Iowa's 3rd Fall Classic Elk Calf Sale - Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 11, 2000


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 64 $1,087 $300 $5,100 $69,625
Bull Calf 22 $1,030 $300 $4,400 $22,675
Heifer Calf 42 $1,117 $325 $5,100 $46,950
Semen 17 $321 $140 $800 $5,450

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bull Calf Name: Starbuck's Game    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Legacy Starbuck Dam: E011557035
This exciting bull calf had the good fortune to be sired by the well known Canadian bull "Starbuck". "Starbuck" has won numerous International velvet championships and cut over 47 lbs. of velvet at  least twice. The dam of this calf was sired by a Reed grandson. This same dam produced a set of "Starbuck" twins in 1998 and a "Starbuck" heifer in 1999. With this background this bull calf has a  lot of potential to pass these genetics on. 
02 Heifer Calf Name: WLL Lightning Yukon    DOB: Jun 05, 2000 Sire: Yukon Lightning Dam: E000382863
This young heifer had a good start in life being born in early June 2000. Her sire was the top selling animal in our "Select Sale" in March 1998. Her sire "Yukon Lightning" is a direct son of White  Lightning and was born to a daughter of "Yukon Elmer." Her dam is one of our foundation females with a Hanke-Matejcek background. This background gives her a lot of genetic potential. 
03 Heifer Calf Name: TXCAP 142K    DOB: May 15, 2000 Sire: Apex Dam: 877
TXCAP 142K is sired by APEX, one of only six bulls to cut 40+ lbs. at 6 yrs. old. She is a granddaughter of CBF Stalwart (426 BC gross at 6 and 37.12 lbs. at 7). Stalwart is the sire of CBF Bounty (  23.71 lbs. at 3 - 1st place Int'l. Antler Competition; 32.5 lbs. at 4 - 3rd place 1999 Int'l Antler Competition; and 40.89 lbs. at 5 - 1st place 2000 Int'l Antler Competition). Take this opportunity  to place a female of "Predictable Genetic Performance" in your herd. 
04 Heifer Calf Name: TXCAP 160K    DOB: May 21, 2000 Sire: Legacy Starbuck Dam: 113
TXCAP 160K is sired by the legendary Starbuck (47.79 lbs. at 6; 47.13 lbs. at 7) who also sired the following bulls: Superstar 16.55 lbs. at 2 - 11th 2000 Int'l Antler Comp.; Wiplash 15.81 lbs. at 2  - 2nd 2000 Alberta; and Legacy Lincoln 22.95 lbs. at 3 - 2nd 2000 Alberta. TXCAP 160K's grandsire is Manitoba Weapon (37.5 lbs. at 6; 41 lbs. at 7- 2nd Int'l. Antler Comp.; 43.6 lbs. at 8 - 2nd Int'l  Antler Comp.; 413 Typical at 9 - 4th Int'l Antler Comp.). Manitoba Weapon is also producing performing 2 yr. old sons: B134 - 14.49 lbs; CBF Mephisto - 15.23 lbs.; CBF Magus - 14.24 - 4th 2000 North  Central. This is a rare opportunity to put a female with 40+ lbs. on both sides of her pedigree into your herd. She is an animal of "Predictable Genetic Performance." 
05 Heifer Calf Name: TXCAP 145K    DOB: May 16, 2000 Sire: Manitoba Stealth Dam: B206
TXCAP 145K is sired by Manitoba Stealth, the ultimate in dual purpose bulls, (14 lbs. at 2; 22.14 lbs. at 3 - 5th Int'l Antler Competition; 412 1/8 Non-Typical - 1st Int'l Antler Competition; 440 4/8  Non-Typical - 1st Int'l Antler Competition). TXCAP 145K's grandsire is CBF Trojan (12.5 lbs at 2; 19 lbs. at 3; damaged at 4; and 31.6 at 5). This animal combines two of the most proven bloodlines  in the industry (Reed and Clearstone). She will prove to be an animal of "Predictable Genetic Performance." 
