Colorado Select Elk Sale - Denver, CO
Jan 21, 2001


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 50 $2,831 $1,100 $10,500 $141,550
Bred Cow 26 $3,098 $1,300 $10,500 $80,550
Bull 3 $4,000 $1,500 $9,000 $12,000
Bull Calf 9 $3,072 $1,400 $4,500 $27,650
Heifer Calf 12 $1,779 $1,100 $5,100 $21,350
Semen 55 $358 $100 $725 $19,700

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bull Name: Toby    DOB: Aug 10, 1993 Sire: Titan
Toby is a solid producer with a great disposition. The son of Titan, he cut 30.5@5 (10th I.V.C.), 32@6 (14th I.V.C.) and went hard antler this year scoring approx. 390. Two of five 3 yr. old sons  cut over 19# in 2000; the five 3-yr-old sons averaged 17#. He has sired 15 calves to date and was used on 18 cows in 2000. He is easy to handle, as are his calves. A great bull all the way around. 
02 Bull Name: Tag # white 9904    DOB: May 21, 1999 Sire: Chief Dakota
Here is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a breeding quality son of Chief Dakota. This spike bull was a 4X4 with 12 inch average tines. He weighed 530 lbs. on 1/14/01. Cheif Dakota has averaged  over 41 lbs. for the past 5 years and has sired many great bulls. 
03 Bull Name: Anta Suchmo    DOB: Jun 12, 1999 Sire: Czar
Anta Suchmo is a fine yearling sired by Anta Czar, a 6 yr. old son of Clearstone's Max, one of the most prolific bulls in the velvet industry. In '98 Czar cut 26.94 at 4 yrs. and was the top ranked  USA bull at the IVC. In '99 he cut 32 lbs. at 5 yrs, the 3rd ranked USA bull. His dam's sire is the sire of Max, Caesar & other champions. 
04 Heifer Calf Name: EFG Stock Girl    DOB: May 27, 2000 Sire: O P Jesse
A Jesse heifer calf is one thing, but to write a better pedigree with as much depth as Stock Girl is another thing. International Champions on both sire and dam side, with predictable genetics. Oak  Point Jess on Manitoba Weapon and Dakota Pride is the Elk World. 
05 Heifer Calf Name: Tag # 48K    DOB: May 25, 2000 Sire: King
This fine heifer is not only sired by King...her maternal brother scored 406 B&C. Her mother is a pure Manitoban weighing in at 700 lbs. She'll look great in your herd. 
06 Heifer Calf Name: Cindy    DOB: May 27, 2000 Sire: Legacy Jackpot Dam: Robin
Cindy's sire is White Lightning son Legacy Jackpot, who was the 1st 5 yr. old to break 40 lbs. He cut 46.8 at 6 and took 2nd at the IVC. Her mother, Robin, is our largest Colorado Extreme (SW  regional winner) cow. A very long, tall cow, she has excellent markings and is very showy. 
07 Heifer Calf Name: Lisa    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Legacy Casino
This is your chance to get one of the first Casino daughters to be sold. Casino (White Lightning son) cut 34 lbs. at 5 yrs., placing 2nd at the IVC in 1998 and is noted for his extremely large body,  good color, conformation and B&C scores. Lisa's mother is a daughter of CO Extreme, who cut 38.3 lbs., placing 1st in the SW. 
08 Heifer Calf Name: Zenith    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: Apex
Apex is one of the few bulls to cut over 40 lbs. at 6 yrs. This calf features not only Apex genetics but also the great Manitoba Weapon on the dam's side, making a great AI cow for many years to  come. A wonderful investment for your future! 
09 Heifer Calf Name: Kathryn    DOB: May 21, 2000 Sire: Chief Dakota
This heifer is loaded with the genetics to produce both velvet and hard antler. Colorado Extreme is the heaviest antler producer in the SW Region and Chief Dakota is one of the best bulls in North  America. Kathryn's dam is gentle & one of our best 3 yr. old cows. 
