Kansas Select 2000 Elk Auction - Wichita, KS
Jan 15, 2000


Sale Statistics:
Item Count Average Low High Total
All Animals 44 $2,798 $700 $7,400 $123,150
Bred Cow 36 $2,847 $1,200 $5,200 $102,500
Bull 1 $7,400 $7,400 $7,400 $7,400
Bull Calf 7 $1,892 $700 $5,750 $13,250
Semen 53 $323 $100 $850 $17,100

Sale Specifics:
Lot# Type Details Price
01 Bred Cow Name: #53    DOB: Jun 08, 1998 Service Sire: King Sire: Ike
King cut 50.98 lbs velvet in 1999 and scored 479 6/8 non-typical hard antler (1998 set) AND won 1st place in BOTH mature classes in the 1999 Internationals.  King also took 1st place in 1997 Internationals as a 6-year-old with 40.18 lbs velvet. This heifer is also a sister to the highest selling bred heifer in last year's sale. 
02 Bred Cow Name: HLE Warrior's Janice    DOB: Jun 10, 1998 Service Sire: Paycheck
This cow was donated by the Kruegers of Heartland Elk Ranch to the Million for the Millenium fund-raising project. The proceeds from her sale go there. She is AI to Paycheck, son of Starbuck.  She is a Rick Alsager IKR and Perkins Elk Ranch bred heifer. She weighed 423# at 14 months of age on 8-10-99. 
03 Bred Cow Name: #46Y    DOB: Jun 01, 1994 Service Sire: Sir Richard Sire: IKR 711
The sire of #46 is IKR 711 who is the son of Wolfgang and grandson of Willie.  She is bred to Sir Richard who placed 2nd at International Competition in 1999 in the 3-year-old Non-Typical Hard Antler category.  She has born bull calves the last 2 years to  Man-O-War and these offspring have shown 
04 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 51G    DOB: May 20, 1997 Service Sire: Starbuck Sire: Manitoba Ranger
This cow is the daughter of Manitoba Ranger, who cut 21.6 lb at 3, 26.08 lb at 4, 28 lb at 5, 33 lb at 6, and is a direct son of Reed.  Her dam, who weighs 565 lbs, has consistently produced good sized animals with excellent termperaments. 
05 Bred Cow Name: Scarlett    DOB: Jun 13, 1995 Service Sire: Rocky Ruger
Scarlett is a very gentle and friendly cow, a good mother that calves every year. She is natural bred to Rocky Ruger, 1999 International Champion in the 2-year-old Non-Typical Hard Antler division.  Rocky's 3-year-old antler, recently harvested, has an unofficial score high enough to have won the 3-year-old Non-Typical crown in 1999. 
06 Bred Cow Name: G-404    DOB: Jun 01, 1994 Service Sire: Kicker Sire: MacGregor
Very nice cow that has given us a calf every year and has been one of our best cows. Bred to the famous "Kicker". 
07 Bred Cow Name: #27 Princess    DOB: Jun 13, 1995 Service Sire: Eli Sire: Minnewaska
Gentle 4-year-old cow sired by Minnewaska. AI to Eli, 6-year-old 3rd place 1999 International Competition and sire of 2-year-old Jesse, 1st place IVC Champion. 
08 Bred Cow Name: YW709    DOB: May 30, 1997 Service Sire: Bullseye Sire: Marksman
YW7009 is sired by Marksman W21, who placed 1st 1999 NC Region 5-year-old Typical Hard Antler and 1st International as well with SCI of 388 6/8.  Marskman is a son of Winchester, our outstanding herd sire whose genetics follow thru on all his offspring. 
09 Bred Cow Name: Yellow 17    DOB: May 01, 1992 Service Sire: Cassius
This cow is bred to Cassius, who scored a record-breaking 488 5/8 SCI in 1999. Cassius is very dark in color. He has been syndicated so very little of his genetics is available. 
10 Bred Cow Name: Y606    DOB: Jun 28, 1996 Service Sire: Stealth Sire: JKP Apache Chief
Sire of Y606 is JKP Apache Chief, a son of IKR Angus 350, 3rd place SW Region 28.4 lb in Mature class. Dam is Ali, from the herd of Jerry Perkins from JKP Comanche Chief. 
11 Bred Cow Scratch $0
12 Bred Cow Name: Daddy's Girl    DOB: Jun 06, 1995 Service Sire: Manitoba Weapon Sire: MacGreggor
This genetically stacked cow is guaranteed bred to the award-winning bull, Manitoba Weapon. Her sire is the award-winning MacGreggor, who won 3rd place in the 1997 NE Regionals, Mature.  MacGreggor went on to be one of the top selling bulls at the last Fargo competition. 