06 Bull Calf Name: Double Down    DOB: May 24, 2000 Sire: Legacy Jackpot Dam: Money, E006629879
Double Down is a magnificent bull calf with looks second to none with a background to match. His dam is pure Manitoban with a black mane and a very large body size. We think putting Jackpot together  with Reed will give you on e of the best genetic packages there is for your herd. Don't miss this opportunity from the 5K Elk Ranch. Kevin is sending another hair sample from dam. He will guarantee  the dam of this bull calf and will upgrade to gold registry as soon as DNA is complete. 
07 Heifer Calf Name: Oh What a Girl    DOB: Jun 11, 2000 Sire: Gold's Image Dam: Cream Y18, A4526
This is the first heifer the 5K Elk Ranch has offered to you from our herd bull Gold's Image. Gold's Image will be a huge competitor next year in the 2-yr-old hard antler division. This heifer's dam  is our prize cow. She originated from the Clearstone herd in Ontario, Canada. This calf will turn into a beautiful big bodied cow full of genetics and great features! 
08A Heifer Calf Name: Queen    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: Smokin' Ash Dam: Hanke 58
Smokin' Ash, with 5 great yrs. of production as his record shows: 15 lbs. @ 2 yr. CWI 75.15; 13.25 lbs @ 3 yr. (one side); 33.48 lbs @ 4 yrs, CWI 121.67 - International 4 yr. old champion; and 37.47  lbs. @ 5 yrs, CWI 130.34. In 2000, Ash won the Alberta Elk Expo. Queen is one of the first Ash heifers offered in Iowa. Her dam #58 is a 600 lb. cow with Hanke-Matejcek genetics. Along with Ash,  these are superior genetics for your herd's future. Boarding Available 
08B Bull Calf Name: Scottie    DOB: Jun 23, 2000 Sire: Excel Dam: Goldie
Scottie's dam is Goldie, a grandaughter of Korean Gold. His sire is Excel, son of Roger Nietfeld's Napoleon. With these combined genetics, Scottie would be a good production bull for your herd.  Boarding Available. 
09 Bull Calf Scratch $0
10 Heifer Calf Name: Hana    DOB: May 25, 2000 Sire: SHR King 26 Dam: NW48 Pure Manitoban, EONW48
Hana is one of our top King heifer calves. She is out of a 700 lb. pure Manitoban dam. She will make a great foundation cow for your herd! 
11 Heifer Calf Name: Di's Dollar    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: Cassius P4 Dam: HEF Diana, A9934
Di's sire is the well known Cassius from New Zealand. His SCI in 1999 was 486 6/8. Her mother is a granddaughter of Claude whose SCI in 1999 was 466 3/8. This is our top calf from our 2000 calf  crop. She is dark and comes from excellent bloodlines. She would make a GREAT addition to any herd. Di's Dollar is DNA matched to Cassius P4. 
12A Bull Calf Name: Donovan    DOB: Jun 10, 2000 Sire: Proud Ruler Dam: Liz, E005813378
The sire of these two calves (lot 12A & 12B) is award winning herdsire Proud Ruler who cut 36.21 lbs. at 8 years, won 1st place at the 1997 Central Region Antler Comp., 1st place Hard Antler  398 1/8 at the Iowa Antler Comp., 2nd place Hard Antler 1997 International Antler Competition - winning and placing in regional comps. Proud Ruler has proven to throw his superior gentics to his  offspring with several winning a placing in regional competition. Proud Ruler deceased in 1999. This is one of your few chances to add this proven bloodline to your herd. Donovan is one of Quarry  Creek's top 200 bull calves, sired by Proud Ruler. Donovan's dam is Liz, one of Quarry Creeks top foundation cows weighing 600 lbs. (Sept 8, 2000) Liz's sire Rocky has a body weight over 1,110 lbs. 