10 Heifer Calf Name: Kaitlyn    DOB: May 20, 2000 Sire: Chief Dakota
Sired by Chief Dakota, 45+ lbs., with Major Velvet as her dam's sire, this little lady is packed with antler genetics on both sides to provide you with champion offspring. She has nice color and  thick body, and she's DNA matched to her sire. We will guarantee the dam's side too! 
11 Heifer Calf Name: Tag # green A009    DOB: May 31, 2000 Sire: Smokin' Ash
A fine heifer with Reed on both sides. Sired by Smokin' Ash, a top young producer, IVC champion 4 yr. old in '99, 2nd in 2000. Her dam's sire is Admiral, son of Manitoba Weapon. She should be a  good, large cow and produce top calves for antler production. 
12 Heifer Calf Name: Tag # pink 001CRE    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Legacy Jackpot
Here is a heifer to be proud of. A daughter of Legacy Jackpot (White Lightning son) with a Geronimo dam. Look at the awards for Geronimo: 3rd in NE with 24 lbs at 3, 2nd at IVC at 4 yrs. with 29.9  lbs. Champion sire of 1999 Breeders Three, 22.97 lbs. avg. 
13 Heifer Calf Name: Tag # red 507    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: Cassius
This heifer is sired by Cassius, who moved to New Zealand, but they brought his antler to the IVC, where he scored an incredible 495 3/8. On the dam's side she has Columbo, a son of the legendary  Columbus, sire of champions. 
14 Heifer Calf Name: Bonita's Angus Girl    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Bonita's Pride
Bonita Farms is proud to offer this outstanding heifer, sired by Bonita's Pride, a Dakota Pride son who cut 27.53 lbs at 5 yrs. The dam's sire is the late great Angus, who scored 454. Here's your  chance to improve your breeding program with genetics on the top and bottom side. 
15 Heifer Calf Name: TCR Angie    DOB: May 11, 2000 Sire: Dakota Pride
Angie is a daughter of Dakota Pride, the bull that started it all. Today his offspring are top contenders everywhere. On the dam's side the genetics are the very much sought oafter top B&C  scores, in her case an impressive 427 score. If you score Angie for genetics, conformation, temper and beauty, she is almost a perfect 10. 
16 Bred Cow Name: Tag # 928J    DOB: May 27, 1999 Service Sire: Oak Pt. Jesse Sire: Manitoba Weapon
You can't go wrong with thsi bred heifer, AI'd to Oak Pt. Jesse, sired by Manitoba Weapon, and her dam's sire is Korean Gold, all 1st place International Competition Champions. 
17 Bred Cow Name: Oak Pt. Anna    DOB: May 25, 1999 Service Sire: Oak Pt. Jesse Sire: Oak Pt. Brandon
This fine heifer is a great-granddaughter of the famous Dakota Pride; a doughter of 6 yr. old IVC winner, Oak Pt. Brandon, and is guaranteed bred to the 3 yr. old IVC winner, Oak Pt. Jesse. 
18 Bred Cow Name: Tag # white 6R    DOB: May 29, 1999 Service Sire: Undeniabull Sire: King
A heifer with a tremendous background: her sire is King, 479 SCI, 1st '98 and '99 IVC. She's bred to #731, Undeniabull who was the 2000 IVC 2 yr. old typical champion at 326. His 3 yr. rack scores  approx 420, non-typical. W6R is the only cow bred to Undeniabull we will sell this year. 
19 Bred Cow Name: Tag # orange 901    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Service Sire: King Sire: Manitoba Weapon
Sired by the great Manitoba Weapon, this heifer is bred to the 50 lb King. Damn good genetics! Buy her. 
20 Bred Cow Name: Tag # blue 901    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Service Sire: Acceleration Sire: Toby
Great bloodlines here...a daughter of Toby, she is AI'd to Acceleration, a Bullwinkle son, and her dam's sire is Revolution. Take this one home with you today. 
21 Bred Cow Name: Daneille    DOB: Jul 01, 1999 Service Sire: Bullwinkle
This heifer is bred to Bullwinkle, who has proven his ability to pass on his genetics, with sons such as Acceleration, Tall Cree, High Octane and Super 8. Reed bloodlines combined with Manitoba  Weapon genetics on the dam's side will make for a really nice calf. 
