Minnesota Elk Breeders Association Select Quality Elk Sale - Cannon Falls, MN
Mar 02, 2002


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 68 $1,002 $325 $5,900 $68,200
Bred Cow 32 $1,007 $325 $5,900 $32,250
Bull 9 $1,258 $650 $2,250 $11,325
Bull Calf 18 $1,013 $400 $2,400 $18,250
Heifer Calf 9 $708 $375 $2,300 $6,375
Semen 33 $200 $125 $275 $6,600

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bred Cow Name: Moon Glow    DOB: Jun 03, 1998 Service Sire: Platinum Sire: Chief Dakota Dam: EOCI 3-3
Here are 3 international champions all rolled into 1.The sire of this young cow is Chief Dakota, who cut 45.95 lbs of velvet in '99. Dakota Pride on the dam's side is another international velvet  comp winner. Moon Glow is AI to Platinum, also an international velvet comp. winner. Guaranteed live calf or a free straw of Platinum semen. Backup bull was Hank. Hank took 7th place at the  internationals with a non-typical hard antler score of 452 4/8.They don’t get any better than this! 
02 Bred Cow Name: Pebbles    DOB: May 02, 2000 Service Sire: Bounty Sire: King Dam: 293
This King daughter is out of one of our best cows, #293. #293 has sons doing very well in competitions. She originates from Green Elk Farm.The sire is King.The best dual purpose bull in the  industry and still unbeaten in velvet weight at an amazing 50.98 lbs. of velvet. She is bred to Clearstone’s Bounty who cut 50+ lbs. in 2001 at 6. Guaranteed a Bounty calf or 1 free straw of semen.  Backup bull was Hank. 7th place at internationals NT hard antler comp. in 2001 with a SCI score of 452 4/8. 
03 Bred Cow Name: Substitute animal - sibling to WWA Jode    DOB: May 28, 2000 Service Sire: WWA Platinum Sire: Starbuck Dam: WWA 855 orange
This heifer is naturally bred to Platinum. She has an exceptional female pedigree behind her plus Starbuck on the sire’s side. The mother to this heifer is sired by Climax (son of Max) and the  grandmother of a 1/2 sister to Jethro sired by Stalwart (Bounty’s sire). The great-grandmother to this heifer is Jethro’s mother. Jethro’s 2-year-old son Diablo won the 2001 Futurity cutting over 20  lbs. at 2 years old. With Jethro, Stalwart, Max, Starbuck already in her pedigree, plus bred to Platinum, you can’t miss on this female with superior genetics.The grandmother and great-grandmother  are a few of the elite cows with proven pre-dictable genetics in them that we own. 
04 Bull Calf Name: WWA Tracer    DOB: Jun 10, 2001 Sire: WWA Apex Dam: WWA 718 orange
This outstanding young bull calf has great potential to be your next herd sire based on proven genetics. He is sired by Apex who cut 42.73 lbs. this year. Apex’s 3-year-old sons won the Int’l  Breeders Three award this year.The dam to this bull calf is sired by Jethro who cut 38.18 lbs. this year. Jethro’s son, Diablo, won the 2001 Futurity this year cutting over 20 lbs. at 2 yrs. old.  Jethro’s 2-year-old sons this year averaged 15.91 lbs. on 5 differ-ent farms. These genetics really showed up at the competition this year.The great-grandmother is the dam to our breeding bull  Brutus II. A pedigree that has already worked on both sides. Genetics that pass on down the line. 
05 Bull Calf Name: WWA Donation    DOB: May 13, 2001 Sire: WWA Platinum Dam: WWA 444 yellow
This bull calf is being donated to the Minnesota Elk Breeders Association.This bull calf is sired by 3 out of 4 year International champion Platinum, who cut 37.05 lbs. this year as champion. The  dam to this bull calf is sired by CBF Tex, who is the sire to Geronimo, Jack, Ludwig, Champ and Luke who sired this year’s International champion 2-year-old Breeders Three. Proven predictable  genetics on both sides. Gold registered DNA matched to sire and dam. 
06 Bred Cow Name: Cindy    DOB: Jul 01, 1998 Service Sire: Oak Point Jesse Sire: Oak Point 16 Dam: #622
This calm, gentle young cow’s genetics goes back to Glen and Kay Zebarth’s herd. She is out of Oak Point 16, a Manitoban bull. She is bred to the 2-time Int’l Champion Oak Point Jesse. As  4-yr-old he cut 38.16. If calf does not DNA to OP Jesse, a replacement straw of OP Jesse will be furnished to buyer. Backup bull Rock’s Tax 11.11# spiker, 14.52 2-year-old, 22.93 3-yrs-old.  MNCWD 011-C 4th year. Closed herd. 