12B Heifer Calf Name: Belle    DOB: May 12, 2000 Sire: Proud Ruler Dam: R2-D2, E001341260
Belle is Quarry Creek's largest 2000 heifer calf who is extremely dark in color. Belle's dam, R2-D2, is one of Quarry Creek's largest and top foundation cows. R2-D2 is very dark in color with a body  weight in excess of 600 lbs. 
13 Bull Calf Name: Elijah    DOB: May 25, 2000 Sire: (Oak Point) Eli Dam: Oak Point 430, E0430
Elijah may be the best of all calves at this sale. His sire Eli placed 2nd in 1995 Int'l. then went on to sire Oak Point Jess who won the 2-yr-old Int'l. with a cut of 19.5 lb. and CWI of 91.47 in  1999. Jesse then won the 3-yr-old Int'l. producing 33.04 lb. and CWI 119.7 in 2000. Eli went on to win 4th place Int'l. in 2000 with 45.98 lb. (only 4 oz. less than 1st place) and CWI 133.61. It is  obvious that superior vevlet genetics are transmitted by Eli. 
14 Heifer Calf Scratch $0
15 Bull Calf Name: King's Knight    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: King Dam: Miss Geri, E0816D
King won 1997 Int'l Velvet Comp. with 40.8# as a 6 yr. old and also the 1997 non-typical hard antler with 450 1/8 pt. (5 yr. old set). He did the same as a mature animal in 1999 with 50.98# vevlet  and a 7 yr. old non-typical antler (7 yr. old set). King's Knight's dam is a large, gentle, dark cow. This large calf, son of King, should show great potential for hard or velvet antler herds. 
16 Heifer Calf Name: Oak Creek Kelsey    DOB: Jun 02, 2000 Sire: King Dam: #7 Oak Creek Oakley, A355
Oak Creek Kelsey combines the superior genetics of her sire - world famous King, the first bull to win 1st place International in both mature velvet, 50.98 lbs., and mature hard antler, 479 6/8 SCI  non-typical. No other bull has ever matched King's combined vevelt and hard antler scoring. Kelsey's dam adds 30+ lbs. velvet weight with 640 lbs. body weight adn gentleness. Kelsey would be a  great addition to any herd. 
17 Bull Calf Name: Onyx    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: Cassius P4 Dam: Oak Creek Shania, EA13H
Onyx is the combination of great genetics - Cassius and Whip. Cassius is a New Zealand bull with very impressive antler scores the last 3 years with a score of 495 3/8 as a 10 year old in 1999.  Cassius is also a syndicated bull with limited semen. Cassius is DNA matched to Reed. Onyx is teh darkest calf of the 200 calf crop. If antlers and dark color are your goal - these genetics are the  answer. 
18A Bull Calf Name: CFE Mister Zac    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: Manitoba Sylvester Dam: Abby 21, A4468
The sire of this lot (lot 18A-C) is Manitoba Sylvester, a 6x6 as both a 2 and 3 yr. old and a 5x5 as a spiker. His sire is Manitoba Weapon who consistently cuts over 40 lbs. of dark velvet. The well  known Gord is also in his pedigree. CFE Mister Zac's dam is a large cow and a good milker who consistently produces nice calves. This bull will be a good one for you! 
18B Heifer Calf Name: CFE Angel's Delite    DOB: Jun 04, 2000 Sire: Manitoba Sylvester Dam: Angel U 94, A4463
CFE Angel's Delite: We are pleased with this heifer from Angel, a very nice producing cow. Delite will make a nice herd addition. 
18C Heifer Calf Name: CFE My Girl    DOB: Jun 19, 2000 Sire: Manitoba Sylvester Dam: Mindy 93, A4459
CFE My Girl's dam, Mindy 93, is a gentle cow producing very nice calves. We are pleased to offer "My Girl." 
