Minnesota Select Quality Elk Sale - Cannon Falls, MN
Mar 03, 2001


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 68 $2,153 $500 $7,500 $146,450
Bred Cow 41 $2,028 $550 $5,700 $83,150
Bull 1 $6,300 $6,300 $6,300 $6,300
Bull Calf 12 $2,408 $500 $4,500 $28,900
Heifer Calf 14 $2,007 $550 $7,500 $28,100
Semen 57 $311 $50 $675 $17,750

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bull Calf Name: Jesse's Image    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: Y-505
Here is a son of a 2-time International Champion Oak Point Jesse. No other animal has ever produced 30+ lbs. of velvet as a 3-year-old. Jesse is a son of Oak Point Eli and a paternal grandson of  Alsager’s Walter and a great-grandson of Alsager’s Angus. These bulls are all proven performers. 10K is a big, square bodied animal like his father, whose genetics have proven themselves to follow  from past generations. His dam, Y-505, is one of our most outstanding cows and she has produced some of our top velveting bulls on the farm. Here is the next sire of the new generation to come in the  elk industry 
02 Bred Cow Name: 17J    DOB: Jun 08, 1999 Service Sire: Golden Super Star Sire: Bulls Eye Dam: Y512
Here is a daughter of Bulls Eye. He is a 2-time International typical hard antler finisher with an SCI in 1999 of 428 3/8 and a 2nd place. He also had an SCI of 423 2/8 in 2000 with a 3rd place at  Internationals. She is bred to a Korean Gold son, Golden Super Star, a very superb spike with a large body and heavy spikes. His mother, Y513, is out of the biggest cow on the farm. Y513 is a  granddaughter of Winchester and a daughter of Remington. Here is a chance to put Korean Gold, Winchester, Bulls Eye, and Remington genetics in your herd at one time. 
03 Bull Calf Name: Jesses James    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: Jesse Dam: Fergie
This fine, young herd sire prospect is out of the biggest cow we own. Fergie is a Major Velvet daughter and pushes the 700 lb. mark. James’ sire is Jesse, the 2-time International champion. 
04 Bred Cow Name: Naomi    DOB: May 22, 1999 Service Sire: Clearstone's Ceasar II Sire: Wapiti Ridge Rudiger Dam: Nioni
Naomi is our best ‘99 heifer. She is sired by Rudiger, our fine young son of “Rudy.” Rudiger was an impressive 8x8 as a 5-year-old this year scoring 372 SCI. Naomi’s dam goes back to Michel genetics  and carries on the tremendous Winchester line. She is guaranteed bred natural service to Clearstone’s Ceasar II who now resides at Wapiti Ridge. Ceasar II sired a breeders 3 champion in the southwest  and also “Prodigee” who was the heaviest 3-year-old in the world in ‘99. Prodigee was moved this year and still was a 30 lb. 4-year-old. Ceasar II will pass his genetics onto this calf. Ceasar II was  21.6 at 3 and 36# at 6 years. In 1997 Ceasar II was 2nd Int’l. 
05 Bull Name: 904CRE    DOB: May 27, 1999 Sire: Bounty Dam: C-330
A son of the new 40# world record 5-year-old Bounty with outstanding velvet and B&C score. Now add Geronimo on the dam’s side. This brings together two proven bloodlines with a track record that’s  second to none. 
06 Bred Cow Name: 912CRE    DOB: Jun 06, 1999 Service Sire: Oak Point Jesse Sire: Stalwart Dam: B-1
Here is a young heifer to take a close look at. A proven sire in Stalwart crossed with a sire that produced at 28.7# 3-year-old. Now add a 33# 3-year-old in Jesse. 
07 Bred Cow Name: W-804    DOB: Jun 01, 1998 Service Sire: Ludwig Sire: King 26 Dam: W-504
804 is the daughter of the infamous King. King’s statistics are well known and speak for themselves. Her dam, W-504, is from Roger Procks and is the daughter of Big A1, SCI score 428. 804 is naturally  bred to Ludwig. She was palpated on 12/15/00. Her calf will have fantastic genetics; SCI scores of King 479x50 lbs. of velvet, Ludwig SCI 476x35 lbs. of velvt, and Big A1 SCI 428. This is a huge  opportunity to improve your herd with a King daughter, and her calf could be your new herd sire. 
08 Bull Calf Name: Oak Point Alexander    DOB: May 31, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: 501 OR
This is the first Jesse offspring to be offered by Oak Point Elk Farm. With Angus and Walter in his background, what could be better? 
09 Bull Calf Name: Indy    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: Nikki
No questions on this one! This bull calf comes “Gold” with fine genetics. His sire is the famous Oak Point Jesse, whose name alone speaks for itself. Jesse cut 19.48 lbs. at 2 and 33.04 lbs. at 3,  taking 1st place in the International Velvet Competition. The dam, a 600 lb. cow, is sired by Sir Walter. Sir Walter originated from the Kevin Holt herd, with possible genetics of Claude’s father.  This bull calf shows excellent velvet potential. Emerald Ridge is a TB free and a CWD Level B monitored herd. Boarding negotiable. 
10 Heifer Calf Name: EFG 500    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: EW20
There isn’t another bull like Oak Point Jesse and the same can be said about this heifer calf. With RJ John Boy and Dakota Pride on the dam’s side, this heifer has the potential to produce the next  generation of champions. Enrolled in the CWD Surveillance Program (Level B) starting 2-10-99. 