07 Bred Cow Name: Rock's Linda    DOB: Jun 05, 1998 Service Sire: Oak Point Brandon Sire: W5841 Dam: Jenny 5768
Rock’s Linda is a result of our own Rock’s Ridge Genetics. This large quiet cow is a great mother. She has a brother who we entered into the Breeders Three 2-year-old division. He cut 14.3#’s and  we placed third behind two great farms in the NC velvet competition. She is bred to the 6-year Int’l cham-pion, Oak Point Brandon who cut 46.48#. If calf does not DNA to OP Brandon, one straw of  semen will be replaced. Backup bull Rock’s Taz, 11.11 spiker, 14.52 2-yrs., 22.93 3-yr-old. MNCWD 011-C 4th year. Closed herd. 
08 Bull Name: Elmo-K7    DOB: Jun 05, 2000 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: Robin River
OP Jesse sire, dam Robin River - a large, calm cow, sired by Wide Guy. These genetics have the potential to produce a good herd sire. 
09 Heifer Calf Name: 1 L    DOB: May 26, 2001 Sire: 42-6 Dam: C-7 Diamon Rio
1 L sired by 42-6 Jerry Fischbach’s bull, placed in the top 5 for 5 years in a row in North Central Velvet competition, and her dam is a large, calm cow sired by Chahinkapa. 
10 Bred Cow Name: Willow Brook    DOB: Jun 09, 1998 Service Sire: King Sire: E09505 Dam: Bonne
Willow Brook is AI’d to Int’l champion King. Her calf carries the same award winning genetics this incredible bull is known for. Her sire is Kirby, a tall, dark bull who entered the trophy market  with a 400 plus SCI score. Her dam is a large cow with Major Velvet in her background.Willow Brook’s blood-line plus the King calf she carries makes her a very desirable addition to any herd. 
11 Bred Cow Name: Bonne    DOB: May 03, 1996 Service Sire: #7 Captain Cabela Sire: John P Dam: Alma Rose
Bonne is a large framed cow with an easy going disposition. Her Major Velvet background gives her and her calves the size he is known for. She is currently boarded at and bred to a 2-year-old #7  Captain Cabela at Parsons Elk Ranch. This large beamed bull is a grandson of Dakota Pride on the sire’s side and Chief Joseph on the dam’s side.These genetics guar-antee velvet production and great  SCI scores. 
12 Bred Cow Name: Ciana Jo    DOB: Jun 18, 1999 Service Sire: Oak Point Eli Sire: Parker Dam: Sharon
Ciana Jo is a fancy young cow AI’d to Oak Point Eli. There’s size all around this animal. Her dam, sire, and the AI sire are all big. Look too at the size and weights of the genetics here. Charlie  and Parker have 40+ lb. velvet and 400+ SCI scores. Eli has cut 45+ lbs. Ciana Jo is another example of our dedi-cated breeding program. Take part in this opportunity. Our reputation is growing. 
13 Bred Cow Name: Sharon    DOB: Jun 05, 1996 Service Sire: Phantom Sire: John P Dam: Sarah
Sharon is a large framed cow that we AI’d to Phantom. Her calm temperament makes for easy handling. She has Major Velvet in her near background. Both Phantom and Major Velvet have consistently  proven themselves as top velvet producers or shown great hard antler scores for the trophy market. Add this productive mix to your herd. 
14 Bred Cow Scratch $0
15 Bred Cow Name: Neubert's Wonder    DOB: Jun 28, 1997 Service Sire: Smokin' Ash Sire: Samson-ite, 433 Dam: Natalie EO7
G71 is a nice cow who has had a calf every year she has been on our farm. G71 is AI’s to Smokin’ Ash and backed up to a son of the famous King with Samson-ite and King bloodlines. You can’t go  wrong. 
16 Bull Calf Name: #1 Yellow    DOB: May 29, 2001 Sire: Oak Point 4805-Brandon Dam: Oak Point Miss Minot 52
Son of Zebarth’s Brandon. He’s a large bodied calf with good disposition, sure to follow his father. 
17 Bred Cow Name: D-2    DOB: May 02, 1998 Service Sire: O.P. Jesse Sire: Chief Dakota Dam: Ms. Pike
This fine cow was purchased on the Best of the Best sale in 2000. She gave us a very nice King heifer calf that topped the Central MN Calf Sale that year. Now she is bred back to Oak Point Jesse.  What a great combination - Chief Dakota on the dam’s side, 45 lbs. velvet genetics, and O.P. Jesse on the sire’s side, the best velvet producing 3-year-old ever and 38.16 lbs. as a 4-year-old. 
18 Heifer Calf Name: Gabriael    DOB: Jun 15, 2001 Sire: Jesse Dam: Gabby
Gabriael is a 2001 genetic filled calf. Her parents are the well-known Jesse and a Korean Gold daughter. Her grandmother is our best cow, Edna, who gave us our award winning bull, Elkota. Edna is a  large 625 lb. cow who consistently produces very big animals that are now passing on her genetics. Gabriael’s grandfather, Korean Gold - what more can be said about him! 