19 Heifer Calf Name: Sugar    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Sire: Jag Dam: Anglela, A4118
Sugar's genetics consist of Clearstone on the sire side and her dam's genetics are out of Montana. Her sire, Jag, was purchased from the Harold Schmader Farm. Jag is a tall dark bull with heavy  beams. Jag placed 3rd in Iowa Velvet Competition and 6th in Regional Competition. Sugar's DNA is on File. 
20A Bull Calf Name: 23K    DOB: Jun 06, 2000 Sire: Maximum Dam: Loden, EA0000005547
Maximum is a grandson of Max-A-Million and a grandson of a bull from the Hanke-Matejcek bloodline. Maximum cut 16 lbs. of velvet at a 3 yr. old. Max-A-Million is a consistent winner since the age of  2 and lacked 3/4 oz. as a 6 yr. old from being a 40 lb. bull. 23K has great potential for velvet weights. 23K's grandsire cut 39.25 lb. as a 6 yr. old. 
20B Heifer Calf Name: Maxine    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Sire: Maximum Dam: Nampeio, EA0000005553
Maxine's genetics should help your farm produce good vevlet weights. With Max-A-Million on one side and a 1/2 brother to Matejcek's Charlie on the other, the potential is there. 
20C Heifer Calf Name: Molly    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Sire: Maximum Dam: TDR Misty 44
Molly's genetics have good velvet weights on both sides. Her dam has Clearstone genetics. Molly's DNA is on file. 
21 Bull Calf Name: REG 3K    DOB: May 24, 2000 Sire: Apex Dam: Tag B-03, EA0003633
Apex cut 41.66 lbs. of velvet in 1999 and won the Int'l vevlet comp. as a 6 yr. old. Apex is one of only six bulls to cut 40+ lbs. at 6 yrs. old. B-03 came from the Carmichael herd in Missouri. She  is very dark and weighed 568 lb. on 3/18/00. 
22A Heifer Calf Name: REG 2K    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: Top Moon Dam: WWA Lehigh #56, E005092120
Top Moon cut 10.5 lbs. velvet at 2 (injured). At 5 yrs. of age, he weighed 1,050 (3/18/00). Taurus was 3rd in the Int'l. hard antler comp. at 6 yrs. of age (1998). Top Moon's 1998 heifers weighed -  at breeding time - an average of 492 lbs. These are half-sisters to the two calves in this lot. REG 2K is a nice dark heifer. WWA Lehigh #56 was originally purchased from the Pat Cooper ranch. She  weighed 546 lbs. (3/18/00). 
22B Bull Calf Name: REG 6K    DOB: Jun 04, 2000 Sire: Top Moon Dam: Pocahauntus, EA0000002699
REG 6K's dam, Pocahauntus, is also related to Taurus. Pocahauntus weighed 675 lbs. (3/18/00). REG 6K will be a large dark bull and make a nice addition to any herd. 
23A Heifer Calf Name: Meadow Mist    DOB: May 27, 2000 Sire: Santee Dam: Rain Maker, A2185
Our Motto:THEREARENOSHORTCUTSTOANYWHEREWORTHGOING. For the first time we proudly offer THE genetic results from years of a closed breeding program. Two proven bloodlines in one package. Two time  Regional Champion "Santee" son of Dakota Pride. Antlers=Massice Beams, 22+cm's around. Calm enought to eat out of Kim's hand in the rut. Plus award winning "Umpah," famous for his LONG majestic  symmetrical antlers with a 51 1/2' interior spred. 
23B Bull Calf Name: Thunder Cloud    DOB: Jun 02, 2000 Sire: Santee Dam: #44 Pocahantas, EA0000002145 $500
24A Heifer Calf Name: Orange 008    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Princeton Dam: Betsy, EA0000002463
The sire is a son of Prince who scored over 400 B&C. Orange 008 is one of our best heifers from the 2000 calf crop. She is dark in color and large framed. The dam is from Cecil Baldwin's herd  with Dakota Pride bloodlines. This heifer will make a great addition to your herd. 