22 Bred Cow Name: Tag # yellow FCR 24J    DOB: Jun 03, 1999 Service Sire: Reece's Gold Sire: Minn-Kota Pride
This big girl is a daughter of Minn-Kota Pride, who was injured this year but still managed to produce 34.89 lbs. at 8. He has proven his genetics with his offspring placing in the Breeders Three 2  years in a row. She's bred to Reece's Gold, son of Korean Gold. He cut 21.69 lbs. at 3. 
23 Bred Cow Name: Tammy    DOB: Jun 12, 1999 Service Sire: RJ700
Tammy is 3/4 sister to the top selling Colorado-raised female in the 2000 sale. She is AI bred to RJ700, sire of Chief Dakota and half-brother to Korean Gold. 
24 Bred Cow Name: Libby    DOB: Jun 02, 1999 Service Sire: Bullwinkle Sire: JKP Apache Chief
Libby is AI bred to Bullwinkle, "Sire of Sires." her sire is JKP Apache Chief, an Angus son who scored 394 at 8 and produced 32 lbs. On the dam's side she has Colorado Extreme. She is a very mild  tempered lady who will be an asset to your herd. 
25 Bred Cow Name: JME Jeri    DOB: May 24, 1999 Service Sire: JME Dancers Frost Sire: Oak Pt. Dundee
Look at the size of this heifer sired by Oak Pt. Dundee, who cut 18.6 lbs. at 3, scored 338 SCI at 4, 373 SCI at 5, and est. 390 typical 7X7 at 6. She's bred to JME Dancers Frost, who placed 4th at  the North Central Regional with 27 lbs. at 4 yrs. 
26 Bred Cow Name: Tag # black A6    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Service Sire: Max-A-Million Sire: Tommy Horn
This heifer is bred to Max-A-Million, of the famous Max line. He took first in the SW Regional in the 6 yr. old class with 39.25 lbs (CWI 119.40). Her sire, Tommy Horn is a leading bull for size and  color, Clearstone origination, and at 8 yrs. weighed 1300 lbs. 
27 Bred Cow Name: Phenom    DOB: May 12, 1996 Service Sire: Jesse Sire: CBF Stalwart
Nothing short of phenomenal, this cow is stocked full of champion bloodlines. Her sire is CBF Stalwart who scored 460+ SCI (unofficial) in 2000, sire of champions Northern Star and Bounty. Bred to  the 2000 IVC Champ OP Jesse. Genetics with a Future! 
28 Bred Cow Name: Fortune    DOB: May 01, 1995 Service Sire: Platinum Sire: CRB's Rex
Fortunate is what you will be with Fortune in your herd! This is the first time we have sold this genetic line. She weighed 724 lbs. on 8/30/00 after weaning a 214 lb. male calf. Her sire is CRB's  Rex and her dam is the mother of award winning Jethro. She is bred to our Platinum, 2000 IVC winner with 35 lbs. at 4 yrs. 
29 Bred Cow Name: Alec    DOB: May 25, 1998 Service Sire: Ace Sire: Challenger
Alec's sire, Challenger, the son of Matejcek's famous "53 1/2" Bull, sold for $15,000 at the MN First Select as a calf. She's bred to Ace, who has placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the IVC, scoring 400+  typical for four consecutive years. This is the first time a cow bred to Ace has been offered in a sale. 
30 Bred Cow Name: Proud Girl    DOB: May 25, 1998 Service Sire: SBR Durango Sire: Dakota Pride
Proud Girl is a big bodied cow sired by the famous Dakota Pride, the '95 IVC Champion with an unsurpassed record of passing on his outstanding genes. Bred to SBR Durango, who consistently places 1st  in the regionals and 2nd in the international competitions (40 lbs. in 2000, 443 unofficial). 
31 Bred Cow Name: Phantom Princess    DOB: Jun 05, 1998 Service Sire: SBR Durango Sire: Phantom 8 Dam: Betty Boop
Phantom Princess' dam, Betty Boop, is one fo my largest cows, and her sire is big Phantom 8. He has consistently placed in the top 20 bulls, with velvet cuts of 38+ lbs. She's bred to SBR Durango,  2nd Pl. at the International Hard Antler 2 yrs. in a row. 