19 Bred Cow Name: Christine    DOB: May 30, 1997 Service Sire: Elkota Sire: Kandota Pride Dam: Betty
Christine has given us dark colored calves that carry the Dakota Pride lineage. She is bred to our award winning bull, Elkota, who cut 31.47 as a 4-year-old. He is a solid, heavy bull weighing over  1200 pounds. 
20 Heifer Calf Name: KJW Ludwig's Lady    DOB: May 30, 2001 Sire: Ludwig Y496 CBF Dam: Tawny A2849
Ludwig’s Lady - her name says it all! This beautiful lady has size, body conformation, beautiful color and she’s sired by one of the best dual purpose bulls in the industry - Ludwig. Ludwig is a  tremendous hard antler bull. He was runnerup at the 2000 IVC with a score of 476 6/8. He is a great velvet bull, too! In 2001 he cut 38.48 lbs. of velvet, placing 9th at the Int’l with a CWI of  115.21. Lady’s mother is Tawny, one of my foundation cows.Tawny produces one of my nicest calves every year. Tawny’s 4-year-old son scores in the 350 class. Lady will make a nice addition to any  herd. Closed herd since November 1998. 
21 Bull Name: KWJ063K    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Sire: Northern Magnum Dam: Miss Scarlet A2855
063K is my best spike. He is a tall bull with great body size and color. His antler bases are huge. He inherited his father’s massive antler. His father, Northern Magnum, is a big 1100 lb bull who  has cut over 30 lbs. of velvet every year since he was 5 years old. His massive main beam has an officially measured circumference as high as 28.5 cm. Magnum's 7x7 hard antler from 2001 unofficially  scores in the 430 class SCI with his 50.5” inside spread. Miss Scarlet is a 600 lb. cow from my foundation herd. This bull will work for any-one. It doesn’t matter whether you need him in the  breeding pen, for velvet antler production, or as a trophy animal. He’ll make a good bull for you. Closed herd since November 1998. 
22 Bull Name: BV Jessie's Shine DKK4K    DOB: May 29, 2000 Sire: O.P. Jesse 703 Dam: Blue Velvet Shine 29
This tall, calm bull sire by international champion O.P. Jesse and the 2nd largest dam in my herd of 40 cows. He will make a great herd bull. His mom has produced a large calf each year. This bull  has been born and raised at Liesser Elk Farm. TB accredited MNTB014 and CWD #MNCWD023-C, level C. 
23 Bull Calf Name: BV Napoleon Jesse    DOB: May 25, 2001 Sire: O.P. Jesse Dam: DKK406J
BV Napoleon Jesse Blues DKK25L is sired by O.P. Jesse. He is stacked genetics to produce great shooter bull with long heavy beams. This calf was born and raised on Roger Nietfeld’s Farm. Elk  Forever Genetics. CWD 2-10-99. 
24 Bred Cow Name: GVE Casey    DOB: Aug 12, 1998 Service Sire: Sir Charles I Sire: Ballistic Weapon Dam: EO1614
Casey carries Manitoba Weapon and Columbus genetics in her blood. Manitoba Weapon has proven his ability to pro-duce velvet, cutting over 40 lbs. many times. Casey is a very calm cow. She is an  early calver and very good mother. She is Gold registered. Casey is bred to Sir Charles I a 7x8 4-year-old son of Matejcek’s Charlie. His dam was a Strodtman cow. Charlie was International Hardhorn  champion in ‘99 and cut over 40 lbs. of velvet also. Closed herd since January 2000. 
25 Bull Calf Name: Jadex    DOB: Jun 02, 2001 Sire: Jackpot Dam: 19J
Jadex has a strong pedigree. He is sired by Jackpot (46.80 lb. 136.30 CWI) an award winning son of White Lightning. His maternal grand sire is Dexter (40.58 lb. and 121.46 CWI). Dexter has sired a  number of young bulls who have placed well at recent velvet competitions. Including a champion 2- year-old who cut 20.80 lbs. of velvet. 
26 Heifer Calf Name: Indian Hills Starlit    DOB: Jun 02, 2001 Sire: Starbuck Dam: Indian Hills Delila 22J
Daughter of the late Starbuck, who cut 47.13 lbs., CWI 141.35. Granddaughter of the late Dexter, who cut 40.58 lbs., CWI 121.46. Grandam originated from RJ Farms. 
27 Bull Name: Jack-Son    DOB: Jun 01, 2000 Sire: Jackpot Dam: Aspen 405
Jack-son is son of Jackpot. His mother is out of Max. Jackpot cut 46.8 lbs. as a 6-year-old in 2000, CWI 136.30. Jack-son is out of a Max cow. He is a combination of the two most influential bulls  in the elk industry: Max and White Lightning. No other bulls pass along genetics as well as these two bulls. Jack-son’s maternal brother, Maxter, cut 13.12 lbs. of velvet in 2001, CWI 73.64.The  mother’s side is proven and you decide on White Lightning’s Jackpot, 2-time International champion. I’ll bet he does too! They don’t make them any better than this - call. 