24B Heifer Calf Name: Orange 030    DOB: May 26, 2000 Sire: Princeton Dam: Bobbi, EA0000002459
Orange 030 is one of our best heifers from the 200 calf crop. She is dark in color and large framed. The dam is from Cecil Baldwin's herd with Dakota Pride bloodlines. This heifer will make a great  addition to your herd. 
25 Heifer Calf Name: Dakota Princess    DOB: May 14, 2000 Sire: Chief Dakota Dam: Or-14, E013114361
Dakota Princess is a fancy dark heifer, DNA matched to Chief Dakota. Chief Dakota is a 1,180 lb. grandson of RJF 117, one of the most proven velvet transmitting bloodlines. Chief Dakota had a 41.1  lb. cut as a 6 yr. old and he's had over a 40 lb. average the last four years, placing him in the top 10 at the Int'l Velvet Comp. mature class each year. Princess' maternal grandsire, Blue 15, is a  brother to Matejcek's Int'l champion bull "Charlie" (42 lb. and 441 SCI)> 
26 Bull Calf Name: King's Reflection    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: SHR King 26 Dam: Katie, E113266116A
The DNA matched sire of this large bodied calm dispositioned calf is King. King is a three time Int'l champion, whose record speaks for itself: 5 yrs - 450 SCI; 6 yrs - 40.18 lbs; 7 yrs. - 479 SCI; 8  yrs. - 50.98 lbs. These velvet and trophy antler genetic traits are passing onto his offspring. King sons are already distinguishing themselves at the Int'l comp. At the 2000 comp., a King son  placed 2nd in the 2-yr-old velvet class and another King son placed 2nd in the 3-yr-old typical hard antler class. Reflection's dam is a large dark foundation cow who consistently produces  outstanding calves. 
27 Heifer Calf Name: Sheza A Sweety    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Max-A-Million Dam: McKinsee 51, E046023
This is a beautiful heifer calf out of Max-A-Million. Max-A-Million has been very successful in competitions and we combined his genetic pachage with our cow, McKinsee 51. She is a very large-framed  cow purchased from the Hanke herd. Knowing the cow's large size and Max-A-Million's large antlers and background, this should make an exceptional asset to any herd! 
28 Bull Calf Name: Sweet Stuff    DOB: Jun 05, 2000 Sire: Gold's Image Dam: 816 Sheza Manitoban Doll, A19364
This is the first bull calf ever sold out of Gold's Image. Gold's Image is a huge 2-yr-old son of Korean Gold. We let him go hard antler and you will see his antlers at the top the competition next  year. He should score over 250 SCI. Scenic Keystone is the father of the dam. He has won many non-typical competitions with his massice antlers. This is a great future bull for you from the 5K Elk  Ranch. 
29A Heifer Calf Name: Ulfers 013K    DOB: Jun 17, 2000 Sire: Ulfers Weapon Dam: Ulfers Sally, A4758
Ulfers Weapon is a direct son of Manitoba Weapon. Ulfers Weapon finished 11th in the 3-yr-old hard antler Int'l Comp. in St. Cloud with a score of 315 4/8. 013K is out of a heifer raised on our  ranch. 013K will be fancy as she grows up. Her dam side is a very good cow! 
29B Heifer Calf Name: Ulfers 010K    DOB: May 01, 2000 Sire: Ulfers Weapon $350
29C Bull Calf Name: Ulfers 008K    DOB: Jun 02, 2000 Sire: Ulfers Weapon Dam: MT37, EOMT3790
008K comes from a very good New Mexico cow with good size who never misses calving. 
