Nebraska Elk Auction - Columbus, NE
Feb 19, 2000


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 27 $2,348 $900 $5,000 $63,400
Bred Cow 16 $2,706 $1,500 $5,000 $43,300
Bull 2 $2,000 $1,600 $2,400 $4,000
Bull Calf 5 $1,620 $900 $2,600 $8,100
Heifer Calf 4 $2,000 $1,250 $2,900 $8,000
Semen 59 $372 $75 $650 $21,930

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bull Calf Name: G931    DOB: May 21, 1999 Sire: Chief Dakota Dam: Ariel
Chief Dakota has cut 42 lb average the last 4 years and weighs 1200 lbs. Precut, a grandson of Wide One. The dams sire 400 point plus. Richard Patterson bull, this growthy calf will speak for  himself. 
02 Heifer Calf Scratch $0
03 Heifer Calf Name: G905    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Sire: Magnum 7 Dam: Pocahantas
This heifer carries the distinction of Tommy Horn. A nice dark heifer. Dam is a dark cow. Her sire Marcus cut 25# velvet at 5 yrs old scored 364 at 7 yrs. Is a dark 1000 lb bull. 
04 Bull Calf Name: Big A    DOB: Jun 06, 1999 Sire: Atlas E40000002819 Dam: Maxine Tag 3510
Big A will make a great herd sire. His sire is Atlas who cut 30 lbs. at 4 yrs., 31.18 at 5 yrs, and was 6th place at International. He has a body wt. 1100 lbs. and scores 410 BC in 1999 at 7. The  Dam is a Bull pine daughter, his wt. over 1200 lbs. and 433 B&C with 2 yr. old sons scoring over 300 B&C. What a great match up for a herd sire. 
05 Bull Calf Name: Sharp Shot    DOB: Jun 08, 1999 Sire: Bulls Eye Y82 Dam: Y709
Sharp Shot 39J sired by Bulls Eye Y82 has a calm & gentle disposition even in rut. He is a dark, large animal who 1999-1st place in Region & 2nd place International 5 yr. old hard antler comp. 428  3/8. Dam Y709 is large body Marksman W21 cow. Marksman 1999-1st place region & 1st place International 5 yr. old hard antler comp. SCI388 3/8, gross 418 3/8. Sharp Shot has the potential to make a  great herd sire. 
06 Heifer Calf Name: Marci    DOB: May 27, 1999 Sire: Bulls Eye Y82 Dam: W12 EA 2190
Marci W18J, dam W12 is large body, calm disposition Winchester cow. Her sire is Bulls Eye Y82, has dark neck & legs, large body, calm disposition, even in rut, who in 1999-1st place Region & 2nd  place International 5 yr old hard antler comp. SCI 428 3/8. Marcie W18J will make an excellent addition to your herd. 
07 Heifer Calf Name: YE 901    DOB: Jun 04, 1999 Sire: Tall Tree Dam: YE 713
YE 901 gives you an opportunity to purchase a heifer calf sired by the 1999 3 yr old International Non Typical Champion, from our bull Tall Tree. Her dam YE 713 was sired by North Star, a grandson of  Reed 
08 Heifer Calf Name: YE 920    DOB: May 24, 1999 Sire: Eldorado W3-2 Dam: YE 5
YE 920 is an excellent example of the daughters sired by our bull Eldorado, 1999 North Central 5 yr old non Typical Hard Antler Champion. Eldorado is a very gentle bull, loves petting. Sailor, the  grandsire, cut 28.9 lbs at 8. 
09 Bull Calf Name: Joey    DOB: Jun 19, 1999 Sire: Montana 502 Dam: Billy 70R
Joey is the darkest bull calf of our 99 calf crop. His sire Montana 502 is an extremely dark, very large 4 yr old bull. Son of Creede & grandson of Homer. This years BC score is 349 3/4 with a GI  at 20. He velveted over 13 as a 2 year old & 18.6 as a 3 yr old. Joey's mother is a large, clam cow from Wayne Lineweber herd. 