32 Bred Cow Name: Jane    DOB: Jul 11, 1997 Service Sire: Bullwinkle
Get ready for a Bullwinkle calf from this beautiful cow, a granddaughter of Columbus. She has nice color, size, and is very gentle. Bullwinkle cut 35.6 lbs. in 1998 and is the sire of Black Gold  (43 @ 8), High Octane (29 @ 5), Super 8 (21 @ 3), etc. 
33 Bred Cow Name: JKP Brave    DOB: May 31, 1996 Service Sire: White Lightning
This is a big, dark, beautiful cow AI'd to White Lightning, a proven championship sire. She originates from Perkins Elk Ranch. A solid producer since 1998. You can expect a nice 2001 calf. 
34 Bred Cow Name: Tag # B77    DOB: May 25, 1995 Service Sire: Chino Sire: CBF Stalwart
Chino, who took 2nd Place in 2000 at the IVC with 25 lbs. at 3 yrs., bred this excellent cow. Chino's offspring will prove to be animals of predictable genetic performance. Her sire is CBF Stalwart,  who cut 37.6 at 8, and scored 463 SCI in 2000. Caprock will guarantee a live calf with a like replacement. 
35 Bred Cow Name: Bonita Lori    DOB: May 25, 1997 Service Sire: Stealth Sire: Bonita Pride
Wow! This cow is AI'd to Stealth, who scored 440 SCI. Her sire, Bonita Pride, a Dakota Pride son, cut 27 lbs. at 7, and her dam's sire, Hylander, scored over 400 this year. 
36 Bred Cow Name: Tag # green 702    DOB: May 30, 1997 Service Sire: Smonkin' Ash Sire: Minn-Kota Pride
A daughter of Minn-Kota Pride, the Dakota Pride son who took 4th in IVC Breeders Three, 1st in N. Central Breeders Three, with 3 yr. old sons averaging 21.65 lbs. She is bred to Smokin' Ash (grandson  of Bullwinkle). Dam's sire: Imperial Crockett. 
37 Bred Cow Name: Clara 1    DOB: Jun 04, 1995 Service Sire: Yukon Kudu Sire: Orange 81
Clara's sire, Orange 81, originated from Elk Valley Ranch and was their #1 indexing 4 yr. old bull. The genes of Kudu, who weighed 1237 lbs. at 9, combined with those of this large grand daughter of  Big Al, should yield a large calf with big antler potential. 
38 Bred Cow Name: Miss Kudiac    DOB: Jun 06, 1998 Service Sire: Geronimo Sire: Kudiac
Miss Kudiac is AI'd to Geronimo, one of Clearstone's premier herdsires with 402 B&C typical at 6, 31 lbs. velvet at 5, 30 lbs. at 4 (2nd place, IVC). He is a long tall big framed bull, and his  offspring tend to stand head & shoulders above the herdmates. Kudiac, her sire, is a son of Kudu, and a grandson of Elmer. 
39 Bred Cow Name: Miss Fargo Extreme    DOB: Jun 29, 1998 Service Sire: Geronimo Sire: Fargo Gold
You can't miss with this lovely cow AI'd to Geronimo, the International Champion Sire, 1999 Breeders Three 3 yr. old with an average of 22.97. Geronimo calves tend to be big, standing up to 6" above  their herdmates. Her sire is Fargo Gold, International winner in 1996. She'll make a great addition to your herd. 
40 Bred Cow Name: Nicki    DOB: Jun 02, 1997 Service Sire: Bullwinkle Sire: Mr. Wolf
Nicki is a beautiful gentle cow originating from Leroux Creek Elk Ranch. She is a granddaughter of Wolfgang and a daughter of Mr. Wolf, who scored 392 typical at 7 yrs. AI bred to Bullwinkle, she  will produce a great calf for you. 