28 Bull Name: P&L 72    DOB: Jun 07, 2000 Sire: Clearstone Bounty Dam: EA0000002907
A direct son of Bounty, the #1 bull in the 6-year-old class. Bounty cut a whooping 50.45 lbs. in 2001 at only 73 days of growth. Bounty also placed 1st in 2000 as a 5-year-old and 3rd in 1999 as a  4-year-old. Here is a spiker that’s ready to service your cows and throw some size into your calves. 
29 Bred Cow Name: 804    DOB: May 28, 1998 Service Sire: Jesse Sire: Korean Gold Dam: EO14327530
804 is a daughter of Korean Gold, a 4-time International vel-vet competition champion. She is AI bred to Oak Point Jesse. Jesse won 1st place at the International velvet competition as a 2-year-old  and 3-year-old. He won 3rd place as a 4-year-old. 804 calves easily and is an excellent mother. Boarding avail-able. 
30 Bred Cow Name: 741    DOB: Jun 23, 1997 Service Sire: King Sire: Registered Sire Dam: Jicarilla Apache 65
742 is a tall, dark cow originating from Monte North. She is AI confirmed bred to King, International velvet and hard horn champion. 742 has been successfully AI’d three times, and is a good  mother. Boarding available. 
31 Bred Cow Name: DKW 051    DOB: Jun 12, 2000 Service Sire: Noble Obsession Sire: Shane Dam: Bea 02
This heifer is from Rush Johnson and her dam weighs 735 lbs. Her sire goes back to IKR Walter. She alone has great AI potential with her size and background. She is bred to Noble Obsession, a  Korean Gold son. She and her calf will have 8x8, 50+ lbs. and 457 in their background. 
32 Bred Cow Name: Amber J    DOB: May 26, 2000 Service Sire: Noble Obsession Sire: Duke Fischer Dam: Sugar
This large heifer has White Lightning and Angus in her back-ground. She would be a great addition for her future AI potential. Add to that the fact that she is bred to a Korean Gold son. She is  great and her calf will have 9x9, 47+, 50+, and 457 in its background. 
33 Heifer Calf Name: Sandy 19L    DOB: May 27, 2001 Sire: 526 Dam: EOL19
This calf’s sire cut 20 lbs. at 3 years old, CWI 75.6 (R) in 2000. In 2001, he cut 22 lbs. He has long tines and a long beam (picture in 2001). The consignors on the MN Sale are to consign the top  10% from their herds. I believe this heifer qualifies as being in the 10% of my 2001 calf crop. Her moth-er is one of my best cows and has calved every year and pro-duced some exceptional  offspring. 
34 Bred Cow Name: Meachel 102    DOB: May 24, 1997 Service Sire: Shack Sire: 3875 Eli Dam: EOL19
Meachel is DNA to Oak Point Eli as her sire. Eli cut 45.98 lbs. of velvet in 2000 and is the sire of Jesse. Meachel 102 was bred naturally to Shack. In 2000, Shack cut 27.85 lbs. of Grade A velvet  as a 6-year-old. He also had 22” brow tines in the velvet. In 2001, he is in hard antler (picture). 
35 Bull Calf Scratch $0
36 Bred Cow Scratch $0
37 Bred Cow Name: RBS 00K    DOB: May 18, 2000 Service Sire: Pure Gold #828 Sire: Phantom #8 Dam: Belle #204
00K is an AI’d daughter of Hamson’s Phantom (DNA case EK20754). Phantom cut over 31 lbs. as a 6-year-old. Her mother is a large cow. 00K is bred to Pure Gold, the son of Korean Gold who cut 50 lbs.  of velvet. Closed herd since October 28, 1998 and Level B CWD. 
38 Bred Cow Name: Becca    DOB: May 25, 1998 Service Sire: Pure Gold #828 Sire: Hawkeye Dam: Belle#204
Becca is from a large cow, and Hawkeye, a Clearstone bull from Iowa. She is bred to Pure Gold, the son of Korean Gold who cut 50 lbs. of velvet. She has been a good mother to her calves. Closed  herd since October 28, 1998 and Level B CWD. 
39 Bred Cow Scratch $0
40 Bull Calf Name: 01    DOB: Jun 01, 2001 Sire: SHR King 26 Dam: Kathy
#01 is the AI’d son of King (DNA test case EK26365). His mother, a mild mannered and dark cow from Okaman’s herd. He will make an excellent herd sire. Closed herd since October 28, 1998 and Level B  CWD. 