10 Bull Calf Name: Bull Rush    DOB: May 26, 1998 Sire: Rush Dam: EA0000005442
This 1998 spiker is a 6X6. He is out of a consistent producing cow and a son of Extra who is a son of Reed. 
11 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 77H    DOB: May 26, 1998 Service Sire: Starbuck Sire: Caesar II Dam: TXCAP580B
This female is sired by Caesar II who has performed well for Clearstone Breeding Farms. Her dam weighs 600 lbs. consistently and has produced exceptional animals for us. Her offspring has excellent  temperaments and body confirmations. Her pedigree includes serveral Clearstone animals who have produced winners. Her paternal grandfather sired Ace and her paternal great grandfather is the  grandfather of Magic (31.5 lbs @ 5). She is confirmed pregnant, by ultrasound to the legendary Starbuck. This combination could prove to be a genetic powerhouse. Take this opportunity to own an  animal, founded in the genetics of the most proven elk farm in North America. 
12 Bred Cow Name: Sally    DOB: Jul 06, 1997 Service Sire: Pierre Sire: Rudy Dam: Cheryl 70 OR
Sally is a daughter of Rudy who has won serveral velvet awards including 1st place as a 5-year-old in the North Central Velvet Competition. This year Rudy is 8-years-old and sports an awesome 7X9  hard rack estimated to score 415 points. Sally is bred to Pierre who is a son of Clearstone's "Sampson". Pierre replaced 2nd in the North Central Regional Velvet Competition as a 4-year-old cutting  23 1/2 pounds. This genetic combination has produced many fine offspring for our herd - let it do the same for you! 
13 Bred Cow Name: HD Rhonda    DOB: May 14, 1997 Service Sire: Apex Sire: WWA Eric Dam: Imperial Kate
HD Rhonda is AI Bred to Wild-N-Wooly Apex, who placed first as a 6-year-old at the 1999 International Antler Competition, cutting 41.66 lbs., 128.65 CWI. HD Rhonda's sire is WWA Eric and her  grandsire is Colorado. Her dam is Imperial Katie. HD Rhonda is guaranteed bred to Apex. If DNA test (paid for by owner) proves that Apex is not the sire, then a free straw of Apex semen will be  given to buyer. HD Rhonda comes from a TB Free Accredited closed herd. Current on all vaccinations, testing and worming. HD Rhonda is a gentle cow with a desire to go home with you! 
14 Bred Cow Name: HD Mikayla    DOB: Jun 09, 1996 Service Sire: Platinum Sire: Imperial Michael Dam: Imperial Lucy
HD Mikayla is a large bodied cow, with excellent disposition and great motherly instincts. HD Mikayla is a calm and easy cow to manage. Producing large bodied calves in the past, HD Mikayla was AI  bred this year to Wild-N-Wooly's Platinum, who as a 2 year old in 1998, won 1st place in the International velvet competition cutting 15.87 lbs. of velvet with a 77.53 CWI, and 1st place in the 1999  Northeast Regional Velvet Antler competition with 23.97 lbs. and 99.39 CWI. HD Mikayla is guaranteed bred to Platinum. If DNA tests (paid for by buyer) proves that Platinum is not the sire, the a  free straw of Platinum semen will be given to buyer. Our herd is a closed, TB free accredited herd. HD Mikayla and her 2000 calf will be excellent additions to your herd. 
15 Bred Cow Scratch $0
16 Bred Cow Name: O-42    DOB: Jun 01, 1995 Service Sire: Bulls Eye Y82 Sire: Winchester Dam: E0M04291
O-42, sired by our great bull Winchester, who's genetics follow through on his offspring. O-42 is bred to Bulls Eye Y82, who was 1999-1st place Region & 2nd place International 5 yr. old hard antler  competition SCI 428 3/8. O-42 was blood tested pregnant posititive at Biotracking. With these genetics her calf and she will make an excellent addition to your herd 
17 Bred Cow Name: Or 829    DOB: Jun 13, 1998 Service Sire: Heritage Sire: Mr. Mizzov Dam: Or 310
This is a very nice Mr. Mizzov hfr. Mr. Mizzov was 1st place 4 yr. old at 24lbs. 1st place 5 yr. old. Regional and 6th place International. She is bred to Heritage who cut 14 at 2 yr. with body wt.  830 lbs. One to look at in future. 