41 Bred Cow Name: Tag # yellow 810    DOB: Jun 11, 1995 Service Sire: Clearstone Jack Sire: Arnold
Check out this female sired by Arnold, who placed 3rd in the 2000 SW Competition with 386 B&C at 8. At 5yrs. he cut 31 lbs., 6 yrs. 33.7, and 34.3 at 7. She is bred to Clearstone Jack, who is a  half brother to award winners Ludwig and Geronimo. 
42 Bred Cow Scratch $0
43 Bull Calf Name: Prince II    DOB: May 24, 2000 Sire: King
This bull calf was sired by King, the only bull ever to win the IVC and the hard horn competition. His dam's sire, Korean Gold, was the 1st bull in North America to break the 50 lb. cut. 50X50.  This is a twin bull calf, they are both the same size, and Twin Creek is his brother's home. 
44 Bull Calf Name: Bull Run Gold    DOB: May 31, 2000 Sire: Ludwig
Bull Run Gold = Antler Power and Sire Power! On the dam's side he has 479 SCI in King, with 50.1 lbs. of velvet, 27 cm. dia. On the sire's side he has Ludwig's 476 SCI & 35 lbs. of velvet with  25.5 cm. dia. Our best son of Ludwig, a 1300 lb bull, he has his disposition, size and dark color. 
45 Bull Calf Name: Chase-DK    DOB: Jun 07, 2000 Sire: Ace Dam: Chama
Chase-DK is our largest and most gentle bull calf. His dam is Chama, a gentle cow whose sire is ACE, the 2nd Pl. IVC winner with 444 typical. She was line bred back to Ace. This is the first time a  bull calf out of Ace is offered for sale. 
46 Bull Calf Name: EFG Hot Brand    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Brandon
Sired by Oak Point Brandon, 1st Pl. IVC winner wth 46 lbs. at 6, Hot Brand is my heaviest bull calf. Built much like Brandon, thick, tall and growing fast. Napoleon and Keystone on the dam's side  give eye appeal & a history of great velvet and B&C scores. 
47 Bull Calf Name: Sir Kevin Gold    DOB: Jun 03, 2000 Sire: Korean Gold
This magnificent large dark bull calf has winning genetics on both sides of his pedigree. His sire is Korean Gold, of the RJF 117 bloodline, who won the I.V.C. mature class 2 out of 3 past years,  cutting over 50 lbs. His dam is out of the trophy bull Big Al, who has scored 400+ B&C for several years. 
48 Bull Calf Name: Tag # pink 007 CRE    DOB: Jun 04, 2000 Sire: Legacy Starbuck
Sire: Legacy Starbuck, Dam's Sire: Maxswell. A Starbuck son backed up to the most proven line in the industry-Max! This is a "can't miss" herdsire. 
49 Bull Calf Name: ACF Thunder    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: White Lightning
White Lightning has been one of the most proven herdsires. His lifetime semen production has now been capped. This calf features not only his bloodlines but also the famous Columbus/King Edward  (B&C 447 unofficial) line. Don't miss this one! 
50 Bull Calf Name: PHE Cedar    DOB: May 21, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Brandon
PHE Cedar comes from 2 large-bodied, big-antlered bloodlines. His sire is this year's 6 yr. old IVC Champion, Oak Point Brandon, who is a 1200+ lb. bull. Cedar's dam's sire, Jake, was a trophy bull  at the Yellowstone Game Ranch at Sydney, MT. He scored 427 as an 8 yr. old, was a 7X7, and weighed 1200 lbs. 
51 Bull Calf Scratch $0
52 Bull Calf Name: Tag # 009 green    DOB: May 21, 2000 Sire: Monitoba Stealth
Manitoba Stealth sired this fine bull calf. Stealth is a Reed son who scored 440 B&C at 5 yrs. On the dam's side you have Elk Valley Ranch's top indexing bull 81 Orange. Go for it! 
53 Semen Name: SBR Durango    (5 straws)
If you want genetics that produce good velvet and Boone & Crockett scores - this bull's for you! He has placed second in the International in both 1999, 390 typical at 5 and in 2000, 402 typical  at 6. His 7 yr. rack is 443 typical unofficial. His large beam mass means this is an excellent dual purpose breeding bull. 