13 Bred Cow Name: Y-503    DOB: May 08, 1995 Service Sire: Bullseye Sire: Remington
Y-503 is bred to Bullseye, who placed 1st at NC Regionals and 2nd at Internationals in 1999 in the Mature Typical Hard Antler division with an SCI of 428 3/8.  She is the daughter of Remington and Winchester's gread granddaughter. Remington produces sons that place in the top ten in competitions. 
14 Bred Cow Name: B37    DOB: Jun 01, 1996 Service Sire: Starbuck
The sire of B37 was Y1, who scored 396 Typical in 1996. She is bred to the legendary Starbuck. She is a calm and quiet cow who calved last spring by AI. 
15 Bred Cow Name: #26    DOB: May 28, 1998 Service Sire: Jackpot Sire: Rusty #422
Jackpot was the first bull ever to cut 40 lbs at 5 years of age. He was the 5-year-old Champion in 1999. This heifer's sire, Rusty #422, was 2nd in the 1999 International Hard Antler Competition for  4 year olds. Her mother has also had a 2-year-old that scored 300+. 
16 Bred Cow Name: #22    DOB: May 31, 1993 Service Sire: Dakota Pride
We are proud to offer this outstanding bred cow. Her sire cut over 29 lbs of velvet. She was bred AI to Dexter, who places at Internationals every year.  Dexter cut 18.34 lb at 2, 27.02 lb at 3, 28.71 lb at 4, 33.86 lb at 5. This cow has raised a calf every year and is a fine mother. 
17 Bred Cow Name: Leah #503    DOB: May 28, 1995 Service Sire: Jackson
Leah's mother was the highest selling cow at the Minnesota sale in 1997. She has raised 2 beautiful calves. She is AI bred to King. 
18 Bred Cow Name: Yellow 99    DOB: Jun 10, 1993 Service Sire: Angus
This cow is bred to the great bull, Angus, the 1999 International Hard Antler Champion scoring 456 SCI. He produced velvet in the mid 30's range. He is the grandsire of Jesse, 1999 2-year-old CHAMP.  Angus died in 1996 and opportunities are rare to purchase these fine genetics. 
19 Bred Cow Name: #13    DOB: May 30, 1998 Service Sire: Korean Gold Sire: Rusty #422
Korean Gold, 50 lb velvet, 3 time International Champion. Dam of this heifer is from King of the Mountain. He cut 38+ lbs velvet and a 9x11 hard antler.  Heifer's sire, Rusty #422, was 2nd in the 1999 International Hard Antler Competition for 4-year-olds. 
20 Bred Cow Name: #9 Natasha    DOB: Jun 14, 1997 Service Sire: Eli Sire: Big Al
Gentle 2-year-old sired by Big Al, of the famous Prock elk herd, AI to Eli, 6-year-old 3rd place 1999 Internationals and sire of 2-year-old Jesse, 1st place 1999 Internationals. 
21 Bred Cow Name: #10H    DOB: Jun 15, 1998 Service Sire: Paycheck Sire: Marcus
Sire of 10H was Marcus, a 2nd generation registered purebred, dark-colored 1000 lb bull, who cut 26# velvet at 6 years and scored 357 4/8 at 7 years. Marcus produced dark calves. 
22 Bred Cow Name: Sabrina    DOB: Jun 09, 1994 Service Sire: Rocky Ruger
Sabrina is a fine cow, natural bred to Rocky Ruger, 1999 International Champion in the 2-year-old non-typical hard antler division. His 3-year-old antlers promise to be winners also! 
23 Bred Cow Name: EWR #64    DOB: Jun 08, 1996 Service Sire: Ringo
This young cow produced a heifer in 1998 and a hiefer in 1999. She is calm and easy to work. With the genetics of Toro's Image #150, and Ringo, a brother of King, you have definite trophy material. 
24 Bred Cow Name: #551    DOB: Jun 05, 1995 Service Sire: Paycheck
This outstanding bred cow, born at CAL Farms was AI to Paycheck. Paycheck is a son of the famous Starbuck and is the highest selling calf to date. 
25 Bred Cow Name: TXCAP 38F    DOB: Jun 08, 1998 Service Sire: Jethro
This is a daughter of a cow who has consistently produced animals with excellent temperaments and conformation. Her sire is a bull who has consistently scored well over 300 SCI Typical and weighs 900.  She is bred to Jethro, the only international winner to have sired an international champion prior to syndication. 
26 Bred Cow Name: #W81    DOB: May 28, 1991 Service Sire: King Sire: Dakota Pride
Here is a chance to add a Dakota Pride daughter to you herd. W81 was AI to King. 
27 Bred Cow Name: Willma #68    DOB: Jun 01, 1993 Service Sire: Sir Richard
Willma is a wonderful, calm cow who always produces large offspring. She is bred to Sir Richard, who placed 2nd in the 1999 International Hard Antler Non-Typical category scoring 319 SCI at 3. 
