, who is the son of Walter and grandson of Licorice. 
61 Semen Name: Oak Point Eli    DOB: Jul 22, 1993 (2 straws)
Eli has consistently produced beautiful velvet and beautiful dark offspring. He is a gentle, quiet bull and is easy to handle, as are his offspring. Eli won first place at the North Central and  third place in the International Competition with a velvet weight of 35.67 lb. and a CWI(I) of 121.49. Eli is the sire of Jesse, the International two-year-old Champion. Born and raised at Oak Point  Farm. 
62 Semen Name: OLE Samurai    DOB: May 22, 1997 (3 straws)
Manitoban and Rocky cross bringing together the best of the two great bloodlines in North America, a cross between the RJ117 line and the Reed line. Orr Lake Elk's new star is a two year old who at  66 days cut an amazing 18.89 lb. of velvet and won 1st place in the North Eastern Regional and 4th place in the International Finals with a CWI of 84.29. This is top quality velvet! 
63 Semen Name: Revolution    (3 straws)
Age 2: 17.60 lb. Age 3: 23.50 lb. Age 4: 29.10 lb. Age 5: 30.50 lb.--3rd NE Regional and winner of bronze division at the International Age 6: 32.33 lb.--2nd NE Regional and 4th Int'l Age7: hard  antler--1st place, mature typical with a 408 3/8 SCI, 1999 NE Regional Age 8: hard antler--460 4/8 SCI, typical unofficial score by Shawn Richards on Nov 1999. 
64 Semen Name: Claude    (5 straws)
In 1995, Claude produced the 2nd heaviest velvet cut in North America--40+lb. Claude placed 2nd silver at the International Velvet Competition. for the first time in hard antler, Claude produced a  beautiful, uniform 8X10 rack and placed 2nd at the 1999 International Competition with a non-typical score of 466 3/8. Claude consistently produces tremendous antler--hard or velvet. Claude and his  offspring exhibit outstanding disposition. Semen is available for export. 
65 Semen Name: Starbuck's Hi-Genes and/or Yukon Lightning    (6 straws)
Starbuck's Hi-Genes is a son of the famous Legacy Starbuck and a grandson of Chief Dakota and a great grandson of Dakota Pride. This gives this Bull an attractive background of 40+ genetics on both  sides of his pedigree. He was 5X5 as a spiker in 1999. Yukon Lightning is a son of White Lightning and a grandson of Yukon Elmer. Yukon Lightning was the top selling animal at the 1999 Iowa select  auction and is a half brother to many of the top bulls such as Jackpot, Casino, Maverick, Yukon Kudu, Klondike, and others. Improve your genetic background by breeding with either or both of these  two bulls. Yukon Lightning semen available in Canada through Moore Auction. 
66 Semen Name: CassiusP4    (2 straws)
Semen is approved to go to Canada. Cassius is a New Zealand bull with an impressive antler score each of the last three years. Cassius is syndicated and there is a very limited number of straws of  semen available at the present time. Cassius is DNA matched to Reed and had antler scores of 440 SCI in 1997; 464 SCI in 1998; and a score of 495 3/8 as a 10 year old in 1999. Cassius should produce  some very interesting offspring bred to your better cows. 
67 Semen Name: Starbuck's Ladies Choice    DOB: May 28, 1998 (5 straws)
Starbuck Girlz, your Iowa connection to top genetics, is proud to offer semen from this gold registered son of Legacy Starbuck. He boasts Burt and IKR Baxter genetics on the dam side. Starbuck was a  first-place International winner in 1997 and 1998. 
68 Semen Name: Joker, Starfire, and/or Dakota Drummer    (3 straws)
Joker, purchased as a calf at Minot, ND sale, Dec. '98. One of a very few sons of Geronimo in the U.S. Sire: Geronimo. Dam: Queen of Hearts. Joker weighed 412 lb., Dec. 1998; 710 lb., Sept 8,1999.  He is a tall, dark gentle bull. Starfire, purchased from Bruce Friedel at Moose Lake Wapiti, AB.Sire: Starbuck. Dam: Maverick daughter. Starfire has good size for spiker; weighs 600+ lb.; has  excellent conformation and coloration. Dakota Drummer, purchased from Orlyn Ballantyne farm sale. Sire: Chief Dakota. Dam: Dakota Pride daughter. Drummer is a 6X6 spiker with large beams and larger  bases. 
69 Semen Name: Junior    DOB: May 19, 1996 (5 straws)
1998: 2 year old, cut 14.98 lb. with a CWI78.66, and place 2nd at the International Competition. 1999: 3 year old, cut 22.22 lb. with a CWI90.80, and placed 12th at the International Competition.  Guarantee: will replace straw for any cow found "not pregnant" by ultrasound, palpation, or blood test at 40-60 days. 
70 Semen Name: Dakota Pride    (2 straws) $2,500
A Heifer Calf Name: Amber    DOB: May 11, 1999 Sire: Quarry Creek Weapon, EA0000006070 Dam: Sari, E023850305
Quarry Creek Farms is donating the entire proceeds of Amber to the NAEBA "Million by the Millennium" fund raising project. Amber is an outstanding pure Canadian, large, dark, daughter of Quarry Creek  Weapon who cut 17.65 lb velvet at 3. He is a direct son of Manitoba Weapon, 43.60 lb. velvet. Sari is one of Quarry Creeks top foundation cows, body weight 600+ lb. and is a pure Canadian elk whose  sire is JJ-811 (Clearstone). Great genetics on all sides with the proceeds going to promote the elk industry for all of us! 
B Heifer Calf Name: Wildlife Lakes 315    DOB: Jun 22, 1999 Sire: Wildlife Lakes Ruler, E015064374 Dam: Mayme 15, E000626891
This young heifer is a Chahinkapa granddaughter on the dam side and a Wildlife Lakes Ruler daughter on the sire's side. Chahinkapa has been used as a A-I sire for a number of years and is consistent  mid-30's velvet producer. Her sire is a pure Canadian bull from the well known Legacy Deer Group herd of Del and Jeanette Langes of Alberta, Canada. Wildlife Lakes Ruler was 6X7 in hard antler in  1998 and a 7X7 in 1999. His sire is a consistent 30+ lb. velvet producer and has a velvet competition winning background. This combination gives this young heifer a good genetics base for futer  production. 


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