54 Semen Name: Minn-Kota Pride    (5 straws)
Minn-Kota Pride, a son of Dakota Pride, was injured this year but still managed to cut 34.89 lbs. as an eight year old. He has proven his genetics with his offspring placing in the Breeders Three  International Competition two years in a row. In 2000 his offspring placed 1st in the NC Competition and 4th in the International Breeders Three 3 year old with an average wt. of 21.65 lbs. 
55 Semen Name: Platinum    (5 straws)
Wild-N-Wooly Acres' genetics by design has allowed Platinum to be the heaviest 4 yr. old to date at 35.19 lbs. He won the 2000 Intl. Championship and the 1998 Intl. Championship at 2 with 15.87 lbs.  He combines the massive tops of the Manitoban with the colossal beams from our Rocky Mts. Don't miss this opportunity to add Proven, Predictable Genetics...Genetics with a future. This lot includes  2 free straws. (total of 7 straws) 
56 Semen Name: Bullwinkle    (5 straws)
Bullwinkle is a son of Reed and has a very impressive production record, having produced over 35 lbs., but his ability to pass genetics is his real strong point. Sons of Bullwinkle include Taurus,  Black Gold, Sioux, Acceleration, Tall Cree, High Octane and more top production bulls. Use Bullwinkle's proven ability to transmit genetics for heavy velvet weights and long tines for high scoring  hard antler racks. 
57 Semen Name: Clearstone Jack    (5 straws)
Clearstone Jack took 4th in the International when he was 7 with a B&C of 422. In 2000 as an 8 yr. old he scored 423. He has an excellent temperament. He weighs 1190 lbs. and is a half brother  to Ludwig and Geronimo. His velvet cuts are: 13.5 @ 2, 19.3 @ 3, 25.3 @ 4, 28.7 @ 5 and 31.8 @ 6. This lot comes with 100% guarantee. 
58 Semen Name: Stalwart    (5 straws)
Sire of 2 - 1st place winners. Also with a new world record 5 yr. old son, Bounty, who produced 40.9 lbs. at 5 years. Stalwart cut 37.6 lbs as an 8 yr, old and scored 463 SCI in 2000. A bull proven  to pass superior genetics. Four of his eight '95 sons were at the finals, all cutting 29.25 - 40.9 lbs. 
59 Semen Name: Ludwig    (5 straws)
Ludwig was second in the 2000 International Competition by 1/8 inch, scoring 476 6/8. He cut 35 lbs of velvet in 1998. Demonstrating that he does pass on his genetics, Ludwig placed second in the  1999 International Velvet Competition in the Breeders Three with three 3 year old sons averaging 20.86 lbs of velvet. Must blood test at 45 days for guarantee. This lot comes with 80% guarantee. 
60 Semen Name: Colorado Extreme    (5 straws)
Little introduction is needed on Colorado Extreme - the bull who consistently produces the heaviest velvet in his age category, winner of the SW Region mature class with 38.33 lbs and a SCI score of  397 4/8. His offspring are showing great promise and placing well in competitions. His genetics are sure to complement your genetic line. All this in a more southern area....just think of the  possibilities he may have further north. 
61 Semen Name: King    (5 straws)
Look no farther than King for the heaviest velvet cuts and the highest hard antler scoring! King is a very calm, easy to work bull, and these traits carry over to his calves. King daughters make  excellent AI candidates. King sons are not aggressive and are easy to handle at velveting. 
62 Semen Name: Starbuck    (5 straws)
Starbuck has consistently been at the head of the class in velvet competitions: 47.13 lbs @ 7 yrs., 3rd International, 47.79 lbs. @ 6 yrs., Gold International, 35.50 lbs. @5 yrs., Gold International.  Starbuck, a Rocky Mountain elk, weighs 1100+ lbs. and has sired several 2 year old sons who have cut over 15 lbs. 
63 Semen Name: Ace    (5 straws)
Ace is an amazing bull. He has produced hard antler scores over 400 typical the last four years. These include 418 typical in '98, 423 typical in '99 and 444 typical in 2000. This has earned him  3rd, 4th and 2nd at the International Competitions. Come to the sale and see the incredible size of these antlers, you won't believe it until you see it. 


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