11 Bull Calf Name: EFG Musk-Ox    DOB: May 30, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Brandon Dam: Manitoban Queen
46.48 lbs. of velvet on the sire and still is more potential for Oak Point Brandon. On the dam’s side is Scenic Keystone, scoring 438 6/8 SCI, 10th place International competition in 2000. Lot of  genetics in EFG Musk-Ox; put these characteristics to work for you. Boarded at Elk Forever Genetics. Enrolled in the CWD Surveillance Program (Level B) starting 2-10-99. 
12 Heifer Calf Name: PVR Keeper    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: King 26 Dam: T139
Keeper’s maternal sister was high selling calf at the Minot, ND 1998 sale. Her two maternal brothers sold 1st and 2nd high at the St. Joseph Mission Sale in 1999 and 2000. This is your chance to buy  from a proven track record. 
13 Bred Cow Name: Sheila    DOB: Sep 22, 1999 Service Sire: O.P. Jesse Sire: Jethro Dam: 719
Wow! Look at these stacked genetics. A Jethro out of a Weapon, bred to Jesse. Three multi year international velvet winners. Look at this one. 
14 Bred Cow Name: CV Miracle    DOB: May 29, 1999 Service Sire: Cedar Valley Smoke Sire: Cedar Valley Elvis Dam: Cokey
Bred to a son of King. Miracle is approximately 50% Matejcek’s 53-1/2. The sire’s side is Elvis, an Alvin Johnson bull. Elvis velveted 23 lbs. as a 3-year-old - unofficially. She is bred to Cedar  Valley Smoke, an AI spiker, a son of King. You will receive one straw of White Lightening if you do not get a calf. 
15 Bull Calf Name: R.R.F. Rock's Cash    DOB: May 20, 2000 Sire: Cassius P4 Dam: Rock's Lois
Rock’s Cash is DNA verified and Gold Registered. He is one of the few Cassius sons being offered for sale. Cassius, a New Zealand bull, who is known for his impressive antler scores, scored 486 6/8 as  a 10-year-old in 1999. Cassius is a syndicated bull and is the grandson of the great Reed bull. DNA verified, Cash’s mother is very tall, dark and our best heifer weighing 638 lbs. She is gentle, easy  to handle and an excellent mother. Her sire, 5841, from the Johnson herd, cut 32.10 lbs. as a 5-year-old. Our entire herd is Gold Registered. At time of sale we will be 3 years CWD. Vaccination:  9-way, 7-way, tet. toxoid and wormed. 
16 Bred Cow Name: WWA APB    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Service Sire: Platinum Sire: WWA Apex Dam: WWA 318 Yellow
Apex Platinum Brutus has it all! APB’s sire is the ‘99 Int’l champion, Apex. Apex was the only 6-year-old bull in the US to cut +40 lbs. that was born and raised on the same farm. In 2000, Apex scored  a +400 B&C (unofficial). In 2001, Apex is looking to cut +50 lbs. APB’s dam is one of the finest cows on our farm. This cow has produced some of our top males and females. APB's dam is a daughter of  our WWA Brutus. He is one of our best proven sires, placing 2nd only to Weapon in the ‘97 NE competition with 38.29 lbs. WWA Brutus not only has given us several breeding cows, but has also sired  competition winners Brutus II, Eliminator, Mr. Machn. Brutus is also a grandsire to Beamer, the heaviest 2-year-old to date. And to continue, APB’s champion lineage, she is naturally bred to our 
17 Bred Cow Name: Crystal    DOB: May 30, 1998 Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Roy Dam: Andrea
#38 Crystal is the daughter of Roy, who has excellent body conformation and weighs over 1100 lbs. Roy cut 33.8 lbs. of velvet as a 6-year-old. Crystal is blood tested pregnant to Cassius who is the  world’s highest scoring bull (over 500 hard horn). She has proven to be an excellent mother this past spring and she will be a great asset to any herd. 
18 Heifer Calf Name: Sally    DOB: Jun 06, 2000 Sire: Steel Blue 223 Dam: Susy
Don’t miss this opportunity to add Steel Blue 223 genetics to your herd. Sally is a large-framed heifer and the DNA-proven daughter of Steel Blue 223. Steel placed 4th in the 2000 International  competition 3-year-old hard horn class. Her grandfather, Iron Bull, was the first bull to break the 400+ SCI barrier as a 3-year-old. In 1999 his SCI score was 466 1/8. Sally’s dam was purchased from  the Matejcek herd. Her genetics relate back to the Savage line. 
19 Heifer Calf Name: Gypsy    DOB: May 23, 2000 Sire: Chief Dakota Dam: Jenny
Gypsy will be a great addition to your herd - large body, good temperament, and proven genetics on both sides. She is the DNA-proven daughter of Chief Dakota, who has consistently passed on his  genetics to his offspring, including several award winning sons. Gypsy’s dam is one of our foundation cows, sired by Thunder Head, who has produced several 400+” SCI sons, including Thunder Bolt, who  placed 1st in 5-year-old Hard Horn International Competition. 
20 Bred Cow Name: Rosalyn    DOB: May 27, 1996 Service Sire: Korean Gold Sire: Rudy Dam: Rosy #307
Rosalyn (604) is bred to Korean Gold. Rosalyn is the daughter of Rudy, who has won several velvet awards and his 8-year-old hard rack scored 402 6/8 official. Rosalyn’s dam is an IKR 455 Baxter  daughter. Rosalyn’s 1999 bull calf, out of Korean Gold, was the highest selling lot at the 1999 Iowa Calf Sale selling for $8,500. This year Rosalyn has again been successfully bred to Korean Gold.  Korean Gold is a 4-time Int’l Velvet Champion including his current mature class title. This is consistency that is unmatched in the industry. Every year we bring one of our absolute best, so  congratulations to the successful bidder. 