29D Heifer Calf Name: Ulfers 012K    DOB: Jun 11, 2000 Sire: Ulfers Weapon $650
30 Bull Calf Name: KNR Yellow 129    DOB: Jun 01, 2000 Sire: SHR King 26
Yellow 129 is a large calf (279 lb. on Oct 11, 2000) sired by King—three time International Champion, cutting 50.98 lbs. Mature Velvet and 479 6/8 SCI Mature Non-Typical hard antler. His dam is one  of our foundation cows who is large framed (666 lb. on Aug. 18, 2000, a month prior to weaning) and throws good calves every year. Gold registration, TB accredited, DNA matched, and CWD monitored-  level A. 
31 Heifer Calf Name: Yellow 137    DOB: Jun 01, 2000 Sire: Red 2H
Yellow 137 is a fine young heifer sired by Red 1H, a son of King and one of our herd sires. Her dam is a good sized foundation cow from Plum Creek who has calved consistently for us. She's sure to  be a valuable breeder. Gold certified, TB accredited, DNA matched, and CWD monitored-level A. 
32 Heifer Calf Name: Wind Dancer    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: RJF 700 Dam: Lucky Lindy, A14450
Wind Dancer is the daughter of RJF 700 (sire of Chief Dakota) and a granddaughter of RJF 117 (sire of Korean Gold and Dakota Pride). On her dam's side she carries the Matejcek's Charlie, and the  Hanke's farm bloodlines. Her mother weighed 470#, as a 1-yr-old heifer when she was AI'ed to RJF 700. 
33 Heifer Calf Name: Stormy    DOB: May 15, 2000 Sire: Marksman W21 Dam: 008C Breezie
Stormy is the daughter of Marksman, from Michel's Elk Farm. Marksman took 1st place in the 6-yr-old Hard Antler Typical class in the 2000 North Central Compeition scoring 405 5/8. Her dam is a dark  colored large frame 7-yr-old cow, who has had a live calf each year. 
34 Heifer Calf Name: Miss Cassius    DOB: May 20, 2000 Sire: Cassius P4 Dam: Daisy
Miss Cassius is one of the largest heifer calves born on Lonneman's Wapiti Acres. This large heifer calf would be a great heifer to AI to another great bloodline. Miss Cassius' sire, Cassius, has a  printed score of 507 pts. SCI in 1999 - world's hightest scoring ever elk bull in 1998 and 1999. Don't miss this great change to own a Cassius daughter. Lonneman's Wapiti Acres' AI breeding stock  included King, Apex, Charlie, and Cassius. 
35 Bull Calf Name: John Henry    DOB: May 26, 2000 Sire: Horizon Dam: 414 LWA $425
36A Heifer Calf Name: Y-254K    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: GLF Goliath Dam: G.L. Wild Wind, A4134
As a 4-yr-old, GLF Goliath scored 356 7/8 typical-regional score. Goliath cut 28.85 lbs. as a 6 yr. old with 6 lbs. of regrowth. He was cut at 68 days. Y-254K's dam is a dark and nice size cow.  She is a early breeder. 
36B Bull Calf Name: O-354K    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Sire: GLF Goliath Dam: G.L. Moon Firer, A5745
O-354K's dam is a nice size cow who is dark and is out of G. L. Rising Sun who took 2nd place in the 5 yr. old Iowa Competition in 1998. 
36C Heifer Calf Name: W-454K    DOB: Jun 22, 2000 Sire: GLF Goliath Dam: CFE Sugar Plum, A6530
W-454K's dam is a good mother with nice size and color. She is out of Alfie who won the Iowa Velvet Competition in 1997. 
37A Bull Calf Scratch $0
37B Heifer Calf Name: Mandy    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: RJF 700 Dam: Candy 1 (Y-54), A1480
Mandy's sire is RJF 700 and her grandsire is RJF 117 who has produced more top bulls than any other line in North America. RJF 700 is the sire of the award winning Chief Dakota, who cut over 45 lbs.,  and Wooly, who cut over 36 lbs. Mandy's dam is a large framed cow and a very good mother. 