18 Bred Cow Name: 2    DOB: Jun 01, 1995 Service Sire: Tommy Horn
Cow bred to Tommy Horn. 
19 Bull Name: Orange 13    DOB: Jun 18, 1998 Sire: Tommy Boy Dam: Elkhorn River $1,600
20 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 55G    DOB: May 24, 1997 Service Sire: Jethro Sire: Manitoba Ranger Dam: TXCAP 175A
This female is sired by a direct son of the renowned Reed. Manitoba Ranger cut 21.6 @ 3, 26.08 @ 4, 28.08 @ 5, & 33 @ 6. He passes on dark velvet and contrsting body coloring to his offspring. Her  dam has consistently produced animals of excellent temperment and size. She is confirmed pregnant, by ultrasound to the legendary Jethro. Jethro is the only bull to have sired an International  Competition winner prior to syndication. This animal offers a tremendous opportunity to put 30 lb. genetics in your herd and provide you with a double-bred 30 lb. calf. 
21 Other Scratch $0
22 Bred Cow Name: Brenda    DOB: Jun 07, 1997 Service Sire: Stardust Sire: Marion Dam: Norma
Very gentle animal. Bred & conformed pregnant by palpatation to Stardust our son of Starbuck. Guaranteed pregnant from Stardust single sire breeding. No back up bull. 
23 Bred Cow Name: YE 817    DOB: May 24, 1998 Service Sire: Tall Tree Sire: Eldorado Dam: YE 5
YE 817 is a daughter if Eldorado, 1999 North Central 5 yr. old non Typical Champion. Her dam YE 5 sire sailor cut 28.9 pds. at 8 and is Biotrack pregnant to the 1999 International 3 yr. old Non  Typical Chamption Tall Tree. 
24 Bred Cow Name: YE 821    DOB: May 21, 1998 Service Sire: Tall Tree Sire: Eldorado Dam: YE J1
YE 821 is a daughter of Eldorado, the 1999 North Central Non Typical 5 yr. old Champion. Her dam's sire Sailor cut 28.9 at 8 and is Biotracked pregnant to Tall Tree, the 1999 International 3 yr. old  Non Typical Champion. 
25 Bred Cow Name: 70-1    DOB: May 26, 1996 Service Sire: Oker Pride Sire: E001559019 Dam: E002314604
This is an excellent, large cow, she has calved every year. She is a real gentel cow, and exceptional mother. You can pet her anytime. She is bred & confirmed pregnant to Oker Pride, our son of  Dakota Pride. We do not use a back up bull, and will guarantee the calf will DNA test to Oker Pride. 
26 Bred Cow Name: HLE Warriors Linda    DOB: Jun 09, 1998 Service Sire: Paycheck Sire: IKR Canadian Warrior Dam: 509 White
Linda AI'd on 9-24-99 to Paycheck, highest selling son of Starbuck, from a Magnum dam. 40+ velvet, bred bull. Her sire IKR Warrior cut 27# at 5 yr. old, early cut, considerable regrowth, 7X8 bull at  7 yr old, if calf does not DNA to Paycheck, we will give buyer 1 staw of semen. 
27 Bred Cow Name: HLE Buglers Beth    DOB: Jul 03, 1997 Service Sire: Paycheck Sire: IKR 926 Baxters Bugler Dam: 501 R
Beth R716 sire is a large bodied bull from Rich Alsager's bull Baxter 455, Bugler was from the same cow IKR 1663N Angus, a well balanced 2 yr. old. AI'd to Paycheck, son of Starbuck, on 9-22-99. If  calf does not DNA to Paycheck, we will give buyer 1 straw of Paycheck semen. 