21 Heifer Calf Name: Kate    DOB: May 24, 2000 Sire: Cassius Dam: Ella 149
Kate, #06, is a daughter of Cassius. Kate’s dam, #149, tips the scales at 630 lbs. and has raised an excellent calf as a result of AI breeding for 4 years in a row. Kate’s sire, Cassius, is a New  Zealand bull with an impressive antler score of 495 6/8 as a 10-year-old. Cassius’s offspring are fancy, dark colored animals. Cassius has been tested pure elk by two separate testing facilities. Kate  will be DNA tested and Gold registered. 
22 Bred Cow Scratch $0
23 Bull Calf Scratch $0
24 Heifer Calf Name: LVR22K    DOB: May 22, 2000 Sire: Cassius Dam: Y642
Very nice heifer calf. A great addition to any herd. Solid genetic background! 
25 Bull Calf Name: PHE Prince William    DOB: May 17, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Brandon Dam: PHE Diana Y003
Looking for great velvet weights, large body size and a different bloodline/combination for your herd? PHE Prince William has that potential. This calf’s sire is the International 6-year Velvet  Champion, Oak Point Brandon, known for his large body size and great velvet weights. Prince William’s dam, Diana, is the daughter of Duchess, a large 650 lb. cow. She came to us as a calf from  Corbett’s Yellowstone Game Ranch near Sydney, Montana. Her sire was their trophy bull, Jake, who scored 427 as an 8-year-old. Jake was a 7x7 bull and weighed approx. 1200 lbs. 
26 Heifer Calf Name: SBF Rose    DOB: Jun 18, 2000 Sire: SBF Brutus Dam: Orange 157
SBF Rose is one of our top 2000 heifer calves. Her sire is SBF Brutus, who is a son of Ryan Clark’s John Boy. Her dam is a daughter of KEF Major Velvet. SBF Rose has the B&C genetic background and  velvet background. Add her genetics to your herd. 
27 Bred Cow Name: KDE Esther    DOB: Jun 15, 1998 Service Sire: Smokin Gold Sire: 6W Dam: 42W
Esther is a well proportioned heifer out of a 700 lb. Matejcek cow, related to 421 and 53 1/2. Her large, dark sire, W-6, is from the Hans Spies Canadian herd and cut 25.5 lbs. at age 5  (unofficially). She is bred to Smokin Gold, an excellent multi-tined spiker who cut 15.62 lbs. at age 2 in the NC competition. Smokin Gold has 40x50 lb. (Charlie and Korean Gold) velveting genetics,  Charlie cut over 40 lbs. twice and has proven his ability to pass his genetics to his offspring. Korean Gold cut 50 lbs. and was crowned international champion on four occasions. Esther has  exceptional genetics and is gold registered. This cow/calf will be an excellent addition to anyone’s farm who is seeking superior genetics. 
28 Bred Cow Name: Erna Mate Dietrick    DOB: Jun 15, 1999 Service Sire: Smokin Gold Sire: White 6 Dam: White 42
Erna is a well proportioned heifer out of a 700 lb. Matejcek cow, related to 421 and 53 1/2. Her large, dark sire, W-6, is from the Hans Spies Canadian herd and cut 25.5 lbs. at age 5 (unofficially).  She is bred to Smokin Gold, an excellent multi-tined spiker who cut 15.62 lbs. at age 2 in the NC competition. Smokin Gold has 40x50 lb. (Charlie and Korean Gold) velveting genetics, Charlie cut over  40 lbs. twice and has proven his ability to pass his genetics to his offspring. Korean Gold cut 50 lbs. and was crowned international champion on four occasions. Erna has exceptional genetics and is  gold registered. This cow/calf will be a tremendous addition to anyone’s farm who is seeking superior genetics. 
29 Bred Cow Name: 416 Red    DOB: Jul 19, 1996 Service Sire: Jackpot Sire: Big Red Dam: Oak Point 305
416 is a large framed cow and excellent mother. She is AI confirmed bred to Jackpot, 2nd place winner 6-year-old 2000 International Velvet Competition. 1st place 5-year-old 1999 International. Jackpot  is the son of White Lightning, a consistent 40+ lb. bull. Boarding available. 
30 Bred Cow Name: Lula    DOB: May 19, 1996 Service Sire: White Lightening Sire: Big Red Dam: 2 Orange
Lula is AI confirmed bred to White Lightning. White Lightning is a consistent 40+ lb. bull who is known for passing on his genetics. His sons include Jackpot, Maverick, Bullet, Flashback, Casino, etc.  Here’s a chance to put some White Lightning in your herd. Boarding available. 
31 Bull Calf Name: 98K    DOB: May 27, 2000 Sire: 25W Charlie Dam: Blue 226
98K is sired by Charlie, the 1999 International Champion in the mature class (441 6/8 SCI typical) and 4th place finisher in the mature velvet class in 1997 (42.15 lbs. 130.59 CWI). 98K's dam is an  Iron Bull daughter. Iron Bull’s stats - 3rd mature non-typical 1999 (466 1/8 SCI) and scoring an unofficial 477 3/8 SCI points on this year’s rack. Looking back one more generation in 98K's pedigree  reveals another 400+ scoring bull, Patterson’s Wide One. 