28 Bred Cow Name: #715    DOB: Jun 16, 1997 Service Sire: Colorado Extreme Sire: MacGreggor
This cow is sired by MacGreggor and her dam is a Heavy V cow. She is AI to Colorado Extreme. 
29 Bred Cow Name: Stacy    DOB: Jun 06, 1993 Service Sire: Caesar
Stacy is a very tame, gentle cow. She calves every year and takes good care of her calves. She is natural bred to Caesar, son of Dakota Pride, who won the 1995 International Competition, and who has  shown a consistent ability to pass his great genetics on to his progeny. 
30 Bred Cow Name: #707    DOB: Jun 29, 1997 Service Sire: Revolution Sire: MacGreggor
This cow is sired by MacGreggor and her dam is a Rooney cow. She is AI to Revolution. 
31 Bred Cow Name: Y-501    DOB: May 16, 1995 Service Sire: Marksman Sire: Remington
This cow is bred to Marksman, who placed 1st 1999 Internationals in the Typical Hard Antler division for 5-year-olds with a score of 388 6/8 SCI. She is a daughter of Remington. 
32 Bred Cow Scratch $0
33 Bred Cow Name: #36    DOB: Jun 01, 1995 Service Sire: Tommy Horn
This beautiful cow is bred to Tommy Horn, the industry's leading bull for size and dark coloring. His progeny consistently show his traits of attractive color and size. Daughters of Tommy Horn have  been the highest selling animal in many select sales. 
34 Bred Cow Name: #28Y    DOB: Jun 10, 1994 Service Sire: Justice
A very calm cow, bred to Justice, a large-bodied bull originating from Wild-n-Wooly. He cut 13.8 lb at 2, 20.6 lb at 3, and 24.2 lb at 4. His offspring are large and easy to work. 
35 Bred Cow Name: YW808    DOB: May 22, 1998 Service Sire: Shotgun Sire: Winchester
This cow is sired by Winchester, who sired Marksman, 1999 International Champion in the Typical Hard Antler contest for 5-year-olds. She is bred to Shotgun, who placed 2nd NC Region. 
36 Bred Cow Name: Brooklyn OR644    DOB: May 30, 1996 Service Sire: Clint's Pride Sire: Rocky
The sire of this cow is Rocky, who cut 24.5 lb as a 5-year-old and weighed 1105 lbs 1996 pre rut. Her mother was a large cow weighing 640 lbs. She is bred to a grandson of Dakota Pride. 
37 Bred Cow Name: CTR Twinkle 56H    DOB: Jun 07, 1998 Service Sire: Passport Sire: Dakota King Dam: Morning Star
Here is a Dakota Pride granddaughter bred to Passport, a son of IKR Angus 350 and a daughter of Clearstone Tecumseh. 
38 Heifer Calf Scratch $0
39 Bred Cow Name: CTR Wewoka 58H    DOB: Jun 08, 1998 Service Sire: War Lance Sire: Dakota King
This cow is sired by Dakota King, son of Dakota Pride and winner of the 1999 Southern Region for 4-year-olds. She is bred to War Lance, son of Clearstone Geronimo, who is the 1999 International  Champion Sire of the Breeders Three for 3-year-olds. 
40 Bull Calf Name: WWA9906J    DOB: May 17, 1999 Sire: King
In addition to being sired by King, the dam of this bull calf is also a winner. She weighs 688 lb and is sired by CBF's 424, who has produce many sons that have cut over 30 lbs velvet and scored over  400 SCI. He goes back to Alsager bloodlines IKR. 
41 Bull Calf Name: White 47J    DOB: Jun 20, 1999 Sire: Winchester
This bull calf is sired by Winchester, who has sired many large animals including Marksman, winner of the 5-year-old Typical class at the 1999 Internationals. 
42 Bull Calf Name: Orange 30    DOB: Jun 11, 1999 Sire: Jethro
This son of Jethro also has a dam originating from Wild-n-Wooly. Jethro was the 1998 International Champion as a 5-year-old. 
43 Bull Name: #805 White    DOB: Jun 01, 1999 Sire: King
This bull is a direct son of King, 1999 winner of BOTH the Mature Velvet and Non-Typical Hard Antler divisions. 
44 Bull Calf Name: P-909    DOB: May 24, 1999 Sire: Manitoba Weapon
Very nice son of Manitoba Weapon that is out of a top-producing cow. The half-brother to this bull that we sold at this sale last year, cut over 14 lbs as a 2-year-old. 
45 Bull Calf Name: 23J    DOB: Jun 19, 1999 Sire: Bullseye
This is a son of Bullseye, who placed 2nd at 1999 Internationals in the Mature Typical division with SCI of 428 3/8. On the dam side, he is the grandson of Remington. 