41 Bull Calf Name: Seth    DOB: Jun 03, 2001 Sire: Smokin Ash Dam: Spirit
Let some excellent genetics work in your herd.This bull calf is sired by Smokin’ Ash who placed second in the Int’l com-petition cutting 40.79 lbs. The dam is a direct daughter of Oak Point Eli who  sired the well known bull Oak Point Jesse. Eli has scored 458 unofficial by a NAEBA representative.This bull would be a positive addition to anyone’s herd. We are a closed herd. 
42 Bull Calf Name: Cha-Ching    DOB: Jun 01, 2001 Sire: Legacy Jackpot Dam: Kiersten Forever
This dark bull calf has a lot to offer. His sire is Legacy Jackpot who cut 46.80 lbs. The dam is a daughter of Napoleon who was from Roger Nietfeld’s herd.We are a closed herd. 
43 Bred Cow Name: KDE Charlene    DOB: May 27, 1998 Service Sire: Franz Mate Angus Sire: Charlie Dam: 11-Tall
Charlene GN-7 is a direct daughter of Charlie, whose last score was 461 and was prevented 2 yrs. from an Int’l velvet crown by Korean Gold. Charlene’s dam, 11-Tall originated from the Strodtman  farm via the Bimidge Zoo. She is AI to King (guaranteed) and will complement your elk genetics. Backup bull is Franz Angus an Angus direct son. 
44 Bred Cow Name: Kamp Dels Charlette    DOB: Jun 01, 1998 Service Sire: Franz Mate Angus Sire: Charlie Dam: 44 White
So far this young, gentle cow, AI to King and a daughter of Charlie who nearly captured the Int’l Velvet title twice. Her dam originates from the Matejcek farm, a 670 lb. cow. King (guaranteed) is  a genetically loaded bull, 50+ lbs. and 479 hard antler. She will enhance your good herd genetics. 
45 Heifer Calf Name: Cora Charlie Gold    DOB: Jun 01, 2001 Sire: Smokin Gold Dam: Green 2
This outstanding heifer has 50x40 genetics with roots in the Matejcek and Strodtman farms (registered gold). Her sire, Smokin Gold (15.62 lbs. at 2 yr.) is a direct son of the now deceased Korean  Gold, 4-time Int’l champion, and 4-time Sask. champion.Your opportunity to add even more to your already good genetics. She is genetically loaded for your prize bull or select AI. 
46 Bull Name: Abe    DOB: May 25, 2000 Sire: Absolut Dam: 412 Karrisa
Abe is one of the best spikers to come off our farm. As a spike he was 6x7 with a thick base. Sired by Absolut who scored 443 2/8 as a 12-yrs-old and out of a dam whose genetics are loaded with  Rudy, Black Jack and Dakota Pride -bulls who are all known to pass on their greatness, Abe will be a great asset to any breeding program. 
47 Bull Calf Name: RRT's TH's 73L    DOB: May 16, 2001 Sire: Tommy Horn Dam: Jenny
The sire of this large body, dark colored bull calf is the well known Tommy Horn from Harold Schmader’s herd.The dam is our very largest 650 lb. cow. 
48 Heifer Calf Name: RRT's DF's 29L    DOB: Jun 03, 2001 Sire: JME Dancer's Frost Dam: Katie Dundee
Sire Dancer’s Frost is a large body, dark colored 5-year-old who officially cut 30.56 lbs. velvet, with CWI score of 107.32 at North Central Antler competition who placed 4th in 2001. Grand sire,  Oak Point Dundee was an impressive 7x7 at 6 yrs. old, who officially scored 389 1/8 and took 2nd place at the North Central Antler competition and 5th place in the Int’l competition in 2001. 
49 Bull Name: FEF575K    DOB: Jul 02, 2000 Sire: 42-6 Dam: Sassy 1
575K’s sire 42-6 took 3rd place this year in the NC Velvet competition and is the only bull his age to have placed in the top 5 for 5 years in a row in the NC Velvet competition. Last year 40% of  42-6’s 3-year-old sons cut 20 lbs. of velvet and this year had an 8x8 hard horn 3-year-old son. On the dam’s side Colorado Extreme has placed 1st many years in the SW Velvet competition and as a  7-year-old had shed hard horns scoring 397 4/8 SCI in the 2000 competition. 575K’s parents are both large and as calm and easy to work with as he is. 
50 Bred Cow Name: Gail    DOB: Jun 30, 1997 Service Sire: Phantom Sire: Gunther Dam: Jody
Gail is a fine young cow sired by #406 Gunther. Gunther has cut nearly 30 lbs. at age 7 and produces very nice offspring. Gail was AI’d to Phantom and he is a son of Claude 16 - big producer for  Randy and Joni Hanson. Gail was backed up by High-Caliber who is a 6-year-old son of Strodtman’s Rudy. 