32 Bred Cow Name: WREF Katy    DOB: May 22, 1999 Service Sire: Phantom Sire: Y60 Dam: Katrina
TB and Brucellosis accredited herd 1-25-01. Katy is a nice, large heifer out of Katrina, AI to Phantom. Phantom placed 13th in Int’l competition in the mature division in 2000 with 38.8 lbs. Katrina  is a very gentle cow that gives large framed calves. With the good size of Katy and bred to 38+ genetics, Katy will make a good addition to any herd. Will give a free straw of Phantom semen if calf  does not DNA to Phantom. Closed herd since 1/31/2000. Katy can go North Dakota. Y60 is a nice Hoehne Bros. bull - unofficial. About 350 as a 4-year-old. 
33 Bred Cow Name: Penny #9    DOB: Jun 04, 1996 Service Sire: King Sire: Mack Dam: Tinker Bell
3RE is a closed herd, and gold registered. Penny #9 is AI’d to the great bull King (by Dr. Zebarth). #9 has Manitoban Ike 22 on the top and bottom along with Major Velvet on her dam’s side. Yukon  Keno, our impressive 7x7 2-year-old, a direct son of Yukon Elmer from Danny Nolan’s Yukon Game Farm, is the backup bull. 
34 Bred Cow Name: Mamie G12J    DOB: Jun 17, 1999 Service Sire: Yukon Keno Sire: Flipside Dam: Maggie
3RE is a closed herd. Mamie G12J is pregnant and gold registered. G12J is a granddaughter of the great bull Napoleon. Mamie is natural bred to Yukon Keno, our impressive 7x7 2-year-old from Danny  Nolan’s Yukon Game Farm. Yukon Keno is a direct son of the renowned Yukon Elmer, the ‘98 International Hard Horn Champion. 
35 Bred Cow Name: FCR 23J    DOB: Jun 02, 1999 Service Sire: Denali Sire: Reece's Gold Dam: A2139
FCR 23J is a daughter of Reece’s Gold. FCR 23J is the first daughter of Reece’s Gold to be offered for sale. Reece’s Gold is a direct son of Korean Gold, the 4-time Int’l Champion Mature class. The  dam of FCR 23J is a Minn-Kota Pride daughter. Minn-Kota is a direct son of Dakota Pride, also an International Champion. FCR 23J is bred to Denali. Denali is a 4-year-old son of Santee, who is also a  son of Dakota Pride. Denali cut 30.26 lbs. velvet as a 4-year-old and was the 3rd place winner at the North Central Velvet Competition. His CWI was 103.37, and 1st place was 103.52. Denali was backed  up by FCR 717, a member of the Breeders Three 3-year-old class winner cutting 24.10 lbs. A live calf is guaranteed or a straw of semen. 
36 Bred Cow Name: FCR 9J    DOB: May 26, 1999 Service Sire: Reece's Gold Sire: Minn-Kota Pride Dam: Lilly Bell
FCR 9J is a daughter of Minn-Kota Pride. Minn-Kota Pride scored 416 SCI as a 7-year-old and cut 34.89# (injured) as an 8-year-old. He has proven his genetics with his offspring placing in the Breeders  Three Int’l Velvet Competition 2 yrs. in a row. In 2000 his offspring won the North Central competition and placed 4th at the Int’l Breeders Three 3-year-old class with an average weight of 21.65#.  FCR 9J is bred to Reece’s Gold, a direct son of Korean Gold, a 4-time winner of the Int’l Velvet Competition. Reece’s Gold cut 21.69# velvet as a 3-year-old. Reece’s Gold was backed up by FCR 717, a  member of the Breeders Three. FCR 717 cut 24.10# as a 3-year-old placing 4th in the 2000 Int’l Velvet Competition. FCR 9J was blood tested positive by bio-tracking. Live calf guaranteed or a straw of 
37 Bred Cow Name: Carnation    DOB: Jun 02, 1999 Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Clearstone - Max II Dam: Clearstone - Gypsy #671
Daughter of Clearstone’s Max II, 2000 Int’l winner of mature non-typical, plus winner in both Breeders 3 2-year-old and Breeders 3 3-year-old. Dam comes from three generation Clearstone breeding. AI  bred to Cassius SCI 495 3/8 in 1999. DNA matched to Reed. Backup bull - Captain Morgan, coming 3-year-old son of Dakota Pride cut 12 lbs. at 2 years. This heifer has it all! 
38 Bred Cow Name: YE 905    DOB: May 21, 1999 Service Sire: Tall Tree Sire: Wichita Dam: WWM Y10
YE 905’s sire is Wichita, scored 386 typical. Dam is a tall 600 lb. cow. 905 is bred to Tall Tree, 1999 3-year-old International Non-Typical Champion, 2000 International 4-year-old typical 4th place.  Tall Tree’s 5-year-old rack green scores over 400 typical and weighed 39 lbs. 
39 Bred Cow Name: YE 906    DOB: May 28, 1999 Service Sire: Tall Tree Sire: Wichita Dam: WWM Y23
YE 906’s sire is Wichita, scored 386 typical. Dam is a 600 lb. Michel’s cow 906 is bred to Tall Tree, 1999 3-year-old International Non-Typical Champion; 2000 International 4-year-old typical 4th  place. Tall Tree’s 5-year-old rack green scores over 400 typical and weighed 39 lbs. 
40 Bred Cow Name: Sandy Jo    DOB: May 25, 1999 Service Sire: Son of Oak Point Brandon Sire: Oak Point Eli Dam: Cassie
Sandy Jo is a large, easy going heifer. She is a half-sister to Oak Point Jesse. Her mother is a granddaughter of Major Velvet. Sandy Jo is bred to a son of Oak Point Brandon, an International Velvet  Competition winner. This 2-year-old shows a lot of promise cutting 13 lbs. If you want size, temperament and velvet potential don’t pass this girl up. 