46 Bull Calf Scratch $0
47 Bull Calf Name: Midnight 80H    DOB: May 28, 1999 Sire: Duke
This calf is sired by Duke, who won 2nd place in the 1999 Internationals in the 3-year-old Typical Hard Antler division. He is out of one of our tamest cows. 
48 Bull Calf Name: #22    DOB: Jun 11, 1999 Sire: Grande
The dam of this calf is a daughter of Elmer, who sired Duke, the 2nd place winner in 1999 Internationals in the 3-year-old Typical Hard Antler division. His sire is Grande, who sired a 2-year-old  that scored approximately 257. 
49 Semen Name: King    (1 straw)
King is the undisputed CHAMPION of 1999. His velvet won 1st place in the Mature class at Internationals. His hard antler (harvested in 1998) won 1st place in the Mature Non-Typical class.  One straw for sale, donated by Scott Groen and Ron Hendrickson. 
50 Semen Name: Angus    (3 straws)
Angus was the 1996 International Hard Antler Champion with a score of 456 SCI. He was also capable of producing heavy velvet and passes on his genetics. One son was the '98 5-year-old velvet champion.  Another was 2nd place winner of the International Pen of 3 in 1999. He is also grandsire of Jesse, the 1999 2-year-old International Champion. 
51 Semen Scratch $0
52 Semen Name: Samurai    DOB: Jun 01, 1997 (3 straws)
Bringing together the best of the 2 great bloodlines in North America, a cross between the RJ117 line and the Reed line. As a 2-year-old, he cut an amazing 18.89 lbs of velvet and placed 4th at 1999  International Competition. 
53 Semen Name: Apex    DOB: May 28, 1993 (5 straws)
APEX is the 1999 International 6-year-old Velvet Champion. He is one of only 3 bulls to cut over 40 lbs at 6 years of age. 
54 Semen Name: Ringo, Highrise, Hank    (6 straws)
Mix and match straws from any of these bulls. Ringo is a brother to King who scored about 430 this year. Highrise placed 2nd at Internationals with a score of 410 6/8 at 6 years of age. Hank has an  estimated hard antler score of 420. 
55 Semen Name: Cassius    (3 straws)
Cassius has been the talk of the industry this season. He scored a phenomenal 488 5/8 SCI and is very dark in color. 
56 Semen Name: Marksman    DOB: May 30, 1993 (3 straws)
1999 - 1st place Internationals - SCI 388 6/8. 1997 - 7 x 9. 1996 - cut 18 lb velvet as a 3-year-old. 1995 - cut 13 lb velvet as a 2-year-old. 
57 Semen Name: Dakota King    DOB: May 22, 1995 (5 straws)
Dakota King, son of Dakota Pride, is taking his place among the proven performers of the Dakota Pride bloodline. 1999 - 1st place 4-year-old Southern Region with 22.26 lb.  1998 - 2nd place 3-year-old Souther Region with 250 SCI. 1997 - 3rd place 2-year-old Southern Region with 11.18 lbs. 
58 Semen Name: Bullseye    DOB: Jun 01, 1991 (3 straws)
1999 - 428 3/8 SCI - 2nd place Internationals Mature Typical. 1997 7 x 7. 1996 7 x 7. 1995 cut 25.5 lb velvet as a 4-year-old. 
59 Semen Name: Revolution    DOB: Jun 01, 1991 (3 straws)
Pure Manitoban. Age 2: 17.6 lbs. Age 3: 23.5 lbs. Age 4: 29.1 lbs. Age 5: 30.5 lbs 1st Bronze Internationals. Age 6: 32.33 lbs 4th Internationals. Age 7: SCI 408 3/8 took 1st at NE Regional.  Age 8: 460 4/8 SCI unofficial score. 
60 Semen Name: Shotgun    DOB: Jun 01, 1989 (3 straws)
1999 - 419 7/8 SCI - 2nd place NC Region Typical. 1998 7 x 7. 
61 Semen Name: RJF700    DOB: May 22, 1987 (5 straws)
Sire of Chief Dakota. Winner of the 1999 Get of Sire award in the Saskatchewan Elk Velvet Classic. Due to his untimely death this fall, his superb genetics will be limited. 
62 Semen Name: Charlie    DOB: Jun 01, 1986 (5 straws)
1999 Champion Typical Hard Antler Mature with a score of 441 6/8. Charlie also cut over 42 lbs two years in a row. His unofficial score in 1999 was 454 SCI. 
63 Semen Name: Junior    DOB: Jun 01, 1995 (5 straws)
1999: 12th International 3-yr-old cutting cutting 22.22 lbs. 1998 - 2nd International 2-yr-old cutting 14.98 lbs. 
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