51 Bred Cow Name: Regina    DOB: Jun 09, 2000 Service Sire: CBF Bounty Sire: Piere Dam: Rosy 307
DAM’S DAM Regina is an exceptional first calf heifer bred to Clearstone’s Bounty. Bounty cut 50.45 lbs. making him the heaviest 6-year-old ever winning 1st place at the Int’l Velvet competition.  Bounty also had the highest CWI in the competition, 159.30. Clearstone breed-ing farms did not sell any Bounty semen for the 2001 breeding sea-son, which makes Bounty animals a rare commodity.  Regina is sired by Piere - a 7-year-old son of Sampson (Clearstone). Piere cut 30 lbs. at age 6 and was an impressive 7x7 at age seven. Regina’s dam, #307 Rosy, is sired by IKR 455 Baxtor. Regina  was AI’d to Bounty on Oct. 5 and confirmed pregnant by ultra sound. Regina was never exposed to a bull for natural breeding so you can buy with confi-dence because she is bred to Bounty. 
52 Bred Cow Name: Carla    DOB: May 22, 1998 Service Sire: King Sire: Rudy Dam: Whitney IKR
Carla, #806 is a daughter of Rudy and bred to King. Rudy has won several velvet awards at age 10; Rudy sported an awesome 10x9 rack that scored 470 points unofficial. Carla was AI’d to King on Sept.  23 and was confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. King is known for cutting over 50 lbs. of velvet and scoring 500+ points. If you’re looking for heavy velvet weights and extremely high scoring bulls  the combination of Rudy and King is sure to produce exceptional offspring. If Carla’s offspring doesn’t DNA to King, one free straw of King will be provided to the buyer. 
53 Bred Cow Name: OHE Recelle    DOB: Jun 06, 2000 Service Sire: Oak Point Brandon Sire: In The Money Dam: Star
Recelle is our most outstanding bred heifer. Her mother is a cow we originally purchased on the select sale in 1994.All of this cow’s offspring are large bodied animals. Recelle was successfully AI  bred to Oak Point Brandon Sept. 25. She was ultrasound checked Dec. 18 by Dr. Zebarth and shows that she is definitely pregnant. Here’s a chance to add our best heifer to your herd. 
54 Heifer Calf Name: Dandi    DOB: Jun 07, 2001 Sire: Steel Blue 223 Dam: DeeDee
Dandi is a “dandy” heifer to add to your herd. Her father, Steel, is a calm, easy to handle bull, and award winning son of Iron Bull. Iron Bull placed second in 2001 mature non-typical hard antler  class at 473 7/8”. Grand sire, Danny, was one of Matejcek’s herd bulls. He consistently cut over 40 lbs. of qual- ity velvet, and in 2001 cut over 400” SCI. See Chris to pur- chase Steel semen. 
55 Bull Calf Name: JME Lewiston    DOB: May 31, 2001 Sire: O.P. Dundee Dam: JME Snowmass Fertile
This bull calf’s sire, O.P. Dundee, placed 2nd at the 2001 North Central competition and placed 5th at the 2001 Int’l Antler competition as a very typical 7x7 6-year-old. The dam’s background comes  from a Kevin Holt bull. ND and SD eligible. A very nice addition to anyone’s herd. 
56 Bred Cow Name: JME Hazel Run    DOB: Jun 20, 1998 Service Sire: JME Dancer's Frost Sire: O.P. Dundee Dam: JME Snow Mass
This female’s sire, O.P. Dundee, placed 2nd at the 2001 North Central competition and placed 5th at the 2001 Int’l Antler competition as a very typical 7x7 6-year-old. She is guaran-teed bred by  blood test to JME Dancer’s Frost (a Dakota Pride great-grandson) who placed 4th (30.56 lbs. velvet) as a 5-year-old at the 2001 North Central competition. ND and SD eligible. A very nice addition to  anyone's herd. 
57 Heifer Calf Name: Ludwigs Star    DOB: May 31, 2001 Sire: Ludwig Dam: #837
Ludwigs Star has loads of power built into her genetics. She is a daughter of Ludwig out of a daughter of the great bull Whitelightning who is out of #37 a pure Manitoban cow that produced Bull Run  #403 a 416 SCI bull that is a grandson of Reed. So in her genetic line there is 476 SCI, 416 SCI, velvet 43.3 lbs. and velvet 38.5 lbs. This is a great way to improve any herd. 
58 Bull Calf Name: Ludwigs Reed    DOB: Jun 15, 2001 Sire: Ludwig Dam: #817
Ludwigs Reed is truly loaded with high power, bull power! First he is a son of the great Ludwig 476 SCI, his grandsire is #403 a 416 SCI bull at six years. His great-grandsire is King of the  Mountain, cut 38.5 lbs. of velvet and his other great-grandsire is Reed.The potential is there, he just needs a great home. 
59 Bred Cow Name: Elsie    DOB: May 28, 1995 Service Sire: Billy Boy II Sire: NW22 Ike Dam: Oak Point Miss Minot
Big velvet introduces you to Elsie. She is one of our top cows having already produced five calves. This year she is bred to Billy Boy II, son of Billy Boy and brother of Billy Boy Jr. 2nd place  hard antler, Int’l winner 2000 (4 yrs. old) and 2001 (5 yrs. old). Elsie produces large calves. Combining these genet-ics is a “win-win” for any farm. 