38 Heifer Calf Name: Gold's Belle    DOB: Jun 01, 2000 Sire: Gold's Image Dam: Shawny Y45
Gold's Belle is the granddaughter of Korean Gold an the daughter of Kevin and Kris Koster's Gold's Image (grandson of world-famous RJF 117). Gold's Image has Reed bloodlines on his dam's side.  Belle's dam is a daughter of King Louie who placed second in the Central Region hard antler competition as a 6 yr. old with 354 6/8 SCI score and 385 SCI this year. 
39 Heifer Calf Name: Darla    DOB: May 26, 2000 Sire: Reedson Dam: Monte's Gift (IGY-2G), A5277
Darla is the granddaugther of Reed, daughter of Reedson, who scored 449 2/8 at this year's International Competition. Darla's dam is the granddaughter of Michael-NZ, a wide 7x8, originally from  Elk-NZ Farms. 
40 Heifer Calf Name: 04    DOB: May 26, 2000 Sire: Cassius P4 Dam: 01355F
04 is sired by Cassius who is a grandson of the famous Reed. As a 10 year old, he scored an impressive 486 6/8 with 12 and 14 points. O1355F is a large cow with large hard rack background. 
41 Bull Calf Name: 02    DOB: May 25, 2000 Sire: Sako Dam: Y60, A375
02 is sired by Sako who placed first in the Central Region as a five year old and sixth International typical hard antler with a score of 373. He cut 25.6 lbs. velvet at 6 years. Sako is a son of  Winchester who is 400+ hard antler score and has cut 40+ lbs. velvet. Winchester has sired several International hard rack champions. 02's dam is a large framed 600+ lb. dark colored cow. 
42A Heifer Calf Name: 513K    DOB: Jun 16, 2000 Sire: DRK Dakota Dam: #16 White, EA0000000408
#721 D*R*K Dakota is a 3-yr-old herd sire and grandson of Dakota Pride and Reed. As a 2 yr. old, DRK Dakota scored 69.69 CWI (R), cut at 69 days. As a 3 yr. old, he is a 6x7 and unofficially scores  over 300 SCI. Three of D*R*K Dakota's half-brothers placed 1st in the North Central Regional "Breeders Three" Competition in 2000. 513K is our 4th heifer calf from #16 white. 
42B Heifer Calf Name: 515K    DOB: Jun 23, 2000 Sire: DRK Dakota Dam: 807H, A4986
515K is a granddaughter of Santee and Minn-Kota Pride. Both of these bulls are sons of Dakota Pride. 
42C Heifer Calf Name: 516K    DOB: Jun 26, 2000 Sire: DRK Dakota Dam: #3 Yellow Hans Song, A2994
516K has genetics on her dam's side back to "Hans," who has scored 428 pts. in International competition. 
43A Heifer Calf Name: Orange 7    DOB: May 01, 2000 Sire: King Louie Dam: #14 Bossy, E6583261
King Louie is an 8 yr. old bull from King Edward lineage. King Louie placed second in Central Region with 6 year antlers, 4th in mature as 7 year old. Orange 7 is DNA matched to King Louie and #14  Bossy (E6583261). 
43B Heifer Calf Name: 11    DOB: May 26, 2000 Sire: King Louie $700
43C Bull Calf Name: Orange 10    DOB: May 01, 2000 Sire: King Louie Dam: #16 Wanda, EA0000004927
Orange 10 is DNA matched to King Louie and #16 Wanda (EA0000004927). Orange 10 is large with good conformation and calm disposition. 
43D Heifer Calf Name: 13    DOB: Jun 28, 2000 Sire: King Louie $500
44 Bull Calf Name: Gotta Raise 5K    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: SHR King 26 Dam: W23
Here's your chance to purchase a future herd sire from the outstanding and well known "King". His name says it all. This calf's dam is a foundation cow from Ron Hendrickson. 