28 Bull Name: Moon   
Moon is an outstanding example of the Roosevelt subspecies. His size, conformation, balance, color and attitude destine him to be a herd bull. He was the best of a pen of 40 bulls. Moon cut over 9  pounds of premium velvet at 2. He had a stylish symmetrical rack. The Mad Hatter Ranch is TB accredited and has had a voluntary CWD and Jonnies surveillance to be disease free. This pure Roosevelt  will add a special dimension to your breeding program. 
29 Bred Cow Name: 515BL    DOB: Jun 01, 1995 Service Sire: Korean Gold Sire: 132W Dam: 45W
B 515 AI'd 5-20-99 to Korean Gold, if calf does not DNA to Korean Gold we will back it up with 1 straw of Korean Gold. Back up bull was IKR Warrior & Rick Alsager bull 380 pts. 7X8 bull in 1999. 515  has raised a calf each year since she first calved as a 2 yr. old. 
30 Bred Cow Name: HLE Marcus Millie    DOB: Jun 21, 1998 Service Sire: Starbuck Sire: Marcus Dam: HLE Kate
White tag 06H, sire is a dark color bull weighing over 1000# pre-cut and cut 26 lbs. velvet at 5 yrs. after pedical damage. Hard horn was 356 6X6 in 99, a gentle bull. Dam Y606 is a Perkins Elk bred  animal, goes back to Angus 350 on the grandsire side JKP Comanche Chief on the Dam side. She is an appealling well bred animal. AI'd 9-24-99 to Paycheck top selling Starbuck son, cow/dam is Magnum  daughter. Back up bull Reese's Gold a Korean Gold son from Reese dam. If calf does not DNA to Paycheck, we will give one straw of semen to the buyer 
31 Semen Name: Jr    (5 straws)
1998 2yr 14.98, CWI 78.66, 2nd Fargo. 1993 3yr 22.22, CWI 90.80, 12th Edmonton. Son of Wild-N-Wooley Jethro. Purchaser assumes cost of shipment. Guarentee- will replace any straw of cow found not  pregnant at 40-60 days by palpation, blood test or ultrasound. 
32 Semen Name: Smokin' Ash    (5 straws)
1999 International winner 4 year old Class 33.48 pounds CWI 121.67. 3 yr. old damage one side 13.25 on one side. 2 yr old 15 lbs, CWI 75.02. 
33 Semen Name: Apex    (5 straws)
The 1999 International Chamption in the 6 yr. old division is Apex. He cut 41.66 lbs. in 1999 and is one of only 3 bulls to cut 40+ lbs. at 6 years old! Apex has consistently produced top quality  velvet. He weighs in at an impressive 1180 lbs. and is extremely easy to manage. Apex obviously has the potential to produce a 400+ BC score, making him a dual-purpose bull. His superior vevelt,  mild demeanor and his large body size are also evident in his offspring. Do not miss your opportunity to add Apex's excellent genetics to your herd! Wild-N-Wooly Acres, proven, Predictable Genetics.  ..Genetics with a future! 
34 Semen Name: Platinum    (5 straws)
This award winning bull is proving his success at a young age! At just 2 yrs. of age, he won 1st in the 1998 International Velvet Competition with a weight of 15.87 lbs. In 1999 he cut an astounding  23.97 lbs. and placed 8th overall. A nice wide rack with tremendous tops are the characteristics of his sire and these traits are evident in Platinum as well. Don't miss an opportunity to breed  these award winning genetics into your herd! Proven, Predictable Genetics…Genetics with a future! 
35 Semen Scratch $0
36 Semen Scratch $0
37 Semen Name: Bullseye Y82, Marksman-W21, Winchester    (6 straws)
One straw of semen from each bull. Bulls Eye Y82 - 1999-1st place N. Central Region & 2nd place International mature typical herd antler competition. SCI 428 3/8. Marksman-W21 (son of Winchester)  1999-1st place N. Central Region & 1st place International 5 yr old typical hard antler competition. SCI 388 6/8-grass score 418 3/8. Winchester - He has produced many large body, calm disperion,  good conformation, good velvet & hard antler bulls & cows. 1999- All Winchester offsprings at North Central 5 yr old hard antler competition. 