60 Bred Cow Name: Y814    DOB: May 26, 1998 Service Sire: Marksman Sire: Remington 223 Dam: W2
Big Velvet has purchased Dale Michels cow herd and bulls, and is pleased to introduce gold registered Y814 who comes from the award winning genetics of Remington and Winchester. Their genetics are  proven to produce large body conformation, large velvet and large hard antler size. She is AI to Marksman (son of Winchester), 1st and 2nd place 5-yr.-old typical hard antler Int’l competition and  1st place typical 6-yr-old North Central Regional 405 5/8 SCI and 2nd place non-typical 6-yr-old Int’l 422 5/8 SCI. Here’s a chance to have it all in improving your genetics. 
61 Bred Cow Name: Stella 192    DOB: Dec 10, 1999 Service Sire: O.P. Jesse Sire: Rudison A311 Dam: Y-19 A3452
AI’d to O.P. Jesse on 10/7/01. If calf doesn’t DNA to Jesse I will provide 1 straw of Jesse semen. Backup bull is Flex, son of Clearstone breeding Rea (over 400 pts.). Rudy, being the grandsire, is  also well over 400 X Jesse the int’l champ. Don’t let this one pass you up. The dam is one of our foundation cows - very big and calm, throws beautiful calves. Closed herd for 2 yrs., CWD Level B. 
62 Bull Calf Name: 179CRE    DOB: Jul 17, 2001 Sire: CRE Luke Dam: C-391
Gold registered son of CRE Luke. Luke is the 2001 Int’l winner in the Breeder’s Three 2-year-old class.Average cut of 15.77 lbs. on the dam’s side and having significant influence is Clearstone’s  Ludwig. In 2001 Int’l competition Ludwig score 464 2/8 non-typ-ical. This son of Luke has all the proven predictable genetics of Clearstone breeding that can start you on the right track (velvet or  or hard horn). Very few sons of Luke available. Get one. Enrolled in the CWD program starting 1-16-99. 
63 Bull Calf Name: 170 CRE    DOB: Jun 03, 2001 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: C-414
Gold registered son of Oak Point Jesse. This combination of bloodlines involving Oak Point Jesse and CBF Brutus and CBF Max on the dam’s side is something new with great potential. Jesse is 2-time  velvet Int’l winner with the poten-tial of a good hard horn score with the long beams and tines. Clearstone breeding (Brutus and Max) is some of the most proven predictable genetics in the  industry. Enrolled in the CWD program starting 1-16-99. 
64 Heifer Calf Scratch $0
65 Bull Name: Tunder    DOB: Jun 01, 2000 Sire: Manioba Stealth Dam: F825-81AJK5586
At first glance you can see that this son of Manitoba Stealth illustrates dominance. This bull’s sire took 1st place in 2000 at the Int’l non-typical SCI 440 as a 5-year-old, and 1st place in 2001  with a 425 typical hard antler SCI at 6 years old.Add the dam’s side of Mr Bud from years past who scored a 389 B/C at 4 yrs. of age and you have the makings of a thunder-ous presence in your herd. 
66 Bred Cow Name: Fuzzy    DOB: Jun 08, 1998 Service Sire: Stalwart Sire: Strodtman's Rudy Dam: EA0000003547
Fuzzy, #824, is a daughter of Strodtman’s Rudy. Rudy has always placed well in velvet competitions and has recently scored 470 points, unofficial, at age 10. Fuzzy was bred to Stalwart on Sept. 23.  Stalwart is a Clearstone bull owned by Scott Salonek. Stalwart’s hard antlers have scored 460 points plus and is best known for being the sire of Bounty. 
67 Bred Cow Name: 801 OR    DOB: May 18, 1998 Service Sire: Cassius Sire: Piere Dam: 516Y
801 is a daughter of Piere (Clearstone). Piere cut 30 lbs. as a 6-year-old. His 7-year-old hard rack is estimated to score nearly 400 points. #801 was bred to Cassius on Sept. 23. Cassius is known  for his dark coloring and impressive hard racks scoring nearly 500 pts. #801 was backed up with High-Caliber, a 6-year-old son of Strodtman’s Rudy. 
68 Bull Calf Name: Oak Point    DOB: May 16, 2001 Sire: O.P. Jesse Dam: 482
This fine, young bull will be an outstanding addition to your fine herd. He has size and antler genetics from both sides. Will be gold registered.Three years CWD monitoring. 