41 Bred Cow Name: Indian Hills Liberty    DOB: May 27, 1999 Service Sire: Smokin' Ash Sire: Dexter 426 Dam: Natalie E07
Liberty is bred to Smokin’ Ash (37.47 lbs. and 128.54 CWI at 5 yrs.). She is sired by Dexter (40.58 lbs. and 121.46 CWI at 6 yrs.). Both of these bulls show well year after year at International  competitions. Now we are starting to see topnotch offspring too. Dexter is the sire of Esquire (1st place International 20.80 lbs. at 2 yrs.) and Cliffhanger (4th place International 15.90 lbs. at 2  yrs.). To top it off, Liberty’s dam was Clearstone bred and sired by Sherman (36 lbs+). An excellent genetic package. 
42 Heifer Calf Scratch $0
43 Bred Cow Name: MEC Anastasia    DOB: Jun 19, 1999 Service Sire: Tool Man Sire: Norman Dam: Andreha
Anastasia is a third generation animal on the MN Elk Co. Ranch. She is a daughter of our bull, Norman. Norman is a Clearstone bred son of Samson giving her excellent velvet genetics to the sire's  side. She is bred to one of the heaviest 4-year-old bulls in North America this year. Tool Man cut over 30 lbs. of velvet at 4 years of age and placed 2nd in the North Central Region with a CWI of  103.44. The backup bull is a Dakota Pride line. If the calf does not DNA to Tool Man I will provide one replacement straw of Tool Man semen. 
44 Heifer Calf Name: K10    DOB: Jun 20, 2000 Sire: D3 Dam: Grand Pride
K10 is one great heifer - Chief Dakota on sire’s side, Dakota Pride on the dam’s side. She is a 590 lb. cow, very dark and easy to work. 
45 Heifer Calf Name: K6    DOB: Jun 05, 2000 Sire: D6 Dam: D-13
K6 has Chief Dakota on sire’s side and Reed and Rush Johnson bloodlines on dam’s side. She is a 600 lb. cow, very easy to work. 
46 Bred Cow Name: Kristi Y606    DOB: May 01, 1996 Service Sire: Bulls Eye Y82 Sire: Winchester Dam: Y31
Y606 is a daughter of Winchester, whose genetics are proven to produce large body conformation, large velvet and large hard antler. Winchester sons, Marksman W21 and Rifleman W6 placed 1st and 2nd at  North Central and International Hard Antler Competition. Y606 is bred to Bulls Eye Y82, who placed 1st in hard antler competition SCI 428 3/8. She will add excellent genetics to anyone's elk herd. 
47 Bred Cow Name: Pearl    DOB: May 15, 1996 Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Rudy Dam: J.C.
Pearl’s sire is Strodtman’s award winning Rudy. Dam is Alsagen J.C., sired by IKR Kojax 538. Pearl was AI’d to Cassius on 9/16/00, confirmed bred to Cassius on 10/26/00 by ultra sound. Cassius scored  an SCI of 495 3/8 in 1999. Cassius is DNA matched to Reed. 400x400, will asset any herd. Buyers of our animals have been very satisfied customers. 
48 Bred Cow Name: Elsie    DOB: May 28, 1995 Service Sire: Brandon Sire: NW 22 Ike Manitoban Dam: Oak Point Miss Minot 52
Black Oak introduces you to Elsie. She is one of our top cows having already produced four calves. This year she is bred to Oak Point Brandon, this year’s International 6-year-old Champion. Brandon  cut 46.48 lbs. of velvet. Elsie produces large calves and is a very good mother. Combining these genetics is a win-win situation for any farm. 
49 Bull Calf Name: Bumper    DOB: May 20, 2000 Sire: Dakota Pride Dam: Eve
Genetic lines are the key to every elk producer’s herd. This year, Black Oak Country presents “Bumper.” Bumper’s dam is a daughter of Ike. She consistently produces large offspring with Bumper being  no different. Dakota Pride is the sire of Bumper. This makes him a 3/4 brother of our own Dakota Pride bull, Elkota. This lineage led to Elkota’s 4th place honors in this year’s North Central Velvet  Competition for 3-year-olds with a weight of 22.66 lbs. of velvet. Elkota’s body weight is at 1,020 lbs. The genetics that Bumper carries are sure to add quality to any herd. 
50 Bred Cow Name: Megan    DOB: Jun 09, 1998 Service Sire: King Sire: Kong Dam: EA0000002905
Confirmed pregnant to King the #1 bull in North America. W-08 was sired by Kong who at age 5 was a beautiful 7x7. On the dam’s side W-08 goes back to Rocky from the Heins Elk Ranch. 
51 Heifer Calf Name: Oak Creek Annie    DOB: May 09, 2000 Sire: Apex Dam: Yellow 301
Oak Creek Annie is DNA verified as an Apex daughter and gold registered. Annie’s sire is the 1999 International Champion 6-year-old Apex. Apex cut 41.66 lbs. velvet in 1999 and is one of only three  bulls to cut 40+ lbs. at 6 years old. In 2000 Apex was grown out in hard rack and scored over 400+ B&C score, and proves the great multipurpose ability these genetics can add to your herd. Annie's  mother is a 600 lb. + huge cow purchased from Pat Cooper’s herd. She is an excellent mother combining excellent genetics with Apex and her sire Rex. Rex, now dead, won 1st place in the 1997 MN hard  rack class. Annie will be a great addition to any fine herd. 