45 Heifer Calf Name: Gotta Raise 3K    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Cherry Grove Elk Ranch Sire Dam: 4YW
Gotta Raise 3K is a gentle heifer with big body size. Her dam is Y4, one of our foundation cows. Her sire is a grandson of Elmer, a Canadian bull, and is also Cherry Grove Elk Ranch's (Kenyon,  Minnesota) herdsire. This calf has been purity tested. 
46A Heifer Calf Name: RR Delight    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: Savage Dam: RR Fancy, A7756
These calves (lot 46A & 46B) are sired by a son of Winchester (who himself has thrown 40 lbs. of velvet). Savage has competed in velvet competitionsin the past and won the Iowa competition two  years in a row! Savage also competed in the regional one year and placed in the top 5. Savage's calves are not only big and producing good velvet weights, but they are heavy animals who will produce  good meat as well. 
46B Bull Calf Name: RR Pistol    DOB: Jun 27, 2000 Sire: Savage Dam: RR Silk, A7757 $450
47A Semen Name: Kicker    (1 straw)
Kicker cut 37.23 lbs. at 9 yrs. 
47B Semen Name: Cassius    (1 straw)
Cassius scored 495 3/8 in 1999. 
47C Semen Name: Dakota Pride    (1 straw)
Dakota Pride cut 40.6 lbs. at 9 yrs. 1st place 1995 at International Competition 
48A Semen Name: White Lightning    (1 straw)
White Lightning: Four years over 40 lbs. 43.68 in 1999. Sire of Bullet (36.15# @ 7-1999), Maverick (34# @ 8-1999), Jackpot (46.8# @ 6-2000), and Casino (34.69# @ 5-1999). 
48B Semen Name: Dakota Pride    (1 straw)
Dakota Pride: Cut 40.6 lbs. at 9 yrs. 1st place 1995 at International Competition. Dakota Pride is the son of RJ 117. 
49A Semen Name: Mr. Bugling Pride    (3 straws)
Mr. Bugling Pride won 1st place at the 2000 Central Region and won 3rd place at the International Competition with a typical score of 374 at 4 yrs. old. He has main beam lenghts of 59 3/8 and 56 6/8,  making him the 5th longest main beamed bull of all hard antlered bulls of the International Competition. All this at only 4 yrs. old! 
49B Semen Name: Mr. Bugling Pride    (3 straws)
Mr. Bugling Pride won 1st place at the 2000 Central Region and won 3rd place at the International Competition with a typical score of 374 at 4 yrs. old. He has main beam lenghts of 59 3/8 and 56 6/8,  making him the 5th longest main beamed bull of all hard antlered bulls of the International Competition. All this at only 4 yrs. old! 
50 Semen Name: DAK Joker    (3 straws)
Joker is one of the few sons of Geronimo (winner of 1999 International Breeders Three Sire Award - 3 yr. olds). Joker's dam is Queen of Hearts (640 lbs) a Clearstone cow, whose sire was the largest  bodied bull ever at Clearstone (shot at a hunting ranch as was never velveted). Joker is a striking 885 lb. 2 yr old - he is long, tall, dark, and gentle bull who cut 13.98 lbs. velvet and won 1st  place Iowa, 3rd place Central, and 9th place International. Joker had the lowest calcification score of any 2 yr old at the International. Joker will pass his antler genetics, size, color, and style  to your herd. His calves look great, his future looks bright! 
51 Semen Name: Dakota Drummer    (3 straws)
Dakota Drummer is the son of Cheif Dakota, 45.98 lbs. Drummer's dam is a Dakota Pride daughter. Dakota Drummer is a 700 lb. 2 yr. old who cut 16.77 lb. velvet and placed 2nd in Iowa, 4th in Central  Region, and 18th at the International Antler Competition. Drummer is one to watch. He has RJ 117 genetics top and bottom. 


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