69 Bull Calf Name: Oak Creek Starboy    DOB: May 27, 2001 Sire: Legacy Starbuck Dam: EV 182 Showboy
StarBoy is one of our best bull calves with a pedigree that is stacked both top and bottom. He is sired by the legendary Legacy Starbuck - 2-time Int’l Velvet champion at 47.79 and 47.13 lbs.  Starbuck is now deceased. StarBoy’s mother, EV182, was purchased in 1998 from the Winterfest Sale, Minot, ND for $14,000 from Lynn Stevens. EV182 is a unique cow as her sire ShowBoy (from John Boy)  is out of a 117 daughter and her dam has Dakota Pride top and bottom.This is a great opportunity to cross big beams with huge tops, this calf definitely has herd sire potential. 
70 Bull Calf Name: EFG Fat Cat    DOB: May 21, 2001 Sire: Elkota Dam: 407 EDN407
Fat Cat is a DNA son of Elkota. Elkota is over 30 lbs. of vel-vet at 4 years.This is just one big and dark colored calf that will make a breeding bull. Boarded at Elk Forever Genetics. Enrolled in  the CWD program starting 1-16-99. 
71 Bull Calf Name: EFG Free    DOB: Jun 26, 2001 Sire: EFG Wallstreet Dam: Starbright 209
Son of Wallstreet who cut 12.07 lbs. of velvet at 2 years and grandson of Korean Gold. Napoleon on the dam’s side. Boarded at Elk Forever Genetics. Enrolled in CWD program starting 1-16-99. 
72 Bull Calf Name: EFG Jes 401    DOB: May 27, 2001 Sire: Oak Point Jesse Dam: Big Dreams
Gold registered son of Oak Point Jesse. DNA tested on the dam’s side to Napoleon gives this calf solid genetics. Enrolled in the CWD program starting 1-16-99. 
73 Bull Name: EFG Wallstreet    DOB: May 30, 1999 Sire: Korean Gold Dam: EW20
Gold registered Korean Gold son with a certified weight of 12.06 lbs. at age 2. With RJ John Boy and Dakota Pride on the dam’s side this bull has great potential. Excellent body size and easy to  handle. Enrolled in the CWD program start-ing 1-16-99. 
74 Semen Name: DAK Joker    DOB: May 31, 1998 (3 straws)
This Clearstone son of Geronimo placed first as a 3-year-od at the 2001 Central Region competition with 25.65#, 97.75 CWI (R) and sixth in the International competition. Joker has perfectly  symmetrical antlers and a body weight of 1,065 lbs. 
75 Semen Name: Hank    DOB: Jun 01, 1992 (5 straws)
Hank is one of the better dual purpose bulls today. Not only did he cut 30.6 lbs. of Grade A velvet as a 6-year-old, he also has been at the top in the NC Hard Antler competition with a score of  406 2/8 typical and grossed 424 7/8 in 2000. He scored 452 4/8 at the Int’ls in 2001 taking 7th place. Two of his sons placed in the top 5 typical hard antler competition 3 year olds this year.  Groen Elk Farm took 5th place Breeders Three with Hank sons. Very calm and gentle disposition, 100% guarantees. 
76 Semen Name: WWA Platinum    DOB: May 13, 1996 (5 straws)
Buy 5 straws of semen, get 2 free, no guarantees. Plantinum is 3 out of 4 years Int’l champion.This year again he was Int’l champion cutting 37.05 lbs. at 5 years old. This bull has outstanding trez  tines. Proven predictable genetics. Look out for his sons in future competitions. 
77 Semen Name: O.P. Jesse    DOB: May 27, 1997 (5 straws)
Oak Point Jesse is a 5-year-old son of Oak Point Eli. Jesse was the Int’l competition first place winner as a 2-year-old (19.48# - CWI 91.47), first place winner as a 3-year-old (33.04# - CWI  119.78) and third place winner as a 4-year-old (38.16# - CWI 125.17). His velvet cuts speak for them-selves and for him. 
78 Semen Name: Ludwig    DOB: Jun 12, 1991 (5 straws)
Ludwig has proven himself to be one of the top sires in the industry. He cut in 2001 38.5 lbs. velvet and has scored 476.48 SCI. 
79 Semen Name: Stalwart    DOB: May 29, 1991 (5 straws)
Stalwart is without question one of the top sires in the industry. Not only with his amazing statistics but the proven ability for his sons and daughters to out perform himself in the 2000 finals.  Four of his eight 5-year-old sons were at the finals. In 2001 three of those four were velveted averaging 39.15 lbs. at 6 years old. Bounty cutting an amazing 50.45 lbs. Northern Star the  6-year-old not velveted scores well over 400 typical. Stalwart’s proven to pass it on. 
80 Semen Name: Royal Tree Head    DOB: May 25, 1997 (5 straws)
Royal Tree Head was a 7x7 spiker. As a 2-year-old he had 20” brow tines and cut 16.86 lbs. of velvet. At 3 years old he placed 5th in the nation, scoring 355 5/8. Royal Tree Head is now 4 years old  with an 8x8 hard rack on his head, scoring 420 and 50” spread unofficial. 


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