52 Bull Calf Scratch $0
53 Heifer Calf Name: Jessica    DOB: Jun 06, 2000 Sire: Starlight Dam: 521
Take a close look at this pedigree. Here is a heifer that is stacked with a proven background on both sides three generations deep. This is a rare find. Boarding available. 
54 Bred Cow Name: KJW 943    DOB: Jun 04, 1999 Service Sire: Smokin' Ash Sire: Northern Magnum Dam: Lindsey 2
943 is one of our nicest heifers. Her mother is a 600# cow from Hoehne Bros. Her father is Northern Magnum. Magnum is a beautiful, large bodied bull. He weighs 1100 lbs. pre-rut and cut 32.42 this  year with a CWI 106.59. Magnum has cut over 30 lbs. for the last 5 years. His daughters are excellent mothers. 943 was AI bred to Smokin’ Ash 10-6-00. Smokin’ Ash was International 4-year-old champion  in 1999 with a cut of 33.48 lbs. He was second place International 5-year-old in 2000 cutting 37.47. 943 will make an excellent addition to your herd. Her Smokin’ Ash calf may even be your next herd  sire. Closed herd since November 1998. 
55 Bred Cow Name: KJW 934    DOB: May 23, 1999 Service Sire: Solid Gold Sire: Master Dam: KJW Alli
934 is one of our nicest 1999 heifers. Her mother is KJW Alli. Alli is a daughter of Northern Magnum and a 600# Hoehne Bros. cow. 934’s father is Master, a bull we leased from Kelly Peppel. He cut  over 20 lbs. at 3 and placed 3rd in the 4-year-old class at the 1999 hard horn competition in Alexandria, MN. 934 was AI bred to Solid Gold 10-6-00. Solid Gold is a Dakota Pride grandson. He cut 21.03  at 3, 2nd place, 1998 International, 30.8 at 4, 4th place 1999 International, and 38.00 at 5, 4th place 2000 International. 934 will make an excellent addition to your herd. Her Solid Gold calf may  even be your next herd sire. Closed herd since November 1998. 
56 Bred Cow Name: Sunrise    DOB: Jun 24, 1999 Service Sire: Jesse Sire: JKP Apache Chief Dam: JKP Donna
Sunrise is confirmed bred to Jesse. She was backed up by Weapon Genetics, a son of Roger Nietfeld’s Napoleon. She is sired by Jerry Perkin’s bull, Apache Chief, a son of IKR Angus. Her mother is my  largest cow at 762 lbs. She is tall and fleshy and being bred to Jesse will make an excellent addition to any herd. 
57 Bred Cow Name: Samantha 41J    DOB: Jul 08, 1999 Service Sire: Roy's Boy Sire: Breezer Dam: Shawny
This 1st year heifer, Samantha, is very easy going and curious. Her sire, Breezer, is extremely calm and good natured. She takes after him both in looks and disposition. She is bred to Roy's Boy, a  son of Roy who cut 40.49 in ‘98. He is also a grandson of Heavy V. Our herd has been closed for 4 years with no health problems. 
58 Heifer Calf Name: Sassy    DOB: May 17, 2000 Sire: King Dam: 42
This heifer has King on the sire’s side and Ike on the dam’s side. Ike is a 30 lb. 400 class Manitoban bull. He has exceptional offspring including a 3-year-old that scores over 350 and a 6-year-old  cutting 32.64 taking 2nd at North Central Velvet Competition last year. King cut 50.98 lbs. of velvet and scored 479 7/8 winning both hard antler and velvet competitions in ‘99. Sassy is DNA to King.  MN CWD #043, fully accredited, NAEBA registered. Will deliver free within 500 miles. Boarding available. 
59 Bull Calf Name: Rev    DOB: May 28, 2000 Sire: Revolution Dam: 710
Revolution cut 32.88 lbs. at age 6 and took 4th at the Internationals. Revolution took 1st place in the mature typical hard antler competition at the Internationals in 2000 with an unbelievable score  of 463 5/8. On the dam’s side is Clearstone Genetics. Macgregor is a great bull cutting in the mid-30 lb. range. This is a huge calf that will make a great sire. 
60 Bred Cow Name: A9    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Service Sire: Max-A-Million Sire: Tommy Horn
This is a beautiful Tommy Horn heifer who would make you happy to own. All sale heifers weigh 550-600 lbs., Dec. 10 weaning date, 1999-2000 weaning weight 300-425 lbs. Tommy Horn, 390 1/2 unofficial.  This heifer is bred to Max-A-Million, 39 1/2 lb. winner of 6-year-old class of southwest region. The year 2001 should be into the 40 lb. +. 
61 Bred Cow Name: Maxine    DOB: Jun 06, 1999 Service Sire: Stalwart Sire: Minnesota Max Dam: Orange 13
Maxine is a daughter of Minnesota Max, guaranteed bred to Clearstone’s Stalwart. Combines two of Clearstone’s most successful bloodlines. Minnesota Max - 30.72 lbs. at 5, 33.12 at 6 years, 1st, 3rd,  3rd in North Central past 3 years. Stalwart scores 463 and velveted 37 lbs. Sire of 40 lb. 5-year-old. Maxine’s dam is a daughter of Vanderpol’s Maverick, a 30 lb. bull scoring over 400 and a  granddaughter of Kruckeberg’s Major Velvet. Maxine sells with two straws of Minnesota Max included. 