38 Semen Name: Chief Dakota    (5 straws)
23.5 lbs., as a 3-year-old, 32.5 lbs., as a 5-year-old, 41.1 lbs., at 89 days as a 6-year-old, Bronze winner at the 1996 International Velvet Competition Dry down of 35.32%, 39.1lbs. at 85 days as a 7  year-old, CWI ( R ) 132.60, ranked third, CWI (I) 126.86, ranked sixth, 1997 weight- 1050 lbs. Chief Dakota is a grandson of RJ 117, which has produced more top bull than any other line in North  America. Frozen Assetts. 
39 Semen Name: Cassius P4    (3 straws)
Cassius is a New Zealand bull with an impressive antler score each of the last three years. Cassius is syndicated and there is a very limitied number of straws of semen available at the present time.  Cassius is DNA matched to Reed and had antler scores of 440 SCI in 1997; 464 SCI in 1998; and score of 495 3/8 as a 10 year old in 1999. Cassius should produce some very interesting offspring bred to  your better cows. 
40 Semen Name: Oak Point Eli    (3 straws)
Eli has consistently produced beautiful velvet and beautiful dark offspring. He is a gentle, quiet bull and is easy to handle, as are his offspring. Eli won first place at the Norht Central and  third place in the International Competition with a velvet weight of 35.67 lb. and a CW (I) of 121.49. Eli is the sire of Jesse, the International two-year-old Champion. Born and raised at Oak Point  Farm. 
41 Semen Name: Oak Point Jesse    (3 straws)
Jesse is the highest scoring CW (I) 2 year old ever with a socer of 91.47. He is the first place winner of the North Central Velvet Competition and the first place winner of the 1999 International  Competition. Born and raised at Oak Point Elk Farm. Jesse weighed 810 on August 15, 1999. 
42 Semen Name: Dakota Heritage    (3 straws)
1995- 1st place North Central Velvet Competition, 2-year-old 1996- 1st place Norht Central Velvet Competition, 3-year-old 1997- 1st place North Central Velvet Competition, 4-year-old & 6th  place International Velvet Competition with 101.72. CW(I). 
43 Semen Name: Starlight    (5 straws)
Starlight has an outstanding future as a leading bull in the industry with extremely heavy beams with 12 1/2 inch diameter bases as a spiker. He is very dark in color and has a gentle disposition.  100% conception, first time guarantee with blood test at 45 days. Consigned by 5-star Genetics, MN. 
44 Semen Name: Ole's Samurai    (3 straws)
Orr Lake Elk's Samurai. Bringing together the best of the two great bloodlines in North America, a cross between the RJ117 line & the Reed line. Orr Lake Elk's new star is a 2 year old who at 66  days cut an amazing 18.89 lbs. of velvet. 1st place as a two year old - 1999 NE Regionals. 4th place - Internationals - CWI 84.29. This is top quality velvet! 
45 Semen Name: Revolution    (3 straws)
Age 2: 17.60 lbs. Age 3: 23.50 lbs. Age 4: 29.10 lbs. Age 5: 30.50 lbs. 3rd NE Regional -Winner of Bronze Division, International Final. Age 6: 32.33 lbs. 2nd NE Regional, 4th -International Final.  Age 7: Hard Antler, 1st Place Mature Typical 408 3/8 SCI, 1999 NE Regionals, Age 8: Hard Antler, 460 4/8 SCI, Typical unofficial score by Shawn Richards -11/99. 
46 Semen Name: Tommy Horn's Mr. T    (5 straws)
Size, color and conformation are all the great benefits of Tommy Horn's Mr. T. Mr. T weighed 615 pounds on his first birhtday of June 10, 1999. He then weighted approximately 700 pounds in January 1  , 2000. Mr. T is carrying on the genetics of his ancestors by being a large-bodied, dark-colored animal. This is a great opportunity to get the size and color of Mr. T and his Clearstone background  into your herd. 
47 Semen Scratch $0
48 Semen Scratch $0


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