62 Bull Calf Name: Velvet Extreme    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: Colorado Extreme Dam: OR82
Velvet Extreme is a son of Colorado Extreme, who placed 1st in the SW Velvet Competition, with 38.33 lbs. and 112.36 CWI and placed 2nd in hard antler with 397 4/8 at 7 years old. On the dam's side,  Major Velvet cut 36.8+ lbs. of prime velvet. Both bulls have offspring placing in the velvet competitions each year. Velvet Extreme has it all going for him - calmness, velvet, weight and hard antler  score. 
63 Bull Calf Name: BV Jackpot for 15K    DOB: Jun 11, 2000 Sire: Legacy Jackpot Dam: 862
A Jackpot Napoleon bull calf with dark color. This calf has been boarded at Elk Forever Genetics by Roger Nietfeld, TB accredited, CWD level B. 
64 Bred Cow Name: Princess Di    DOB: Jun 23, 1997 Service Sire: White Lightning Sire: John P. Dam: Linda
Princess Di is bred to White Lightning. Her calf carries the same award winning genetics this incredible bull is known for. Her calm temperament and large body size have made her an ideal AI  candidate. Her sire is a son of Major Velvet and her dam is Linda, dam to Okaman’s Mike. Princess Di is the result of dedicated breeding, and this young cow will produce many superior offspring for  you. Boarding available. 
65 Bred Cow Name: Rebecca 112    DOB: Jun 12, 1999 Service Sire: Oak Point Jesse Sire: Rudison Dam: A3454
This heifer comes from Matejcek’s bloodline. The grandsire is Rudy. Rudy was over 400 pts. at St. Cloud this year. Rudison is the sire to this heifer. He is a very impressive 6x6 at 4-years-old. All  this on one side. Bred to the 2 and 3-year-old International Champion being O.P. Jesse on 9/27/00. Rudy, 400 pts. x Jesse, International champion, equals the most impressive bloodlines combined in one  animal. Don’t let this one slip away. Closed herd since 1/15/01. Will be clear to go to other states. 
66 Bred Cow Name: Amorette    DOB: May 28, 1997 Service Sire: Royal Pride Sire: CBF Merlin Dam: CBF 03X
Amorette is a large framed cow who was conceived at Clearstone. Her father is Merlin, who cut 31.5 CWI 114.92 in 1997. Amorette has a 1/2 brother who cut 20 lbs. at 3 yrs. with great tops. She is bred  to Royal Pride, who placed 6th at the International competition cutting 35.72 lbs. CWI 104.74 as a 5-year-old. Like his father, Royal Pride passes on his genetics well, fathering Royal Flush 25.72  lbs. at 3 yrs. Amorette has solid genetics and great potential. Please call for more information. 
67 Bred Cow Name: Pam    DOB: Jun 23, 1997 Service Sire: PCS 130H Pete Sire: Ke-Jo Dam: Little Tina
Pam’s sire, Ke-Jo, a large framed bull, cut 23 lbs. at 5 years old and 26 lbs. at 6 years old. Her dam comes from the Hoehne Brothers herd. She is bred to PCS 130H Pete who was a 6x6 at 2 years old.  He is a son of O.P. Eli, grandson of Chahinkapa, and a half-brother to O.P. Jesse. 
68 Heifer Calf Name: RRT's MKG's 26K    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: Minn-Kota Gold Dam: Angel
This heifer calf comes with a gentle dark color. Dam is easy to handle. The sire, Minn-Kota Gold comes from the Kevin Holt herd. In 1999 he cut 30.97 lbs. velvet. In 2000 he cut 29.5 lbs. 
69 Bred Cow Name: Sada    DOB: May 13, 1998 Service Sire: A.S.S. Kicker Sire: Tyler W Dam: Sheila
#46 is AI bred to A.S.S. Kicker. Her sire is Tyler W who was only discovered through DNA testing to be a son (not a grandson) of IKR Angus 350. He has not been in any competition before now. The  backup sire is Minn-toba Weapon. He is one young full-bloded Manitoban son of Manitoba Weapon purchased from Pat Cooper at the 1998 Wisconsin Select Sale. This is a super young female with a calf  loaded with winning velvet genetics. 
70 Bred Cow Name: JME Gladstone    DOB: May 29, 1997 Service Sire: O.P. Dundee Sire: Minn-Kota Gold Dam: Whip's Dancer
Is LARGE what you want? This 3-year-old bred cow has a very large frame and weighs over 600 lbs. Her sire is Minn/Kota Gold from the Kevin Holt herd and has cut 31.5 lbs. of velvet and her maternal  background comes from the Heins Ranch. She is bred to O.P. Dundee cut 18.6 lbs. of velvet at 3, scored 338 SCI at 4, scored 373 SCI (3rd at NC Regional) at 5, and estimated at 390+ SCI Typical 7x7 at  6. Magnificent disposition, impressive 7x7 typical antler, good size (1074 lbs. pre-rut), and passes his length of leg and body size to his offspring. This bred cow and unborn calf will make  exceptionally good additions to anyone’s herd. 
71 Bred Cow Name: JME Gypsy    DOB: Jun 17, 1997 Service Sire: O.P. Dundee Sire: Minn-Kota Gold Dam: JME Basalt
LOOK at this beautiful 3-year-old bred cow. Her sire is Minn/Kota Gold from the Kevin Holt herd and has cut 31.5 lbs. of velvet. Her maternal background comes from Colorado. She is bred to O.P. Dundee  cut 18.6 lbs. of velvet at 3, scored 338 SCI at 4, scored 373 SCI (3rd at NC Regional) at 5, and estimated at 390+ SCI Typical 7x7 at 6. Magnificent disposition, impressive 7x7 typical antler, good  size (1074 lbs. pre-rut), and passes his length of leg and body size to his offspring. This bred cow and unborn calf will make exceptionally good additions to anyone’s herd. 
72 Bred Cow Scratch $0
A Heifer Calf Name: Jennifer    DOB: Jun 14, 2000 Sire: Monarch Dam: Princess Josephine
Outstanding heifer with both velvet and B.C. genetics, 38# and over 400 on grand sire sides. Donation to NAEBA from Strodtman Elk Farm. 
B Semen Name: WWA Platinum    DOB: May 13, 1996 (5 straws)
This multi award winning bull is an outstanding example of Wild-n-Wooly Acres’ genetics by design. His pedigree includes the Reed bloodline with his massive tops and the genetics of Wild-n-Wooly’s  proven bull WWA Brutus. This puts the desirable characteristics of the Manitoban bloodline in Platinum’s genetics as well as the colossal beams from our Rocky Mountain bloodline. This carefully  designed pedigree has allowed Platinum to be the heaviest 4-year-old to date at 35.19 lbs. in 2000. He won the 2000 International Championship, the 1999 NE Championship and the 1998 International  Championship at 2 with 15.87 lbs. Don’t miss this opportunity to add supreme genetics to your herd. Wild-n-Wooly Acres, proven, predictable genetics . . . genetics with a future. Donation to MnEBA 
C Semen Name: Tommy Horn    (5 straws)
Tommy Horn weighed 1,175 lbs. and cut 25 lbs. of velvet as a 5-year-old; 6-year-old hard antler scored 395+. Semen available from Wapiti Genetics. Donation to MnEBA from Elkhorn River Elk. 
S01 Semen Name: White Lightning    (2 straws)
White Lightning cut an impressive 43.43 at 12 years. He has cut over 40 lbs. 3 times, but his ability to produce impressive sons and grandsons is even more incredible. Maverick - 42 lbs. at 9 years;  Jackpot - 46.80 lbs. at 6 years; and Lightning Image - 39.20 at 6 years. Many of his grandsons placed in the International competition in The Breeders Series. 
S02 Semen Name: Oak Point Brandon    (5 straws)
This large son of Chahinkapa and grandson of Angus weighed 1225# pre-rut, August 2000. He is the International Velvet winner in the 6-year-old class in 2000 with a velvet cut of 46.48#. He throws  large calves and passes on his gentle disposition. 
S03 Semen Name: Oak Point Eli    (5 straws)
Eli is a son of Walter and a grandson of Angus. His pre-rut weight in August 2000 was 1055#. He placed 4th at the International Velvet Competition in 2000 in the mature class; the heaviest cutting  7-year-old with a velvet cut of 45.98#. His calves are beautiful, dark, quiet animals. 
S04 Semen Name: Oak Point Jesse    (5 straws)
This fantastic son of Eli, grandson of Walter and great-grandson of Angus, is the first bull to win back-to-back International Velvet competitions. His 2-year-old cut in 1999 was 19.38# and his  3-year-old cut in 2000 was 33.04#. His pre-rut body weight 998# in August 2000. 
S05 Semen Name: Ludwig    (5 straws)
Ludwig was 5th in the International Velvet Competition in 1997, 5th in the Northeast Region in 1998 and 2nd in the International Velvet Competition 1999 in the 3-year-old Breeders Three with three  sons averaging 20.86 lbs. of velvet. Ludwig was the 2000 winner in the North Central region and 2nd in the International competition by 1/8 inch. He does pass on his genetics. 
S06 Semen Name: Stalwart    (5 straws)
Stalwart is without question a proven sire. A 40# 5-year-old son to his credit, World Record; 4 of 8 5-year-old sons made the 2000 finals, all being July born calves - 1 out of 2 made the finals. 2  year olds cutting 14 lbs.; 3 year olds 23 lbs. He has outstanding velvet cuts, very heavy mass in his beam with very long tine length. 
S07 Semen Name: 42-6    (5 straws)
42-6 has placed in the top 5 in the North Central Velvet Competition each of the last 4 years. 2nd place 32.64 lbs. 111.63 CWI at 6 years old, 4th 28.3 lbs. 102.35 CWI at 5 years, 3rd 24.95 lbs. 97.59  CWI at 4 years, 5th place 17.65 lbs. 89.26 CWI at 3 years, and is a half-brother to Oak Point Jesse who took the International Velvet Competition as a 2 and 3-year-old. 40% of 42-6’s 3-year-old sons  cut 20 lbs. of velvet this year. 
S08 Semen Name: Platinum    (5 straws)
Platinum, sired by on of Reed who was sired by Reed cut over 35 lbs. velvet as a 4-year-old in 2000; 23.97 lbs. as a 3-year-old, and 15.87 as a 2-year-old. Platinum has top genetics on his dam's side.  A daughter of WWA Brutus, another proven line. 
S09 Semen Name: Golden Superstar    (5 straws)
Golden Superstar, a son of Korean Gold, is one of our best spikes. His dam is out of the largest Winchester cow on the farm, 700+ lbs., and Remington on the top side. Here is a chance to breed with  what we feel is one of the best upcoming Korean Gold spikers you can get with Winchester and Remington on the dam’s side. 
S10 Semen Name: Pure Gold    (5 straws)
Pure Gold, “our herd bull,” is the son of Korean Gold, purchased from Jim and Elaine Moscho in ‘98. He sired nice large calves born this spring. This picture was taken November 24, two days after he  was removed from the cows. Guarantee - will replace straw for any female not confirmed pregnant by blood or ultrasound at 40-60 days. Purchaser assumes cost of shipping. Pure Gold is guaranteed drug  free. 


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